The meaning of Hajj in abrabic language to make a resolve to visit the holy place Khana Ka’aba once in life.Since people from all quarters resolve to pay a visit to Ka’aba, it has been designed as Hajj.


There are, in the annals of History, events, problems and solutions, which appeared extraordinarily, and those have been solved and explained by Social Welfare Law of Islam and in its evolution. The outburst of principle of Islam has conquered the ancient world in the matter of Public Health problems because Islam has emerged from normal conditions and become prestige of not the common men, but of all great powers.


Aid and Hepatitis have become global problem in the world of today. There is lot being done for management and control of the disease all over the world. Such ailments were not present before and this novel infective diseases has created revolution in the history of medicine in which much of the population is being involved and the treatment therapy is not being discovered there is only way to prevent the disease, the only choice for developing countries.


Marry those you who are single, or virtuous. Ones among your serents, male or females; If they are in poverty, Allah will give their means out of His grace. For Allah encompasseth all, and Allah Knowth all things. Let those, who, find not the where with all for marriage keep themselves chaste, until Allah gives them mean out of His grace


By Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi First we will study the major sources of revenue to the Muslim State. Aghuides would divide revenues to the Islamic State into two categories:
1. Religious revenue.
2. Secular Revenue.


Islam means, submission, surrender, obedience and peace to Allah Subhanahoo, and that way peace is achieved. The word “Islam” in its religious sense signifies complete submission to the Will of God as it is the true religion for the whole of community and it enjoys the distinction of bearing significant name “Islam” i.e. ‘;To enter into peace’.


Qur’an is the book of God revealed to Holy Prophet (SAW) Muhammad (PBUH) through Jibriel. This is a universal book which has authority to be placed as the last book of God. It has the quality of endorsing the previous books of Allah and it encompasses all aspects of life to be practised in a befitting way. Qur’an is divided into 30 chapters (Paras) and seven ‘;Manzals’


There are evidences that Qur’an was written in the life time of Muhammad (SA) and was memorised too by many companions of Rasul. The writing was done on barks of trees, camel bones and wood with ink or black colour. The companions of the Prophet (SAW) (SA) and many Hafaz used to remember the Holy Qur’an with keenness and love after revelation to Muhammad (SA).


The word “Jehad” is meant not only war but war undertaken for the propagation of Islam. Jehad, properly signifies the using or exerting of one’s utmost power, efforts, endeavours or ability, in contending with an object of disapproobation; and this is of three kinds namely, a visible enemy, the devil and one’s self; all of which are included in the term as used in the Quran.


Zakat means purity, cleanliness and an addition or increase. A calculated portion set apart from the wealth possessed for over a year, for the needy and poor, annually, is called Zakat. In this way Man’s earned wealth and his soul (self) become purified. Virtually zakat means giving charity out of the wealth (e.g. goods, land production, animals, etc. etc. ) as prescribed in Qur’an and defined in Hadith, to the poor, needy and orphans (fuqra) for their welfare.

Distinguishing characteristic of the Holy Prophet (SAW)

The Holy Prophet (SAW) Muhammad has got most distinguishing life and has been a model and exemplar of highest virtues and faithfulness to Almighty Allah in all the circumstances of his life. The Holy Quran, the book which was revealed to the distinguished last Prophet (SAW) through the distinguished Angel Hazrat Jibrail, on distinguished night in the month of Ramazan revealed that “Certainly you have in the messenger of Allah an excellent exemplar for him who hopes in Allah and the Day of Judgement, and remembers Allah much. (The Allies (Part-XXI-21).


Sunnah has got a special position in Islamic Literature, after Qur’an because it is a source of information about the doings of the Prophet Muhammad (SA). Sunnah relates to that part of religion which the Prophet (SA) taught as Instructor of Divine Law and as a Model for mankind so that his followers should mould their lives in accordance with the wishes of the Almighty Allah by performing the rituals and following the injunctions found in Islam.


O ye believe fasting has been enjoined upon you and it was enjoined upon those before you so that you may learn to guard yourselves against evil. 183 Para-2. From the historical background, the believers have been illustrated that the fasting is not unnatural but it has got history for all the nations.


The “Jihad” stands for strive in name of Allah the Creator, this could be done with wealth or soul as sign of Love to Creator and His Apostle (SAW) the Muhammad. It is fight in Allah’s cause or conveying His message to make His word glorious. The control oneself against the evil is also Jihad. Jihad is expressed, when desire is restricted to avoid, what is prohibited by Allah. Honest earning and striving for clean living is too a Jihad and Hussain Ibn Ali’s (RS) Jihad is for Humanity against evils forces at Karbala. Islam lays a great emphasis on sacrifice and Jihad, because in one way, or other way you can make sacrifice. Islam lays a lot of importance to Jihad in the name of Allah.