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Dr. M.A. Soofi is the Regent of International College of Dentists (USA)  for Pakistan, Bangladesh & Afghanistan since 1969. He can award fellowship of ICD to any dentist in this region.

The convocations held by ICD for this region are: –

  • 1st Convocation of International College of Dentists, USA Section 24 was held in Lahore, on 3rd Sept. 1978, conducted by Brig. A. G. Rowell, President of International College of Dentists, USA.

On September 03, 1978 I had the honor of holding 1st Convocation of International College of Dentists, as a Regent of the College for Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. It was inaugurated by Dr. Khairat Ibne Rasa (Vice Chancellor, Punjab University) and conducted by Brig. A. G. Rowell (President of the International College of Dentists). This was witnessed by many others and Prof. S M K Wasti, Prof Akhtar Khan, Prof. Balqis Fatima, Prof. Saleem Cheema and Prof. B. A. Yazdanie. President of ICD remarked high of this Convocation.



Brig. Atta Muhammad, Dr. Rowell, Lady Noon, Lady Rowell, Fellows and distinguish guests.  It is my privilege to welcome you to a dinner of the fellows of the International College of Dentists this evening.  This meeting has provided us with a great opportunity to inform us of the latest  developments in dentistry through exchange of views with Dr. Rowell, who has come to Pakistan to confer fellowships of prominent dentist in Pakistan.

Sir, I would like to submit that the history of dentistry in Pakistan which has been rather short.   Our achievements, may not in any way compare with some of the advanced countries of the world, but we can say without any fear of contradiction that our sincerity of purposes and the expertise developed in this short period is of some consequence.  I can recall the time, when at the creation of Pakistan, most of the teachers employed in the college of Dentistry at Lahore left the country.  This included all the Hindu teachers as well as the English. Due to their departure the teaching of dentistry suffered a great deal, but Dentistry Sections in many of the new Colleges of Medicine were opened.   This included Sections at Peshawar Medical College, Hyderabad Medical College and Multan Medical College. Although a great deal of expansion has taken place in training the teaching of dentistry in the country, we still remain one of the lowest in dental manpower ratio.  Our main problem in this country is still shortage of teachers in this field.   This is the main reason for the pace of development in training of dentists in his country has been slow.   For our dentists the availability of post-graduates training here or abroad are limited.   We have got continuous scarcity  of teachers in almost all branches of dental science except two specialized branches, prosthetic, and oral surgery.  In these branches we have qualified teachers with master degree from abroad and from local universities.   This facility of having two postgraduate teachers is limited to Lahore only.  As regards Multan Dental Section, Peshawar Dental Section and Hyderabad Dental Section a few teachers have post graduate diplomas while most of them are simple graduate in dentistry.   In these institutions Research work and epidemiological study are altogether  minimal with the result that our achievements are limited.   Teachers scarcity leads to poor education.   It is essential, therefore, the man our teaching institutions with qualified staff.   To overcome this problem, the large number of highly qualified dentists who are serving overseas could be brought back through an incentive scheme.   This seems to be one of ways in which teaching profession could be enriched.   The other way is to transfer qualified dentists having post-graduate qualifications from various hospitals to teaching institutions.   At present, I am told that a post-graduate teacher is to supervise about 14 thesis of M.D.S. (Prosthetic) and other specialties.  Similarly second teacher (Oral Surgery and Pathology) is to supervise more than 9 thesis.  Of course our teachers are hardworking, they have to look after under-graduates, post-graduates studies and private practice.


 At the time of creation of Pakistan dental hospital, Lahore was the only source of healing for dental ailments.   Lady Wellington Hospital, Peshawar, received a dental section in 1952 and Bahawalpur Dental Clinic was created in early 1956.  Baluchistan was without and dental clinic.  It was created in early 1956 where a dental unit was created at Sandeman Hospital, Quetta until 1960.  This was the only clinic in whole of the Province and this humble worker of dentistry was  given the charge of this unit. With the efforts of late Dr. Hassan Raza Shah, the former Principal of Dental College, we were able to build up dental clinic at Kalat and at a later stage in 1963 Dental Unit was created at Civil Hospital., Sibi when I was again posted back to Baluchsitan from Mayo Hospital, Lahore.  Mayo Hospital Dental Clinic was created by Mr. Z. K. Niazi in the capacity of honorary Dental Surgeon and it has now been given the proper shape.  When I took over in 1961, the Department was in a bad shape.  I had to start my crusade trying to impress upon my colleagues in the field of general medicine that dentistry plays a vital role in maintenance of health.  We cannot ignore teeth for having sound health.  Healthy gums are a blessing.  Bad teeth and gums are a curse and adversely affects general health and personality.  A toothache distorts personality, it affects normal thinking and becomes a hazard for the family inspite of all efforts the importance of dentistry to general health could only be recognized by a small number of physicians and surgeons.

Through meetings symposia processions and discussions and personal contacts we were able to create a dental clinic at Shahalam Market through Red Crescent in 1961.  The credit for this clinic goes to most respected Lady Noon.  She was the first Lady of the country when her beloved husband was the Prime Minister of Pakistan.  She was the first Lady leading the Red Crescent Movement in Pakistan.  She was the first to create dental clinic.  She was the first Lady to fight for Women’s causes in Pakistan and the first Lady to fight social evils and she was the first Lady to be a member of the Cabinet of Pakistan.
Preventive field of dentistry also lies in a neglect.  The establishment Dept of Dental Public Health in the Institute of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine at Lahore, by the Punjab Government was an admirable step.  The Department was initially charged with awarding post graduate Diplomas in Dental Public Health and training of Dental Auxiliaries.  However, certain administrative problems have prevented the Institute to initiate teaching work in these fields while qualified talent lies in waste.  It is required that immediate attention on behalf of the Government be given to initiate a Master Degree in Dental Public Health and this was approved by the University of the Punjab, so far no positive steps have been taken to start work. A Diploma in preventive dentistry is the need of the country, attempts had been made to get a curriculum approved through the Punjab University but these attempts have been failed.  The Board of Studies are mostly  controlled by the clinician and, therefore, the poor baby of the preventive aide remain unattended.  Preventive measures are highly effective and much cheaper.  Therefore, this science should be given greater importance.
I have referred to this problem because of presence of Brig. Atta Muhammad among us who, I am sure, will direct his attention to this most vital issue.
When he took over as health Adviser to MLA, Punjab, my medical colleagues in their capacity of P. M. A. Called on him. I was told that he asked them why they do not give equal opportunity to dentists. Subsequently I wrote a few lines to Brig. Atta and called at him.  I was most attentively heard and was able to express my views on many important subjects.  This meeting clearly speaks of the soft corner he has for dentistry.  I take this opportunity on your behalf and on my own behalf to welcome him and expressed my sincerest gratitude for all he is doing.  One thing I must say that dentists are as good people as any other members of society. They should not be considered a scheduled caste or as step son of the science of medicine and should be given equal opportunities in policy formulation.

  • 2nd Convocation of International College of Dentists was held in Lahore on 5th Feb. 1988. It was chaired by Mr Fida Muhammad Khan, Governor NWFP and Begum Afsar Raza Qazalbash, Federal Minister of State.

 Today’s celebrations are in connection with the 2nd convocation of the International College of Dentists. This gives me an opportunity to express my justifiable jubilation and pride for achieving goal of prestige for dental profession in Pakistan.  The College provides us inspiration to kindle the flame of knowledge by fellow being spirit and to administer all conducts, the affairs of the college in this part of land.  This section shall, ever be grateful for the foresight and initiative in bringing the college a global institution.

This section is indebted profoundly to the Governor of NWFP for having kept the college alive due to his excellency and to a large degree his excellency generous support and acceptance of our invitation to preside 2nd convocation of the college, is a great honour and moral support to the fellows and the dental profession and this subcontinent.  The participation of Mr. Fida Mohammad Khan is a step to promote dental profession of Pakistan internationally because the dentists throughout the country remained behind for their basic requirements (i) in service and (ii) in postgraduate education.  The fellows workers and members of the dental profession and Pakistan Dental Association joined with me in wishing welcome your excellency for this happy occasion which is stimulating in nature.

Let me allow to continue my joyous aspiration for welcoming with overwhelming impression to Doctor Prof. Rafique Ahmad, who belongs to International Economics speciality and Representative of Internationally known as an oldest institution of learning in Pakistan.   In his capacity as the vice Chancellor, he has generated complex projects for development of Punjab University.  His association with us, as a academician of high caliber is another visitation of his personality and exception sacrifice of his valuable time.  This prove dedication of Dr. Rafique Ahmad to those ideals and principles for the knowledge good will and understanding at all level.

The presence of Begum Afsar Raza Qazilbash is another truth for assertions to work for constitution of Pakistan and to be an effective productive Minister of State for removing the shadows of darkness with obligation and justification of having strong patriotism for our country and the dental science.  Dentists always show enthusiasm in welcoming this lady, who often find opportunity to pateronise dental profession intensively with her deep wishful thoughts.

International College is an honorary organization which was set up for many years ago with purposes and objectives to stimulate the education and social activities for the growth and improvement of Dentistry and health service  to all mankind.  It also recognizes the superiority of an individual in the dental field, in profession, character and functional integrity.  The college also recognizes conspicuous and meritorious services to profession of dentistry by individual dentists.   It also cultivates cordial relations among those engaged in practice of dentistry and collateral branches for purposes of nurturing growth and diffusion of knowledge.  Thus it has become an organization of influence for purpose of establishment of goals and ideals for dental professionals of all countries of the world.

It started in 1920 when doctor Louis Ottofy retired after 23 years of practice of dentistry in the orient and at a farewell dinner the idea was floated up and upto 1929 the membership was scattered throughout 162 countries, states, and provinces and now this time practicing dentists in the world are its members.  Many countries have gone autonomous and some of these are under regentship like Section No. 24 Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Fellows are selected on basis of status and foundation in the profession and thus these fellows become powerful stimulating force of the Arts and Sciences of Dentistry and on international relations around the world.  Our emphasis is upon the members for holding firmly to the purposes and objectives of the college because dentistry is an instrument for attaining of the man’s most cherished possessions for reaching out to others for help, for sharing joys and sorrows in private as well as our professional lives.  I take this opportunity for welcoming the outstanding members of the medical and dental profession and ladies and gentlemen friends. I hope there shall be great chance of new acquaintanceships and fruitful experiences at this convocation.  In the end I welcome you by the saying of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah founder of Pakistan and the father of the Nation “God has given us a grand opportunity to show our worth as architects of a new State and let it not be said that we did not prove equal to the task”.

Presidential Address of Mr. Fida Mohammad Khan Governor NWFP, 5th February, 1988 at 2nd Convocation of International College of Dentists.

It is my pleasure to be here today at the 2nd Convocation of International College of Dentists, Sect ion 24 which comprises Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and which is being organized by its dynamic Regent Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi.

I appreciate the objectives of the college, which is fulfilling obligation of dental profession internationally.  Fellowship award by the college to the new fellows is an honour in appreciation of their meritorious services for the cause and promotion of the Dental Profession. I am pleased to see that fellows from Pakistan have been selected from both private and public sectors and the college is continuing its educational programme for the dental surgeons of Pakistan.

Prime Minister Mohammad Khan Junejo’s Five Point Programme of Socio economic development also includes the improvement of basic health services and the extending health facilities to all  classes of the society. The Government is also due to launch the School Dental Health programme as a priority.

Peshawar University has already set up a Dental Section in Khyber Medical College for Dental Graduates and now Postgraduate classes in Dentistry are to be started.

Pakistan was created due to the untiring efforts of Quaid-e-Azam  Mohammad Ali Jinnah and it is duty of every Pakistani to work for the solidarity of Pakistan in order to create a society free from all sorts of exploitation where truth, justice and education prevails.

Health is an important factor in the happiness of common man, in his efficiency as a productive member of the community.  Good health is equally essential for efficiency of the industrial organization and thus the strength and prosperity of the community is associated with better health which includes Dental Health.  I would appeal that Dental Surgeons stick to their commitment in providing Dental Health facilities to people through the link of District, Tehsil and Rural Health Centres or in Private Sector.

Dental diseases are enormous in our society and special preventive programs are a need of the day.  We should work with our resources to built up Pakistan.

I once again appreciate the efforts of the Regent Professor Soofi for holding the convocation in which senior members of the Dental Profession are being awarded fellowship awards.  I wish success to them all.

 Message from Begum Afsar Raza Qazalbash.

 I am indeed delighted to know that 2nd Convocation  of International College of Dentists is being held on 5th Feb. 1988 at Lahore.  I wish a successful and profitable convocation.

The efforts of the organizer, Regent of this Section, Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi in organizing such convocation is to mark the commencements of nationwide dental health movement in the country are very laudable. I congratulate this section on taking the initiative and I express the hope that the proceedings at the Convocation will create interest for the dental surgeons of this country.

In country like our, health of the people form an essential portion of Government Programme.  For any nation to survive, its people must be healthy both dentally and physically.  It is within such objective that the College and fellows will provide opportunity of their services to the sufferers in the broader sense.  The Government of Punjab and Government of Pakistan have got better intention to provide the facility in dental health specially under Five Point Programme of Prime Minister and much of the expansion of the dental services is being on the way under this programme.

International College of Dentists is playing very important role and I wish better achievements, through such meetings in education and in other work.  I wish and sincerely hope that the Convocation will be fruitful and successful.

February 05, 1988 Lahore:
2nd Convocation of International College of Dentists
Prof. Dr. M. A Soofi (Regent Section 24 ICD for Pakistan Bangladesh and Afghanistan) with Guest of Honor Begum Afsar Raza Qazalbash (Minister)

February 05, 1988 Lahore:
2nd Convocation of International College of Dentists
Regent Prof. Dr. M. A Soofi is adoring the rob of ICD to Chief Guest Mr. Fida Muhammad Khan (Governor NWFP)

Two ICD Leaders met at St. Louis, USA – May 1993

Dr. Jeorge Selfridge, past Dean School of St. Louis and past President International College of Dentists provided lunch hospitality to a Pakistani Scholar and a past Dean Postgraduate College of Community Medicine, Lahore (Pakistan) and potential Regent ICD Section -24, in the month of May, 1993 at St. Louis.  There was an exchange of views on various educational matters on national and international level and experience of both the doctors and research workers were invited.  This international fraternity was created by efforts of Dr. Shaffer, Secretary General of International College of Dentists, USA.

 Prof. Soofi who was in St. Louis for personal visit has presented two documents concerning the activities of Pakistan Dental Association and International College of Dentists, Section-24.  One document was of PDA Lahore Branch’s 20 years through which this science has become popular to the public through Radio, T. V.  Newspaper, books and booklets in which Dr. Soofi played a major role.  The 20 years of PDA, Lahore and its services under the leadership of Regent Dr. Soofi present an exemplary and historical memory for the dental profession in Pakistan.

Dr. Selfridge was also presented with coloured souvenir of 4th International Dental Conference held in Lahore in which many fellows actively participated with their papers and socially and administratively.  Dr. Selfridge  appreciated both the documents created by branch which supported by many fellows of section 24.

He too observed that the country like Pakistan has made such an advances in the continuing education in the field of Dentistry.

Prof. Soofi also introduced the whole system of health care in Pakistan and pattern of the education.  He disclosed that many Pakistani Dentists in USA are contributing efficiently to dental care to the population of USA and they are also better economically in this country. However, Dr. Soofi asked from the past president ICD, for more relations of this nature and the senior and junior members of ICD may visit Pakistan for exchange of knowledge. Dr. Soofi appreciated the services rendered by ICD for such international fraternity, friendship and close relationships.

  • 3rd Convocation of International College of Dentists was held in Dhaka 28th Nov. to 1st Dec. 1995. It was chaired by Prof. Abu Hyder Sajedur Rahman, former Principal, Dhaka Dental College, Bangladesh.
Welcome Address by Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi, Regent section No. 24, International College of Dentists – 3rd Convocation of International College of Dentists at Dhaka- 6th April, 1997

Honourable Prof. A. H. S. Rahman, former Principal Dhaka Dental College, respected scholars and Teachers – Fellow of I. C. D. Ladies & Gentlemen.

Today’s celebrations are in connection with the 3rd Convocation of the International College of Dentists.  This gives me an opportunity to express my jubilation and pride for achieving the goal of prestige for dental profession in People’s Republic of Bangladesh, through International College of Dentists.   The International College provided us inspiration to kindle the flame of knowledge by the spirit of fellow being in our conducts.  The activity and affairs of the college in this land were lacking and know we have started, I am sure this activity shall be productive.  The section, 24 of International College of Dentists, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan is grateful for an initiative in making the college a global institution to provide the chance of having the honour to be associated with international community.

This section is profoundly indebted to the Chief Guest for his presence, and to a large degree his generous support for accepting our invitation to preside 3rd Convocation of the College.  This is a matter of great honour and moral support to the fellows of this country and the dental profession of the subcontinent.  The participation of Prof. A. H. S. Rahman as Chief Guest in 3rd Convocation is a step to promote dental profession in Bangladesh internationally, as senior and capable dentists of this country were previously unsuccessful in acquiring fellowship awards for their long contribution and service to dentistry as a (i) private practitioner (ii) Govt.  servant and (iii) with higher postgraduate education.  The fellows and members of Dental Profession join with me in wishing your honour welcome, at this happy and historical occasion.

This is stimulating in nature to the families, friends of  those, who recipients of FICD today 6th April, 1997. Let me mention Dr. Fakhar uz Zaman, who did his graduation in 1955, from de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore (Pakistan).  He was one year senior to me.  He has served the people of this country for nearly 40 years.  He was a pioneer dental surgeon of the then East Pakistan. He is a symbol of devotion and integrity. He has made history in this part of the world. His son Dr. Waheed uz Zaman, a young energetic dental surgeon is blooming in the country. We welcome him and wish him good health.

Let me continue my joy and aspiration in welcoming with overwhelming impression the first FICD of the land, who belong to International Community since many years.  Dr. Abu Haider, the first MBBS, BDS and a Principal of Dental College Dhaka is a symbol of the dental community.  In his capacity as the Principal Dhaka Dental College, he had excelled to generate projects for development of dental education.  His association with us as a academician and intellectual of a high caliber is an honour.   There are various personalities who are known for their valuable contribution and dedication towards dentistry. They will be honoured with keys and certificates today. We do welcome them all and their friends and relatives who are here to share their happiness this evening.


The International College is an honorary global organization of Dentists, it was set up many years ago, in order to stimulate the dental education and social activities globally.  The college also recognize service and superiority of an individual dentist in the dental profession awards F.I.C.D., character and function integrity are noted.

The College recognize conspicuous and meritorious services to profession of dentistry by individual dentists as I was awarded Master of the College in 1980, as a first and only Muslim on globe.  This is a specific honour for those, who have exhibited their dynamicity.  It cultivates cordial and friendly  relation, among those who are engaged in practice of dentistry.  Thus it has become an organization of influence for purpose of establishment of goals and ideals for dental professionals of all countries of the world. It is an honour to be a fellow of this college.

It started in 1920 when Doctor Louis Ottofy retired after 23 years of practice of dentistry at his farewell dinner, the idea was floated up, and up to 1929 the membership was scattered.  Now throughout 162 countries of World their practicing dentists are its members.   Many countries have gained autonomy, some are under Regentship, like section No.24, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

Fellows are selected on basis of status, standing and foundation and services in the profession.  The fellows by virtue of meritorious service become powerful and act as stimulating force of the Arts and Sciences of Dentistry.   They develop International Relations around the world.  Our emphasis in selecting a memb4er firmly is one contribution to the purposes and objectives of the college, because dentistry is an instrument for attaining Man’s most cherished possessions for reaching to others for help, for sharing joys, and sorrow in private, as well as in our profession lives.

Ladies and Gentlemen I take this opportunity for welcoming the outstanding members of the dental and medical professions. I hope there shall be a good chance of acquaintanceship and fruitful experiences at this convocation.  This 3rd Convocation taking in place Dhaka is the first time we can hold such a convocation to confer the fellowship award on those who have been ignored in the past despite their seniority, we have got no malaise towards anyone.   We wish every dental surgeon to work for the promotion and development of the dental science.  The fellowship award will be awarded certainly to those who have played prominent role and have rendered valuable services as research workers.  I also call upon the dentist fellows, senior and junior, to work for prevention to initiate schools service, talks on Radio and T.V. I wish everybody should contribute for the profession.  In the end, once again I welcome you all.

April 06, 1997, Dhaka Bangladesh:
3rd Convocation of International College of Dentists Regent Prof. Dr. M. A Soofi presenting shield to Fellow Abu Abdul Rehman

April 06, 1997, Dhaka Bangladesh:
3rd Convocation of International College of Dentists
Regent Prof. Dr. M. A Soofi with Recipient of Honorary Fellowship of Global organization, International College of Dentists, USA

  • 4th Convocation of International College of Dentists USA was held in Lahore on 3rd Aug. 2000. Dr. Nasim Hassan Shah, Chief Justice (R) Supreme Court of Pakistan and Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand, Senior Nuclear Scientist of Pakistan were Chief Guest.

Welcome address by Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi

It is my profound pleasure to welcome a very prestigious personality of International Status in Nuclear Science of Pakistan, Dr. Samar Mubarak Mund, by virtue of his research, training and dedication has maintained the security of Pakistan.

28th May 1998 was a day of rejoicing and responding to Bharat’s atomic explosions. Bharat set off its Nuclear explosions first in 1974, later on in 1998. Pakistani Scientists who were fully equipped with strategies and had exhibited there skill at Chaghi, the desert hills of Baluchistan. Dr. Samar Mubarak Mund was physically present to set off Pakistani explosions in the most dignified manner. That it has surprised not only to Bharat but to United States also as their spy satellites parked directly above the sub continent could not and the Chaghi action has sealed off these information centers to the world. Thus the first Nuclear blast was over. This speaks of ability of Dr. Mund and other scientists who with their ability has acquired nuclear technology in a befitting way along with the delivery system. The world experts now admit that the Nuclear and Missile systems of Pakistan are much more superior that of Bharat. Now people of the world think that nuclear technology in Pakistan means production of bomb grade or highly enriched Uranium, thus Pakistan has becomes sixth Atomic Power in the World.

Dr. Samar Mubarak Mund, Director General of National Development Complex and member of country’s atomic energy commission said that Shahee-1 is ready to begin fight tests and that Shaheen II with a range of around 1250 miles ready for the fight test. It may be remembered that Shaheen I has made its first fight on May 15, 1999. The missile system of Pakistan is very comprehensive credit of this entirely goes to the team of the scientists and Dr. Samar Mubarak Mund who was the director and whose appropriate timing and strategy has made Pakistan for world’s attraction.

I on behalf of the International College of Dentists as Regent and Pierre Fauchard Academy and the fellows welcome our nuclear scientist Dr. Samar Mubarak Mund.

We have invited Dr. Mubarak to appreciate his services, which he has done for strengthening the security of Pakistan that the nuclear science. Now Nuclear science can help more in medical and dental science. There are many ways to diagnose the crucial, disease, which can be treated with the help of nuclear technology. Nuclear technology can be used for agricultural purpose too. Nuclear technology may now be utilized to facilitate the human treatment.

We therefore request atomic energy commission of Pakistan that it should develop many such projects in various hospitals in which dental surgeons may also be associated so that the oral cancer cases may properly be treated.

Dr. Samara Mand and my dear fellows oral cancer ranks as the forth most frequent cancer among men and women with its varying degree. The oral cavity cancer is very common among the betal chewers and smokers areas of Pakistan and it is on increase now dramatically. So there is need for reliable treatment and preventive work to decrease the incidences of the mouth cancer. I am confident that the attention is being given towards this side at least we can decrease the frequency of cancer.

I may mention that I was one of the first dental surgeon who has attended radio isotopes course in Mayo Hospital Lahore along with many medical experts in 1963 and this course has helped me a lot and has given me the confidence.

Once again we feel pride in welcoming him among the scientists of oral cavity.

Address by Dr. Samar Mubarik Mund (Nuclear Scientist)

To witness a joint convocation of International College of Dentist and Pierre Fauchard Academy is glamour. The approach is excellent that both honor International dental organizations with much optimism have been put to work with expanded wisdom for better and more productive source for dentistry in Pakistan under the guidance of a very potential individual Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi. The leadership of furthers encouragement, that he is heading position honorary dental organizations for the past 31 years and had improved his talents by conducting 4 convocations of international level. I have been informed for his professional responsibility that international council of the college unanimously conferred upon him rare award of master (1988) the only Muslim recipient of this award on the globe.

By virtue of popularity of this section Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, there is growth and development of membership day by day.

Let me congratulate al those, who have been bestowed upon this award of fellowship. Is it to hung on the wall this certificate or ? Some more responsibility to be active in international interaction and hard work for research.

The primary responsibility of dental scientists is that he represent the health profession in the world, he should develop its all aspect like administrative management, clinic, how it could become modern, he should have coordination with world at large and prove himself to global level.

I am proud for those dental surgeons now fellow of this section who have been chosen for conspicuous and meritorious services to the profession of dentistry in Pakistan, and after this fellowship award, they become coming of international level. It is expected that fellows will continue efforts to elevate the dignity of the profession. Country though highest standards of research, continuing education, ethical conduct throughout the world.
It is further congratulate to Dr. Soofi who brought together, science of nuclear technology, science of dentistry, science of economics and science of law at one plate form by this convocation.

Nuclear science in the world of today is playing key role in protecting life of the human through nuclear medicine. The nuclear science is also monitor for its liability in the field of agriculture. It is for the peace and for control bodily disorder and work for betterment of the humanity.

The oral cancer is becoming common in Pakistan. The profession of nuclear science can reduce, control this ailment. There is need to united endeavor of the outstanding member of the dental profession with the specialty of nuclear science with growth of the knowledge, exchange of experiences between member of the profession will cultivate better results for the health of sufferer to cooperate between two means and action to prevent the diseases, control of oral disorders and all such other conditions face by human. This humanity of two sciences can work for the betterment of oral health oral cancer and other such disease, Dental profession is becoming potential science it has become symbol of dignity because it takes grievance pains of the sufferer and accepted responsibility of appropriate treatment is carried out. So all sciences are one and science possess no boundary lets march together work together for the human.

August 03, 2000, Lahore:
4th Convocation of International College of Dentists
Chief Guest Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand is giving FICD Souvenir to Dr. B. J. Zulqarnain and Regent M. A. Soofi.

August 03, 2000, Lahore:
4th Convocation of International College of Dentists
Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi receiving MICD shield from Chief Guest Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand.

August 03, 2000, Lahore:
4th Convocation of International College of Dentists
Sitting on the stage are Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi (Regent, ICD), Guest of Honour Mr. Justice Dr. Nasim Hassan Shah (Former Chief Justice of Pakistan), Chief Guest Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand (Atomic Scientist), Prof. Dr. Aman Ullah (Dean Institute of Public Health)

August 03, 2000, Lahore:
4th Convocation of International College of Dentists Chief Guest Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand inaugurating the session

August 03, 2000, Lahore:
4th Convocation of International College of Dentists
Chief Guest Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand, Guest of Honour, Dr. Nasim Hassan Shah are leading the procession

August 03, 2000, Lahore:
4th Convocation of International College of Dentists
Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand, Chief Guest is addressing the participants.

August 03, 2000, Lahore:
4th Convocation of International College of Dentists
Fellows of ICD and PFA with Chief Guest Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand, Guest of Honour, Dr. Nasim Hassan Shah and Regent Dr. M. A. Soofi.

President General Zia-ul-Haq is Congratulating Dr M A Soofi who has been confered as an Honoury Master of ICD, 1979, being a only Muslim on the Globe who has been Honoured by the International College of Dentists. Dr. Soofi has many contribution and achievement, both at National as well as International level. President who was the chief guest in the Pakistan Medical Association at KE Medical college was very happy on the achievements of Dr Soofi. He said “I am proud of you, The nation is proud of you.”. It was the high Gesture who was a companied with Prof. Syal, Principal KE Medical College, General Fahim Ahmed Khan, Director General Medical, Prof Rahseed Chaudhry and other members of the Medical Association.

Mishigan University USA, Chief Librarian is showing the library to the visiting regent of ICD, Dr M A Soofi, Section 24 is halted at the P-Column of the Library where she finds Pakistan Dental Review, Publication from Lahorein which Dr Soofi’s articles are available and she is going through the articles with a smile, 1990. Prof. Dr. George Sagtre President International College of Dentist, visited the residence of Dr Madiha Imran to meet the regent section 24. Dr M A Soofi along with his wife, Dr. Mrs Iqbal Soofi, were in USA  Dr. M. A Soofi Regent ICD along with his wife Dr. Mrs. Iqbal Soofi at the residence of Dr. Shiock then Regent ICD from Michigan (Later on he became President of ICD) celebrated Christmas at their residence.
Dr. M. A Soofi Regent ICD of Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh standing with Professor of Michigan University, 1999