Participation in Pakistan Movement By Muhammad Aslam Soofi 1944-47

As a school boy in Sanatan Dahar High School, (1944-47), Haripur I was participating in Pakistan Movement with Pakistan Muslim League National Guard, as worker at city of Haripur Hazara and was flag bearer in many occasions, having passed the 8th class examination in 1947.

I was a stage worker for arranging the meetings of the Veteran Muslim League Leaders for propagation for cause of Pakistan.I used to Utter slogans due to my heavy voice and used to demonstrate, “Ghandi Ka Charkha Koon Koon  Kar Da, Ghandi key Baibay  Miaon  Miaon” carrying the goat on my shoulder and Charkha.  This was my demonstration.

I have to fight against Hindus in many fields,I pass two classis 6th class and 7th class in 1945-46 Session.  Stood first in both examination and liked by people, from 6th class onward I used to speak in public meetings “My country”.   My  major job as a worker was to announce the Muslim League Meetings on a Horse Tonga with mouth pipe in my hand. There used to be few loud speakers but my mouth pipe and loud voice was replacement.

Our aim was to gain the living like great people for the Muslims of sub-continent. All India Congress Party said that Muslim League is not true Representative Body of the Muslims of sub continent, because Congress present both Hindus and Muslim, there are many Muslims in Congress and many Muslims are leading political party.  Therefore, Muslim League is not the sole Representative Body of the Muslims of Sub-continent. On this account, general election of 1946 was held in India, to decide that the Muslim League presents the Muslims of this country. The Muslim League won in majority except it could only capture 17 seats out of 38 in NWFP and out of 17 seats, 10 seats were won by the Muslim League in District Hazara and 7 candidates were declared successful as Representative of Muslim League in rest of NWFP.  On this account, the conflict arose that, the Delegation and Representative of the Muslims are not in favour of Pakistan, because the Congress Party ahs won over in NWFP.  There was Ministry of the Congress Party. This winning of the Congress, perhaps was due to Congress Ministry in NWFP under whom the government machinery was used to dispel Muslim League candidates.

Hazara was a pivot of Muslim League and imbedded love of Quaid-e-Azam. This defeat of the Muslim League Election was discarded by the Leaders and Civil dis-obedience started in the last week of February, 1947 and this Civil dis-obedience was initiated in District Hazara, prominent leaders like, Mohammad Jalal ud Din Khan Baba, Sardar Bahadur Khan, Ghulam Jan Khan Tarkali and other leaders were arrested.

On 28th February, 1947 at Haripur Civil disobedience were started in which I participated and raised slogans for creation of Pakistan and Quaid-e-Azam.  Many leaders were arrested and I was also sent to the lockup.

A referendum in NWFP from 12 – 17 July, 1947 resulted accession of NWFP to Pakistan by the majority votes of Muslims of NWFP. The Muslim League was very popular in District Hazara. It captured 10 seats in NWFP election of 1946 and only 7 seats were captured by Muslim League in rest of the districts. Prior to 1946 to my memory as narrated in 1938, there was vacant seat of the provincial assembly “Ghazi” by-election.  There was a huge rush of the political leaders in District Hazara and all India Congress Party was very keen to capture this seat.  Maulana Shaukat Ali also visited this area for this election, which was direct conflict between All India Muslim League and All India Congress Party.  Muslim League won this seat and news spread all over the country, which provided pleasure and happiness even to Maulana Zafar Ali Khan, the Chief Editor of daily “Zimendar” who published the story on the front page.

So 1945 to 1947 period was the great triumph period for working for Pakistan for hundred and thousands of people of District Hazara including me for participation and the public at large won the great challenge under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

In 1947, I was taken as a student worker on the committee for rehabilitation of the refugees.  Prior to 1945, I used to participate but cannot recall my activities, the only happening I remember, that in a meeting of Pandat Nehru and Gandhi, I shouted slogans “Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah Zinda Bad, and Bun-key Rahay Ga Pakistan  (Pakistan shall form) at peak of my voice, the Congress Party was disturbed in the light of spirit that situation.  Suddenly a big slap was on my face, and I became unconscious and was found at my home. Police used to take me around and used to release at night.

I have acted as flag bearer and lead provincial students rally held at Peshawar in the honour of Late Khawaja Nazim ud Din, the then Governor General of Pakistan.  In 1948, I led the student’s volunteer party to Azad Kashmir and return on 1.11.1948 by serving the Mujahideen in the camp.  In 8th class I passed the first aid district competition for serving the ailing brothers local and refugees.  Thereafter, I remained with the Muslim League, naturally Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan’s personality was the impressive for the people of NWFP because, he has done a substantive work in the terms of education development and thereby, he had gained first class position in his political character as a Patriot and we used to love him.

I used to arrange all meetings of the Muslim League even in the far-flung area and used to tour Muslim League meetings along with a Chief Minister, Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan, as a primary worker, based upon love for the land and Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.  We were not trapped by congress class fellows,  Hindus or Technocrat and Red shirts in the society and nothing could transact our feelings which have evolved under the dynamic and great leadership of Quaid-e-Azam  Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Truly, in the election of 1953 at Lahore, for Begum Salma Tassaddaq Hussain, a Muslim League candidate and we in the national guard have carried out the task in a team.  Abbas Ali Shah was Salar e Alla, Nawabzada Rashid Ali Khan was the President of the Muslim League, Lahore. I was Secretary of the Punjab Muslim League National Guard and the last secretary of the Punjab.

Interaction and meetings with Personalities during Pakistan Movement.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was his favourite personality but Muhammad Aslam Soofi could not see him with his physical eyes, as it was not easy to travel. His last speech as a Governor General was at Peshawar on 21 April 1948. He was expected to inaugurate Pakistan Military Academy Kakul, Abbotabad by road, in which Muslim League of Haripur made arrangements for reception on G. T. Road which was usual customs for every leader. Quaid fell sick due to cold weather at Peshawar, so he left for Karachi. Quaid made miracle with intelligence, intention and integrity and with his long struggle, he gave a new era to the Muslims of this Sub-continent to restore their strength permanently in the newly born country Pakistan and he had desire to restore the lost prestige of the Muslims. He wanted all people of Pakistan irrespective of region, cast or creed should function like independent citizen and feel better as a free nation. He too had desire to have good relations with neighbouring countries. He had many values and ambition but he could not survive for long, he left us on 11th Sept 1948 due to his chronic illness. He remained first Governor General of Pakistan from 15 Aug 1947 to 11 Sept 1948. Quaid-e-Azam succeed as he strike out on new paths for freedom of Muslims after quiting he opposed paths of Congress in 1920 at Kanpur meeting. He was brilliant lawyer and command over constitution and had authority to impress the opponent.

Khawaja Nazimud Din 2nd Governor General of Pakistan 14 Sept 1948 to 17 Oct 1951.

Aslam Soofi was in Government High School, G. T. Road No. 1 Haripur in 9th Class, the 2nd Governor General visit was at Peshawar in 1948. The Government of NWFP, Education Department arranged a rally at the campus of Islamia College Peshawar in honour of Governor General of Pakistan. In these days, there were only two degree colleges at Peshawar City one was Islamia College created by Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan and other was Edwards College in whole of NWFP. Prior to partition, the NWFP was governed by leader of Congress Party Dr. Khan Sahib and Redshirt leader Abdul Ghaffar Khan from 1937 to 1943 and 1945 to 22nd Aug 1947. They have not created any college. So 9th and 10th class students of all districts were selected to be present in Provincial rally. It was a huge camp. The students from districts Hazara, Peshawar, Mardan, Banu, Kohat and Dera Ismail Khan were there. There arises question, who should lead the rally? The Provincial Physical Director was invited by Headmaster Malik Ghulam Muhammad. Here is a boy Aslam Soofi, smart and intelligent try him. Aslam was tried by Physical Director and he was chosen to lead the Provincial Rally. Aslam Soofi carried Flag of Pakistan walked with considerable smartness and adequately saluted to Governor General. Aslam Soofi was greeted by the audience and Governor General also said ‘Shabash’. Aslam Soofi too has listened address of Kh. Nazimud Din at Jinnah Bagh Abbotabad and was sitting near to him. The public meeting was arranged by District Muslim League Hazara under the presidentship of Jalal ud Din Khan alias Jalal Baba. Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan, Chief Minister and other Ministers were also there, prior to public meeting, Governor General inaugurated Kakul PMA. Kh. Sahib used to wear tight ‘Piajama’ and Shervani and Jinnah Cap. Jalal Baba made slogans as usual. Aslam Soofi was too acted like Kh. Nazimud Din after the public meeting his action have been appreciated by Khan Qayyum and other members of NWFP Cabinet and he too was very popular boy.

3rd Governor General Mr. Ghulam Muhammad 19 Oct 1951 to 15 Oct 1955.

After the assassination of Nawabzada Liaqat Ali Khan the first Prime Minister of Pakistan on 16th Oct. 1951 at Rawalpindi by said  Akber, Mr. Malik Ghulam Muhammad, who was Cabinet Minister for Finance suggested to Khawaja Nazimud Din, you are political worker, you deserve to be the next Prime Minister and have a power of the government and Mr. Ghulam Muhammad  managed to be acceded to chair of Governor General of Pakistan and Cabinet accepted it. He applied his crooked intelligence with sound reasons. Kh. Sahib was simple and dedicated Muslim League Leader but Malik Ghulam Muhammad was artistic juggle.

Sardar Bahadar Khan was Communication Minister in Cabinet he managed to set up telephone factory at Haripur near Central Jail. Mr. Malik Ghulam Muhammad Governor General of Pakistan was invited to inaugurate in 1952 so Aslam Soofi met the Governor General at Haripur. He was tall man with big eyes, Jinnah cap on his head, English suite. He in his speech stressed upon training of Pakistani in telephone area and appreciated the German for giving such facility to Pakistan.

It was surprise that after his departure, the City Muslim League arranged a dinner party in honour of Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan Chief Minister NWFP. In those days, leaders were selfless and dedicated for a common cause uplift of trodden Muslims of sub-continent. When Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan found Aslam Soofi is not in this dinner, he questioned, where is a smiling and active Aslam? Faiz Muhammad Khan, President of Haripur Tehsil, said he is angry with you, Chief Minister said why? Call him. They made him called, Aslam was before the Chief Minister, why are you angry? Aslam said, Sir, we the workers of Muslim League made slogans against Congress, we were taken by police and beaten. Pakistan came into being with our efforts, you are Chief Minister, I need to get admission in medical college. Aslam said, get me admitted in any medical college of Bharat, he said, why? Aslam said, I shall expose two nation theory to those, who do not know it. He laughed and said, well, why not at Dacca? Chief Minister said give your papers to me, you will be admitted. Khan Qayyum who was to fly for Dacca to elect Khawaja Nazimud Din as President of Pakistan Muslim League. He took papers of Aslam Soofi and got him admitted in Dacca Medical College.  Aslam get telegram from Chief Minister East Pakistan you are admitted in Dacca Medical College reach Dacca by PIA. Later on, when he come to know that Aslam Soofi too have been given admission in Dental College, Lahore, so Khan advised the NWFP Government to give Rs.50/- PM scholarship for doing BDS Course of4 years at Lahore.

Madri Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah visit to Haripur 29th May 1949.

She was going to Muzaffarabad by road and was coming from Para Chinar and Peshawar. She has to pass from Harripur G. T. Road.  Aslam Soofi was given duty by Pakistan Muslim League Haripur to act her bodyguard. Aslam Soofi, while in Pakistan Muslim League National Guard uniform, was on pedal of her car. Huge crowed was there at Haripur for her reception. She was not a political leader but was sister of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and had great contribution for creation of Pakistan. She was very particular for accession of Kashmir to Pakistan. Miss Jinnah was in white dress and she was very impressive. Madri Millat was very sharp and she was responding to slogan made by men and women of Haripur. She inaugurated Pilot Girls School at Haripur. While her car was going slowly, there was band display by Prisoners of Haripur Jail. The band master tuned such style. She heard it and shouted stop it. Aslam Soofi was on her car, he was surprised and astonished what has happened. Later on Aslam Soofi met her in King Edward Medical College annual sport day on 20th Dec. 1952 and recited English poem written in her honour.
The function at which ye will distribute the prizes.  Itself an example of the accelerating enterprises

During Pakistan Movement mostly the nationalist Muslims of Redshirt Party Congress Ahrar ul Islam, Khaksar all were against Pakistan and Congress leaders and some Ulema were speaking against All India Muslim League. The Muslim League workers used to defend. However, when any leader of Muslim League used to pass through G. T. Road the Muslim League of Haripur used to welcome the leader.