Relief Work - Flood in Lahore-1953

There was flood in Ravi and Lady Willington Hospital, there was water 4 to 5 feet in compound in lower portion. We have taken out the patients from the Lady Willington Hospital lower portion of the ward keeping ourselves in 4 to 5 feet. The water used to flow from Ladha Bagh and Budha River. Misri Shah and Shad Bagh areas were flooded. Dr Khan was the Chief Minister of West Pakistan and I use to walk in flooded areas Misri Shah and Shad Bagh alongwith Chief Minister to find out the difficulties of the people. Flood experience was very fascinating and we have met many ministers of Punjab at that time. Begum Noon was Chairperson of Red Cross Society. She was very active lady. We had close contact, which remain for many year. She was very helpful and we have open up Dental Clinic at Red Cross Shahdara market myself and Dr Niazi were made Technical Adviso


There were heavy floods in Punjab, Dr. M. A. Soofi was living in his house at Ferozewala and this area was badly affected. Dr. M. A. Soofi and Mrs. M. A. Soofi held a medical relief work under PMA Lahore at crossing of Imamia Colony. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Z. A. Bhutto had flood tour of this area on 17th Aug. 1973. His motorcade was coming from Muridkey towards Lahore. Dr. M. A. Soofi, President Flood Control Association stood on G. T. Road in front of Ferozewala. Mr. Z. A. Bhutto was in front seat of the car being driven by Ghulam Mustafa Khar, Governor Punjab followed by Provincial Ministers and Press. Mustafa Khar stopped the car in front of this tall man wearing a white coat under the banner of PMA, he address to Prime Minister look what is condition of the people living over. Mr. Z. A. Bhutto was sharpman, he questioned social worker Dr. Soofi, how many death happen? How many have been bitten by snakes? What remedy is being given? Dr. Soofi replied all questions, the press men were at last of mission, they ran and Yasin Photographer of daily Mashriq took photograph which was published on 18th Aug. 1973 in daily Mashriq. When Prime Minister and his party members reached the Center of Imamia Colony Stop, the Minister praised Dr. Mrs. Iqbal Soofi for her wonderful services to sufferers. Mr. Bhutto made praise for both husband and wife and said ‘Shabash’. All the members went way with satisfaction. 11th Aug. to 17th Aug. 1973, people were in flood and rain. Dr. Mrs. Ashraf Abbasi, Deputy Speaker of National Assembly visited this area. Dr. Soofi, Mrs. Soofi and child of this pair and other social worker visited this heavily affected area while on boat driven by Army Jawan. Similarly Begum Brig. Sahibdad wife of Health Minister also visited this area and distributed. Dr. Soofi made flood control organization and Malik Miraj Khalid Chief Minister Punjab, Mr. Hanif Ramey, Dr. Abdul Khaliq and Mr. Afzal Watto and others also visited and appreciated the efforts of Dr. and Mrs. Soofi and their children Madiha, Rabia, Ahmer Bilal Soofi also worked. Dr. Soofi and Mrs. Soofi used to go to different villages on Bicycle to distribute the medicine and food to the people.

After the flood, there was risk of spread of viral diseases, under PMA Dr. Mrs. Iqbal Soofi started vaccination to the children and population such news were published in daily Nawa-e-Waqt. Then there were emergency in rural areas, the press had given lot of coverage. In this regard, seminars were held in public and in Pakistan National Centre where Dr. Ashraf Abbasi, Mrs. Prof. Saeeda and Dr. Shahida have spoken on prevention of mother and child death. The press gave lot of coverage to the work of social workers. Dr. Soofi was president of Ferozewala Welfare Association, he asked that Government more industries set up in this area to provide jobs to the poor people. Dr. Soofi also suggested to Governor Punjab, General Ghulam Jilani to set up rural university of science and technology in a meeting with him in Governor House and later on address press conference in Press Club Lahore 6th Oct. 1976. Dr. Soofi suggested, we should provide furniture if the Government constructed training centre.   He too advised for rural health Centre. Dr. Soofi wanted the progress in education and health may be started in rural population. Dr. Soofi as President of Flood Control Organization impressed upon Malik Miraj Khalid the Chief Minister Punjab for construction of Haji Kot Band to save city of Lahore from Floods. Seminars were held in public, Provincial Ministers were invited. There was flood of 1975, PMA held relief camp at Niazi Chowk before entry to Ravi Bridge. Dr. Sardar and Dr. Soofi were attending the patients. Suddenly, we saw car and cars are coming from Loyal Pur and stopped in front of our camp. To our surprise Z. A. Bhutto just was in cap he enquired us ‘What we are giving to sufferer” Dr. Soofi explained to Prime Minster, vast area has been invaded by flood so he was descending with us, he saw passenger bus stopped in front of redlight in front of camp. Suddenly Prime Minister was in bus, he quickly asked the passenger what are their problem. Dr. Soofi address Press Conference under ‘people flood control organization’ as a president. Dr. Soofi work a lot to provide relief to public.

During flood Dr. Soofi convinced Education Minister Dr. Abdul Khaliq for construction of Primary School at Ferozewala. Dr. Soofi managed land of Shamlat and Minister with funds of USAid got the people school constructed. Dr. Soofi also make social welfare centre, which was inaugurated by Malik Miraj Khalid to train the women. He too made a dispensary and medical health centre which was run with family planning association of Pakistan. Dr Attiya Anyat Ullah Mrs. Soofi was running this dispensary. Dr. Soofi made an effort to construct road to Ferozewala by Governor General Ghulam Jilani so dr. Soofi and Mrs. Soofi and the small children had done lot of work for people of this area. This family had special interest for welfare of the people. Dr. Soofi was focused by Press, Ministers used to visit his residence off and on. He used to hold meetings at his residence. He had received Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan Interior Minister in Z. A. Bhutto Cabinet, Mrs. Miraj Khalid and Begum Salama Tassadaq Hussain social worker and famous leader of Muslim league, Begum Brig. Sahibdad and Dr. Ashraf Abbasi. On knowing social services of Dr. Soofi, Raja Anwar a senior Bar Member and Attorney General, Hakim Muhmmad Saeed who had contested election from Karachi at Peoples Party Ticket offered National Assembly ticket in 1977 election. That Z. A. Bhutto wants good people should take part in general election of the country. Dr. Soofi being staunch muslim leaguer and member of Pakistan Movement could not accept this offer and issued statement in Press that he is in government service and had no affiliation with PPP, therefore, Z. A. Bhutto requested to contest election from this seat.

Flood in Ferozwala 1973:
Dr. Mrs. Asharf Abbasi (Deputy Speaker National Assembly) talking to Dr. M. A. Soofi and Dr. Mrs. Iqbal Soofi. Prof.Dr Raja Mumtaz (Eye specialist) and others listening. Child Ahmer Bilal Soofi is also standing in the camp

Dr. M. A Soofi in flood relief work with Child Ahmer Bilal Soofi, Rabia Soofi and Madiha Soofi. Dr. Mrs. Asharf Abbasi (Deputy Speaker National Assembly), News paper Reporters Nisar Fatima and Nighat and Social workers are also with them in the boat.

1975. Z A Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan, is n the coversation with Dr M A Soofi in a flood relief camp, arranged by PMA Lahore, near ravi bridge (Niazi Chowk) and askng questions regarding the flood and the relief givin by PMA Lahore. Standing with him is Mr Qureshi, Governer Punjab)

1975: Z A Bhutto, Prime minister of Pakistan, is in te conversation with the people, asking their difficulties. Dr M A Soofi is standing left to Z A Bhutto at the PMA Camp near Ravi.