Mr. S. M. Iqbal of Punjab Dental Depot was active and also started publishing Pakistan Dental Review at 24-The Mall, Lahore and with him, were the editors i.e. A. Wilson Mitchell, S. Eckbelle, J. R. Gill, J. B. Sproull, Gosta Lindblom, M. Abdul Haq, William Alan Grainger and Richard. H. Roydhouse. This magazine was distributed in all the Universities of the World and was used by students, doctors and teachers. It was great contribution of Sheikh Iqbal   for promotion of the dental profession. For a very long time till the death of Dr. H. R. Shah in 1969 the Dental Association had three members from unqualified practitioners and three members from qualified practitioners. After the sad demise of Dr. H. R. Shah, Dr. Haider Tirmizi became the Principal of de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore became the President. Dr. Tirmizi was distinguished teacher and orthodontics specialist and was staff president of Dental Students Union during 1954-56 when I was General Secretary and President respectively and he had the experience of student activities in dentistry and well knowledge to build up the dental science. Later on Dr. Latif Ch., Dr. Hafiz Ghulam Rasool, Railway and Dr. Ahmed Hassan, private practitioner and myself was became the General Secretary PDA 1967-1968 and president Pakistan Dental Association 1970-71.   When Dr. Muhammad Saleem Cheema became Secretary and he proposed the job of Secretary to be a qualified dental surgeon previously Mr. S. M. Iqbal was doing this job and he was retired.
Dr. H. R. Shah had the qualities to develop the profession and the sections at Multan, Hyderabad and Peshawar were established due to his efforts. He was very keen in expanding the dental position in Baluchistan as well. He visited Quetta in 1958 and had traveled with me to Kallat Division for establishment of dental clinic at Kallat. He was all the time coordinating and upgrading dental profession and extended such needs to graduates. He started postgraduate master degrees in the college of Punjab University and he presented the master degrees to, Prof. Dr. M. Saleem Cheema, (1956), Haider Tirmizi, (1957) without thesis only on examination, Dr Ghulam Sibtain (1958), Dr. Saeed Ahmed Malik (1961), Prof. Dr. B. A. Yazdanie, (1962), Col. Muhammad Hussain, (1963), Col. Atta Barki (1963) respectively were given with small writing.   He had notable intention and had contacts with the high ups. Prior to partition, Dr Baij Nath, had passed MDS 1942, in Prosthetics, Dr. Ijaz ul Haq did MDS 1947, in Prosthetics, Dr. K. L. Shori, Passed MDS 1946 in operative dentistry. Dr. Bulray Vacher, passed 1944 in Orthodontics.
There was a national conference of dental surgeons at Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry Rawalpindi in 1983 I was a coordinator of conference. Since there was no national Dental Association, it was at Lahore and Karachi and I wrote following letters to leaders of Dental Profession prior to this conference to frame and creation of national association. I declared at Rawalpindi that I shall not contest the election of Pakistan Dental Association President Centre, so due to this decision at Rawalpindi, that the Karachi PDA Branch was asked to conduct election on Pakistan basis, thus Karachi Branch has taken share of dignity to organize the election on Pakistan basis, besides this it has contributed a large by holding many international conferences, head of states were invited at Karachi.   The Karachi Branch too had the credit to publish the JOPDAK which is a great academic service but still there is need of many things. Here is my letter written to all leaders of Dental Profession for uniting the profession at one platform.


Dated March 14, 1983

My dear doctor

“I take this opportunity to advocate the cause of unification of the Pakistan Dental Association for creating its centre. This is out of my patriotism and desire that our representative body should be represented by all the regions so with this sincere belief I put forward suggestion that out of the many factors to be discussed at Rawalpindi Conference, we should faster our relations for the purpose of self-awareness and new ideas for practicing our customs, ethics and honourable dealing under the umbrella of Pakistan Dental Association without any prejudice or risk of danger for attacking any personality.

I, therefore, suggest that the group leaders of all the provinces should pool their sources to emerge central body of the Pakistan Dental Association.

This is a basic problem for me, which so far is not in balance. I have tried that a branch of N.W.F.P. should be created so that unity and resources should form a national integrated body. However, we can ask the interested persons for cohesive pattern to constitute a branch at N.W.F.P. which shall make up Pakistan level branches of the Association.

The branches at Karachi and Punjab—Lahore are already practical and they are adopting specific objectives representing large number of population of the dentists and their policies have been found much for the professional interests. Similarly the newly evolved branch at Rawalpindi—Islamabad comprising of the Azad Kashmir has created a lead in unifying the profession and has come out as an effective branch. With efforts of our senior colleague Dr. Rashid A Malik, Dr M Z K Niazi, Dr. Abdul Qadir and Dr Arshad Mahmood Malik. Similarly branch at Quetta has emerged under the efforts of Dr. Farrukh Ejaz and we hope that this shall advance in their mission and influence the dental brotherhood.

I am, therefore, of the opinion that the Presidents of all the branches may get together for considering the possibilities of growing up a centre which shall be meaningful and more effective comparatively for our organization and it shall be more collaborative system for solving the problems of the dentists in the country.   We have many problems. They can only be solved if we are possessing national platform and which can exploit the talents and can solve the prevailing problems of dentists of the country. Much of the problems are (i) the menace of the quackery and (ii) unemployment for new graduates, (iii) problems for setting up of new clinics, (iv) non-availability of the modern technology and knowledge about the new machines. (v) Much of the problems exist for education, both at undergraduate level and postgraduate level and uniformity of the profession at all levels.   There is a much of the calculus on the dental profession which needs proper instrumentation and removal of such deposits deposits. We have to adopt our cultural tradition and love for country and for its development. Therefore, for these objectives I seek your help for strengthening my idea that when we are here at Rawalpindi, we should evolve some measures to be unified and I feel Brig. Ata ur Rehman Khan, Dean Dental Faculty, College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan is capable to give us a lead and help our profession because of his past services for uplifting the profession and organizing the International Conference of dental surgeons of Pakistan” 1983 – The letters were sent to

  • Dr. Rashid A. Malik, then President, Rawalpindi — Islamabad Branch.
  • Dr. Farrukh Ejaz, then President, Quetta Branch.
  • Dr. Atta ur Rehman, then Dean Dental Faculty, College of Physician & Surgeons Pakistan.
  • Dr. Ahmed Iqbal, then Dean Dental Faculty, Peshawar.
  • Dr. Khalid Mansoor
  • Dr. Ijaz Aqeel
  • Dr. Mervyn Hossein

So, on this letter Central Council of Pakistan Dental Association, came into being. After the election of 1984 Karachi. In my letter dated 17.06.1986 I narrated that the elections are over of Central Council of Pakistan Dental Association but there are certain problems faced to our dental profession which needs attention of PDA like quackery, unemployment of dentist, unequal status and facilities, for postgraduate learning and effective under graduate education and production of the teachers in the field of research. So I have striving hard for uplift of profession and the Dental Association. The constitution of Pakistan Dental Association Lahore was framed in 1960 and the association was registered with Registration No. 6-LR 1960 of the Pakistan Dental Association.   Ist Pakistan Dental Convention 27-28th February 1972 was held under Lahore Branch.

Prior to this Conference 1983 the Karachi branch held Ist Pakistan International Dental Congress 17-19 Sept. 1981 in which I have read the paper “Oral Bacteriological Findings, Sensitivity and Resistance to Antibiotics”. And after the conference at Rawalpindi there was Second Sind Dental Conference Karachi

29-30 March 1984. Dr. Mervyn Hossein was clinical secretary and I have read the paper. I have represented the Dental Association in Pakistan Medical and Dental Council as representative of Govt. of Punjab and NWFP for about 7 years. I always persuaded the cause of Dental Profession at every important meeting with high ups in this manner.

We had the dental health programme at Lahore in 1973 and we have been working for promotion of the teachers in various branches.

The delivery of quality of the oral health care given to the public at private level and Government level needs to be specified by the Pakistan Dental Association in the dental association’s meetings. There is need to emphasis the importance of dental health profession among the medical doctors and public so that the right of practice should be given in the hands of those who are qualified and these qualified persons have got right of operation and prescribing the medicine. The qualified persons have the right to relieve the pain of sufferer. Medicine / Dentistry is the other Medical branches of health profession or a branch of medical profession. There is great responsibility on the shoulder of dental surgeons and there is need that dental surgeons should be skillful and honest in dealing the profession. So the high standard of profession should continue in education so that we my compete globally. There is need for social and health education services to be carried out by the member of the Pakistan Dental Association and there is need of community, survey may be carried out along with the relieve to community.

There is much important factor that is a scarcity of the teachers in the teaching institutions both in the private sector and public sector. With the result the standard of dental education at graduate level cannot be remarkable. There are many Pakistani dentists abroad, who had obtained postgraduate qualification and there are many in Pakistan with postgraduate qualification, these personnel should be provided the opportunity to act as teacher. This is very important job for the association. For example de’Montmorency College of Dentistry is a premier institution of the country.   In this almameter there are one regular Professor who is Principal having highest qualification of PhD—Prof. of Prosthodontics and another Prof. of Oral Surgery – In Multan so there is perhaps one Prof. working in both public institutions, a few Associate Professor have been promoted on contract as professor. Similar situation at Hyderabad, Bolan and Peshawar, the position is the same i.e. lacking of the professors. And same situation is in the private sector, for example, the retired persons are made head of the Private Dental Colleges. The Pakistan Dental Association, Lahore under my presidentship 1973-1996 had pooled the resource to create the professorial jobs and courses in order to absorb the qualified people who are available at home or who are back from abroad.


The aim of the registration stand that “responsibility of Dental Practice, should be assumed only by those with full training and having knowledge of technology of this science”. The un-registration of un-qualified Dentists leads to more and more spread of quackery, lesser chance of practice to qualified doctors and several harms to the patients. The registration act may be enforced with a forming of a sub-committee for the purpose of giving a registration to the un-qualified persons after the examinations of stay in practice, their education and their standard of treatment to the patients. In England this act came into being in 1879, with these words I conclude my speech and hope if they are implemented, they shall serve the purpose of dentistry.
I once again thank to every member of the profession, their families and friends for coming over here to make the function a success.   I am highly grateful to Dr. Amir Muhammad Khan, who has very kindly accepted this invitation on behalf of the Dental Association for this evening.


Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi
Development & Progress of Dentistry

The subjects of dental specialty are now the focus of most of the ambitious persons having the research programme in their mind in the world of today. A greater degree of this activity regarding the awareness has taken place within about 25 years than in any previous period. A good part of the reason is greater awareness within the community and the lead procedure has become brighter. Moreover, cultural asserts have protected this idea and philosophy with the result the quality in tradition of dentistry has developed more in various specializations here and elsewhere.

For example, at United Kingdom learning of dentistry is imparted at Post-graduate level in more than 15 Universities and at various places. In certain places duplicate degrees are awarded in the form of Master in Dental Surgery and Doctorate in Dental Surgery in addition to Fellowship Diplomas and other diplomas and M. Sc for creation of expanded programme of Post-graduate Dental Education. In various Universities around the year, there are short term courses for private practitioners and for those who come from different countries. These courses eventually provide experiment skill and clinical management and in this way, there is a widespread of the education. The knowledge obtained from such courses helps in the clinic organization, and to all sort of mankind. There is a lot of advancement in this field in USA, in Federal Republic of Germany and Western Europe.

There is different system for providing the under-graduate dental education and postgraduate dental education in the Europe. The dental education is imparted as the sub-specialty of the medicine in Bulgaria, Czechosolavakia, Socialist Republic of Russia, Italy, Austria, where dental education is provided in the form of stomatologisty and in the system of United Kingdom and USA, the education is imparted effectively as a part of independent education of medicine in the medical schools.

But this type of pattern of equality does not exist in our country in the past quarter century. The dental education system has led away in guaranteeing the social welfare rights of all the dentists with the result their dynamic approach is fading away. The declaration of post graduation system in the chapter of Punjab University has got limitations. In contrary, the term of postgraduate education is very liberal to the medical fashion society possessing all sort of machinery of administration and interpretation, with the result potentialities of the medical men achieve their future but the dentists cannot initiate this type of fate with the result he stands sufferer of inequality and discrimination in the field of obtaining postgraduate knowledge. Though many times we try to project their problems and the cure so far has not been obtained.

Objectives of Post-Graduate Teaching

The ultimate objective of Postgraduate education is to create prominence in the intellectual world of dentistry and also to create liberal imagination and philosophical thoughts for creative work for promotion of health, prevention of disease and prolonging of life. The training programme of such training should be provocated with ideas, for fulfillment of service to the humanity, and that can only be achieved if there are plenty of teachers available with their splendid experience for explicit ideas for unique relevance of research and awareness of complexities of the science and technology in the world of today. With such an idea the university training has been introduced for applying such freedom of thought. The opening of the chapter of College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan, is the meaningful way for such classic study. Historically, when I wrote a letter to your Excellency on 7th December 1978 and was called in by the College on 29th July 1979 where I have provided extensive evidences for starting the course of Fellowship in Dentistry including Community Dentistry. My view point was appreciated by your honour and by the members of this august body and now the College, under your capable traditional leadership have invited applications from the Dentists of this country for registration for the course of Member of General Dentistry. This has created concern among Dentists because our understanding was different. Decisively the existing pattern of examination and restrictions introduced by the members of such committee has not come out in the shape of good policy and it has not provided opportunity to those who wanted to seek the education from this Institution.

Sir, Dentists are handful people in Pakistan. They need more compassionate sympathy as compared to any other community. Their request should be fulfilled if there is trend of continuing the education by the College. Originally we wanted that most of the Dentists should become fellow in dentistry including the community dentistry at par with the FCPS and MCPS or other subjects. If we look into the curriculum of MCPS from the College syllabus we feel that more restrictions on this Diploma, and it is of a general advanced dentistry, whereas on the medical side administration of Diploma is being managed as a Postgraduate specialty, therefore, we need Postgraduate Diploma in the sub-specialty of dentistry and fellowship at par with FCPS or at par with Royal College of Surgeons of England which is clear from my slides.

Sir, the College has got great kindness to accept the challenge of providing educational opportunities to the Dentists, whose so far fate has been ceased from all sides. The youngster apparently look older and older are definitely in advanced age. Today the majority of Dentists in this country is without Postgraduate advanced knowledge and it is increasing demand tht this branch may be provided facilities of having the opportunity of this ‘adult education’ at least at par with medical specialty. I may be allowed to transit fundamental demand of this profession which is entirely an academic request, that the teachers on the dental side are needed in this country. It stands with the ability of the College to recognize the curriculum at par with Royal College of Surgeons and relax the present restriction in order to fulfill the challenge of education in the field of dentistry.

I may also invite your attention that in the past Diploma holders on the medical side, specially Public Health have been exempted from the primary examination of FCPS, therefore, this exemption should also be applied to this society of dentistry. We also compel for our educational affairs than general Dental Surgeons because this theme does not hold as the problems solving scheme. This needs improvement for better performance.


If we examine Appendix I, II & III, we could see that dental education in U. K. at Postgraduate level is imparted at many institutions whereas in Pakistan a start is being taken. F. D. S, R. C.S, Diploma and its regulations are not so complicated as MGDS of CPSP. Therefore, it is urged that Membership Diploma in Dentistry should be alike in Medicine and examination should be conducted in Postgraduate specialist instead of general dentistry, and FCPS. Dentistry may be started including Preventive Dentistry and concession may be provided for Honorary FCPS to senior members of the profession based upon research and long standing service.


We are obliged to pay tributes to Brig. Ata ur Rehman Khan, Dean, Dental Faculty, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan, Commandant, Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry, Rawalpindi, for his hard work for erasing edifice of this institute which has enormously boosted this profession. We too pray for success of his effort for conducting such courses and organizing of International Conference of Dental Surgeons in 1983. It is our esteemed duty to express numerous thank is to your honour and other members of the College especially Col. A. B. Azmi and Prof. Ali Mohammad Ansari for patronizing our science in all respects.

Federal Health Minister Dr. Naseer u din Jogozai amoung the Meeting of Pakistan Dental Association is been welcomed by President DR M A Soofi and other members.


Meeting of the Pakistan Dental Association. Sitting in front are Prof. Yazdani, Prof. M A Soofi, General Ata Burki, Cornel Mahmood and Other dental surgeons


Mr. J. D Stran Periodental Surgeon London University teacher of Dr. M. A Soofi 1965-66 delivering lecture at Pakistan Dental Association Lahore in Pearl Continental Hotel

General Tikka Khan Governor Punjab being received by Dr. M. A. Soofi president of International Dental Conference.

Governor Punjab Justice Mian Aslam Riaz Chief Guest Meeting of Pakistan Dental Association in conversation with Dr. Soofi and Dr. Shaja uddin Qureshi (General Secretary)

Pakistan Medical Association, Zia-ul-Haq, President of Pakistan, was the Chief Guest in the function of PMA Punjab, Lahore. Standing with him Dr. M Sadar Chaudhry, President PMA Punjab, Dr. M A Soofi, Finance Secretary PMA, Dr. Mubarak Eman, Dr. Prof Abdul Aziz and Others. President was in a very cheerful mood and answered the questions of the Doctors positively.

Reception of the senior dental surgeons by Pakistan Dental Association. Sitting Dr. M. A. Soofi, Dr. Tariq Zaman with other senior dental Surgeons at Civil Officers Mess Lahore

Meeting of the Pakistan Dental Association Dr. Soofi presiding Health Minister Punjab and Member of Provincial Assembly.

Meeting at Karachi. Dr. M. A. Soofi and foriegn professors sitting in front row.

4th International Dental Conference. At the stage sitting Dr. M. A Soofi Ghulam Haider Wayna Chief Minister Punjab 1991

4th International Dental Conference of Pakistan Dental Associaton Lahore. Prof. M. A Soofi receiving chief guest Mr. Ghulan Haider Wayna Chief Minister of Punjab 1991.

Group photograph of office bearers of 4th International Conference Prof M. A Soofi chairman also sitting

Karachi, International Dental Conference. Secretary Health with Dr. M. A Soofi

Annual Dental Conference. Dr. M.A Soofi, Dr. Tariq Zaman, Dr. Hafeez (MBBS, BDS fatheri n law of Mian Nawaz Sharif), Justice Salam