Dr. Tariq Zaman was president of Pakistan Dental Association Centre 1990, he had the association with the Sri Lankan Dental Association specially its President Dr. Mrs. I. Ratnayakay and there found South Asian Dental Association Federation in which Dr. Tariq Zaman was elected the President and Dr. Mrs. I. Ratnaykay was elected as President  and delegate from India was elected as the General Secretary.

There was Pakistan National and 2nd  SADAF Conference from Nov. 25-28 1993 at Hotel Holiday Inn Islamabad by Pakistan Dental Association Central Zone. The Conference was attended by delegates from Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan. This revival and discussion was continued and thus the strengthen was carried out.

There was a Conference at Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Association at Hotel Galadari Meridien Colombo Sri Lanka. It was attended by the delegates of India its General Secretary Dr. V. Dikshit and the council members. Dr M. A. Soofi attended this Conference as council member along with the Dr. Prof. Waheed Sheikh. The constitutional reforms were discussed and M. A. Soofi submitted constitution which was very much appreciated by the delegates and thus he was elected as President (Elected) of the SADAF. The constitution was discussed in length and was adopted after full discussion by the delegates and member of the SAARC Countries. In the same evening, the successful assembly of the leaders of Dental Profession from SAARC Countries was ended with unanimity.

President (Elect) Dr. Mrs. I. Ratnaykay hosted a dinner at the residence; it was attended by SADAF council members and their spouses, Sri Lankan council members and their spouses. Then next day meeting of the educationists was held and the progress was made for this organization. It was wonderful evening when the Prime Minister of Sri Lanak Mr. D. B. Wijetunga and Minister for Health and Women Affairs, Renuka Herath Ranaweera were the guest of honor in 60th Anniversary Scientific Session of SLDA and the first congress of the SADAF. It was wonderful show, very loving and exciting evening. The cultural show of the Sri Lankan artist was displayed with traditional dance music and other social activities, which were like by all the audience. The closing ceremony of the SADAF was very momentous where the award was distributed and Dr. Mrs. I. Ratanaykey was elected as second President. She thanks the outgoing president Dr. Tariq Zaman Pakistan and appreciating his pioneering and skill efforts to steer SADAF. She gave outlines and ensure hard work of coming year.



Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi presided the 7th National Bangladesh and 3rd SADAF Dental Conference at Hotel Sanargoan, Dhaka Bangladesh on 28.11.1995.  Dr. Mohammad Saeed, President, Pakistan Dental Association (Centre) Prof. Dr. Tariq Zaman, past President PDA, and SADAF, Dr. Kamran Wasefy, Secrtary General SADAF, Dr. Talibullah Shah, Secrtary General PDA (Centre), Dr. Usman Ghani from Peshawar, Dr. Arif Alvi, Dr. Ejaz Aqeel, Dr. Roomi Sukhia from Karachi and many juniors and seniors from various parts of Pakistan were including in the delegaton.  It was the largest delegation outside of Bangladesh.

The PIA presented emblem of flowers to Dr. M. A. Soofi as Head of the Delegates during the flight from Karachi to Dhaka and the staff showed the respect and jesture  of goodwell to the delegates of Pakistan and President of SADAF going for Dental Conference.  The President on behalf of the delegates expressed thanks for beautiful behaviour of PIA.

The Conference was attended by delegation of Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.  Speakers from outside like U.K, Australia, USA, Japan also delivered their scientific lectures.  Conference was held on 28th to 1st of Dec. 1995.  Overall it was more successful Conference.

The Conference was inaugurated on 28.11.1995 by Ch. Kamal Ibn Yousaf, Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.  Mr. Mohammad Hanif, Mayor Dhaka City Corporation was the guest of Honour.  Prof. M. A. Soofi President South Asian Dental Association was in the chair. The Minister appreciated the organizers and welcomed the delegates from all over world and SAARC Countries and he appreciated the spirit of the Conference that, it shall share knowledge, skill and experience.  He too hoped that there shall be opportunity to the delegates to meet with other to exchange mutual understanding and professional cooperation in the Region through such scientific meeting.

Mr. Mohammad Hanif, Mayor Dhaka City Corporation said that dentistry is important branch of medical science and this conference will play important role for the welfare and development of dental science and technology.

Prof. M. A. Soofi in his presidential address highlighted the era of the momenteous change and advancement in the field of dentistry and he reminded his slogan againthat “Dentistry Needs no Frontier/ Boundary” and let there he transfer of dental knowledge, science and technology to each to give the relief to the sufferer.  He said, we have to develop socio-economical progress to overcome oral health problem and to control the dental diseases in region.  He pointed the difficulties and problems faced by the dental profession and stressed for prevention through electronic media.  The President Elect of SADAf Prof. Dr. Anwar Alam and Chairman Organizing Committee explained the extensive programme of the Conference and welcomed the delegates. Dr. Jehangir Kabir, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee introduced the delegate.  Dr. Anwar Alam in his welcome address said, all credit of success of holding this conference is to Prof. Soofi who visited Dhaka last year and given us guideline.

Mr. Abdur Rehman Biswas, President, People’s Republic of Bangladesh was the guest of honour in the concluding session, besides others, he was received by Prof. M. A. Soofi, President SADAF. The President of Bangladesh was very pleased to join conference 7th Bangladesh National and 3rd South Asian Dental Association’s Federation (Dental Conference).  In his presidential address, he said it is good endeour to create consciousness among the dental surgeon of South Asian Region. This Conference will contribute largely in the fight against dental disease.  He was happy to see eminents speakers from a broad and south asian countries.

Mr. Abdur Rehman Biswas, the President of Bangladesh presented a crest to Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi the outgoing president of SADAF,  in appreciation of the services and enhancing mutual understanding goodwell and cooperation among the people of the region by Prof. Soofi and congratulated him for his contribution in the field of Dentistry.  He too also appreciated the presidential address delivered by President, Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi who pleaded cause of dentistry on 1st Dec. 1995.

Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi after delivering presidential address inducted Prof. Dr. Anwar Alam as a next President SADAF and garlanded him officially and changed the seat on the dias.  Primarily Prof. Soofi was sitting on the right side of President of Bangladesh to preside the concluding session of the 7th Bangladesh National & 3rd South Asian Dental Association’s Federation Conference after induction he invited Dr. Anwar Alam to his seat, on the right side of the President, the outgoing president SADAF sat on the left side. The function was impressive and president M. A. Soofi’s speech was appreciated.

President Soofi while concluding he appreciated the role of PDA (Centre) and the Secretary General for the continuous efforts and supports to make the conference successful, he said relation with other nation are fostered. The trade exhibition also played their roles and three days cultural programme added the charm of the Conference.  Hospitality was warm.