Dr. M A Soofi, office bearer of Maternity and Child Welfare Association, is recieveing General M. Zia-ul-Haq, Chief Martial Law Administrator and President of Pakistan, at the National conference on MCH in Lahore PC Hotel, 1978. While shaking hand, Dr Soofi asked the President about the bandage on his right arm. President ,while smiling, replied “nothing has happened, i was playing tennis with my childrens yesterday and got a sprane.” It was the first visit of President in public appearance after the arrest of Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

Dr. M. A Soofi’s Life Memebership Card of Maternity & Child Welfare Association of Pakistan.

Maternity And Child Welfare Assocaition was created by the efforts of most dedicated pair Prof. A H Awan and Prof Mrs Askari Awan, Professor of Public Health and Prof of MCH repectively of the Instititute of Hyiegene. In order to aware the Public and medical men to reduce the death of mother and child and to provide health care to mothers at neglacted areas and it was registered with the social welfare department. Dr. Soofi became a life member and became the mamber of the executive and participated actively. Executive members were dedicated and started clinic of MCh at the rural areas and served the popluations for many years. It have conducted many seminar and workshops. In one of the seminar, General Zia Ul Haq, the Martial Law Administrative and the President of Pakistan was the chief guest after took over rain of Pakistan in 1978. In this meeting at a PC Hotel, He was recieved by Dr. M A Soofi and addressed the meeting. It was attended by Doctors, Social Workers and many others.

Dr. M.A Soofi Member of Maternity & Child Welfare Association of Pakistan, receiving President of Pakistan at a conference in 1977
Group Photograph office bearer of Public Health Association Pakistan and MCH Association. Lt General Faheem is in the Center, Dr. MA Soofi and others are standing while Mrs Dr Awan and others are sitting, 1990.
1973: Dr M A Soofi in the 3 day Seminar on Dental Care of Mother and Child, is speaking. Sitting on the stage is Dr. Askari Awan, (H.E) Governer Abasi, Brigadior(r) Saib Dad Khan, Health Minister Government of Punjab and Dr Ijaz Ul Hassan, Secretary Health Government of Punjab.

KE Medical College, Lahore. Paedatric Assocaition, Prof Soofi is in conversation with Chaudhry Fazal e Elahi President Islamic Republic of Pakistan


Chaudhry Fazal Elahi, president of Pakistan, surrounded by child specialist of Pakistan in Patiala Groung in KE MEdical College Lahore. Dr. M A Soofi , President of the Pakistan Dental Association, is in the conversation with the president of Pakistan.
Dr. Mrs Iqbal Soofi, executive member of the Mother and Child, is delivering the lecture on the care of child in the 3 days seminar held in PC Hotel under the auspesious Materity and Child Welfare Association.
Group Photograph with the Governer Punjab Sabasi at the end of the meeting on Dental care of Mother and Child.L-R: Dr Sayed Ikhlaq, Dr. Shujah, Governer Abasi, Dr M A Soofi President and others.
Group Photograph of the Maternity and Child Welfare Assocaition at Gymkhana Club. Mrs Dr. Askari Awan sitting with Dr M A Soofi and Mr. Niaz Shiekh