• The University of Punjab (1949)                                  Matriculation examination (1st Division) 
  • The university of Peshawar (April 1952)                     Faculty of Sciences, F.Sc (Medical)
  • The University of Punjab (1952 – 56)                         Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • The university of Dundee, U.K ( 6th July 1970)  Post Graduate Diploma in Public Dentistry (DPD) (A dissertation “Periodontal Diseases in Children in Pakistan”.)
  •  M. I. C. D International College of Dentists, USA, 1980 (Honorary)


Pakistan atomic energy commission 1963 Radio Isotopes Course at Mayo Hospital Lahore
The University of London (British) One year course in Periodontology and Bacteriology
The University of St. Andrew, U.K, 1966 Modern Trends in Public Dentistry
King Khalid Hospital Jeddah, KSA 1992 Attended workshop on Implants, Bondeclveneer and Crown.
Pakistan Academy of Implants, 1997 Attended Implants Course at Lahore


Dental Surgeon, Incharge Dental Clinic Civil Hospital, Quetta/Kalat 23.11.1956 – 06.08.1961
Dental Surgeon, Incharge Mayo Hospital Lahore 07.08.1961 – 25.08.1964
Dental Surgeon, Incharge Civil Hospital Ziarat/Sibi 26.08.1964 – 27.12.1965
Dental Surgeon, Incharge Civil Hospital Ziarat/Sibi 26.08.1964 – 27.12.1965
Postgraduate Training Periodontology and Bacteriology Eastman Dental Hospital, University of London(PAKISTAN) 27.12.1965 – 07.11.1966
Dental Surgeon Mayo Hospital Lahore 12.11.1966 – 09.04.1968
Demonstrator, Conservation Department de’ Montmorency College of Dentistry Lahore 09.04.1968 – 30.08.1969
D.P.D Course Kings College, University of Dundee (U.K) 30.09.1969 – 20.08.1970
Dental Surgeon Incharge Civil Hospital Mardan 22.08.1970 – 30.10.1974
Demonstrator Institute of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, Lahore 01.11.1974
Assistant Professor Dental Public Health Institute of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, Lahore 20.07.1976
Chairman and Associate Professor Department of Dental Public Health, College of Community Medicine, Lahore 20.07.1976 – 10.05.1977
Chairman and Professor Department of Dental Public Health, College of Community Medicine, Lahore 30.06.1986 – 27.03.1991
Principal College of Community Medicine, Lahore 27.03.1991 – 28.07.1991


  • Selected British Council Scholar in U. K. 1965-66.
  • Member British Society Periodontology, U. K. 1966.
  • Regent, International College of Dentists for Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh from 1969 till date (USA). (By virtue of this authority, I can recommend International Award of FICD to the Dental Surgeon of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan).
  • Chairperson/ Life Member, Pierre Fauchard Academy (USA) (By virtue of this authority, I can recommend International Award of MPFA to the Dental Surgeons of Pakistan and Bangladesh)
  • Member International Dental Hygienists Federation.
  • Ex-General Secretary, Pakistan Dental Association, Center (United Pakistan) 1969-71.
  • Provincial Chief of Public Relation Cell, PMA, Punjab, 1970.
  • Ex-President, Pakistan Dental Association, Lahore Branch, 1973-1996.
  • Member International Dental Hygienists Federation.
  • Elected Fellow of Public Health Association of Pakistan, 1983.
  • Specialist. Member International Academy of Periodontology (London) 1989.
  • Ex-Fellow and Secretary of Royal Society of Tropical Medicine (London) 1990.
  • Ex-National Coordinator World Health Organization, Pakistan, 1990-91.
  • National Coordinator of WHO on oral health in Pakistan, 1991
  • Ex. Hon. Prof. de ’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore, 1991-95
  • Ex-Convener and Examiner for MCPS in Public Health Dentistry College of Physician and Surgeon Pakistan, 1991-95.
  • Ex-President, South Asian Dental Associations Federation (SADAF) 1993-95.
  • President convener of Quaid-e-Azam Forum, 1994
  • Secretary General, Quaid-e-Azam Forum, 1995.
  • Selected Member Hamdard Shura, Lahore, 1996.
  • Chairman Committee of Tibia College Lahore, 1999.
  • President Pakistan Academy of Handicaps Lahore.
  • Ex-Examiner of BDS, Dentistry, Punjab University, Lahore.
  • Member of Editorial Board, Quarterly “Jopdak” Pakistan Dental Association, Karachi.
  • Chief Editor monthly “Dental Guide”, Lahore.
  • Member of the Advisory Council Nazarya Pakistan Trust Lahore.
  • Member of the General Counsel of Anjuman-e-Himayat-e-Islam .
  • Member of Anjuman-e-Himayat-e-Islam Law College Committee.
  • Member of Anjuman-e-Himayat-e-Islam Girls Degree College Committee New Garden Town Lahore.
  • Honorary editor monthly magazine of Anjuman-e-Himayat-e-Islam.
  • Member of the board of the study of Dentistry University of Lahore Raiwand Road.
  • Ex-Convener Bharat Pakistan Dental Associate 2005
  • Ex-Evaluator for candidates, Kings University Saudi Arabia

Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi is a known scientist of international repute in Community Dentistry. Heretired as Principal of College of Community Medicine, Lahore in 1991. Earlier, he was heading the Department of Public Health Dentistry in Country’s important Institute of Preventive Medicine. Dr. Soofi pioneered this faculty and prepared a two year course of dental hygienist for the first time in Pakistan and carved a way for teaching and research and continued to serve this College for about 17 years.
He has given his extra-ordinary and relentless contribution to the specialty of periodontal diseases and through comprehensive consistent research efforts; he has earned the place for himself as a “Specialist” in Periodontal disease by International Academy of Periodontology.
Dr. Soofi received a rich academic experience as a British Council Scholar (1965-66) in Periodontology and Bacteriology from the University of London and later through an advanced diploma in Public Dentistry from the University of Dundee (U. K. 1969-70). Well equipped with conceptual clarity, he made major head ways in research. His presentations on Periodontolgoy are included in proceedings published by International Academy of Periodontology be Excerpta Medica, Amsterdam, New York and Oxford.

Dr. Soofi is the author of a number of books and booklets. He has presented about 12 research papers in International Conferences in Pakistan and abroad, such as Norway, Japan, India, Turkey, Sin Lanka, U. K, Bangladesh and USA and is being referred to in international literature, including F .D.I.

Being a Regent of International College of Dentists for Section 24, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, he organized Convocations, Seminars and Workshops of high standard. The activities of the Pakistan Dental Association, Lahore and I. C. D. are reported frequently, in the international magazines and other publication of International College of Dentists, U. S. A. The College in recognition of his contributions as a Fellow and a Regent Section 24, lCD, awarded him the Honorary Master Degree (MICD). He is perhaps the first Muslim recipient of this award on glob.

Dr. Soofi is the author of more than 140 scientific papers published in national as well as international medical and dental journals. Apart from being the author of books and numerous booklets for generating awareness in public about the dental health, his book on Community Medicine in Urdu is a lucid text assimilated with equal ease by the students and common persons. He has written book on Dental Public Health for Postgraduate students and undergraduates.

He represented two provinces in Medical Dental Council of Pakistan and advocated the cause of dental science and dental surgeons resulting in numerous improvements made by PMDC in the area of dentistry. He has headed the Pakistan Dental Association Lahore Branch as President for 25 years; yet another evidence of the confidence reposed in his leadership by his colleagues. He acted as Chairman during 4 International Dental Conference held in 1991. His services for the cause of dentistry were recognized at the regional level by his election as the President of the South Asian Dental Association’s Federation (1993-1995) and president international dental, conference held at Dacca 1995, where President of Bangladesh was Chief Guest.

Dr Soofi is a versatile person and virtually a man of many parts. Being a student leader, he actively participated in the Pakistan movement, and played a patriotic role. Being the General Secretary 1954-55 and President 1955-56 Dental Students Union and Secretary General of All Pakistan Science Students Federation 1955-56, General Secretary Muslim Students Federation 1955-56, his services were admitted by his seniors. He has been a leading debater and on the top of that, he is one of the leading social figures who undoubtedly leaved an impact of his charming personality wherever he goes. Dr. Soofi is currently busy in his social pursuits and clinical practice. He was also teaching as an Honorary Professor Islamic and Pakistan Studies at de’ Montmorency College of Dentistry, a premier Institute of Pakistan and has acted Principal Islamabad Medical and Dental College, Islamabad 2002.

Realizing his devotion in Community Dentistry, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan has utilized his experience as a Chief Convenor for MCPS Examination in Community Dentistry. Being an example to emulate in the context of transfer of public dentistry to the dentists of his Country. Prof. Soofi has been involved in framing curriculum of most advanced course of FCPS in Community Dentistry by the College. He was examiner of undergraduate dentistry in Peshawar and University of Sind and postgraduate of Punjab University. He was an Advisor to University Grants Commission and Pakistan Research Council. He was also the National Coordinator for WHO Oral Health Programme in Pakistan 1990-91. He is widely traveled person and had world wide friendship.

He is true lover of Quaid-e-Azam and thus founded Quaid-e-Azam Forum in 1984. He has been writing many articles on Quaid-e-Azam. His book Jinnah to Quaid is very popular and has written several books. Dr. Soofi has become socio-political historian by writing books like “ From East Pakistan to Bangladesh” and Why Pakhtoon Khaw? His last book was “Kalabagh Dam—Necessity of Pakistan. He is busy in compilation of new venture “Two Khan—One Pakistan, Journey to Freedom, Ideology of Pakistan.

Dr. Soofi is well respected both in medical and dental profession. He had held 4 International level convocation of Fellow of International College of Dentists i.e. in 1978 at Lahore, Chief Guest was President International College of Dentist, Brig. A. K. Rowal and Guest of Honour was Vice Chancellor of Punjab University. 2nd Convocation and seminar was held in Lahore in 1988, where Federal Minister was Chief Guest and 3rd was held at Bangladesh Dacca and 4th was held at Lahore 2002 where Dr. Sarnmar Mubrak Mand was Chief Guest. In all these convocation, fellowship awards FICD was awarded to Dentists of 3 countries Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Prof. Soofi was invited as a Special Guest at 1st International Dental Conference held at Dacca 2001 where Chief Justice of Bangladesh was Chief Guest. He had lot of contribution of Dentistry through print and electronic media.

Prof. Dr. M. A .Soofi was the pioneer Dental Surgeon of Province of Balochistan. After his graduation (1956) he was posted at Civil Hospital Quetta as first ever dental surgeon. He had the Dental dept till 1961 when he was transferred to Lahore. Through his efforts and guidance of Dr. H. R. Shah, Dr. Soofi organized Dental clinics at Kalat, when he was again posted in Balochistan, he has served the people of Ziarat and Sibi in 1964-1965 and had set up dental clinic at district headquarter hospital Sibi.

During his posting at Mayo Hospital 1961-64, he organized full-fledged department, minor operation theater and improved it, he was again posted in Mayo Hospital 1966-68.

He was active and dynamic in Pakistan Dental Association as Secretary General and later on as President. He had gone abroad twice for his higher studies at University of London 1965-66 as a British Council Scholar and in 1969-70 as postgraduate student of University of Dundee U.K.

In 1 973 he joined Institute of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine as demonstrator after his permanent transfer to Province Punjab. He worked as Professor and head of Dental Public Health. He created full fledged dental teaching centre for 2 year course of dental hygienist and course of postgraduate were conducted for MDS students. Dr. Soofi had credit to design and organise department of dentistry at Children Complex and Jinnah Hospital as co-worker with Project Directors Dr. Saeed ul Haq and Prof. Gardaizi respectively.
By Pro. Dr. B. A. Yazdani M.D.S,  F.I.C.D.
Ax Pro. of de” Montmorency College of Dentistory Lahore

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