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General Health

1.            Health and Nutrition.

2.            Medical Educational facilities and social services for the common man.

3.            Establishment of Medical University is essential.

4.            Medical University – Services Medical College.

5.            Medical dental education – employment of postgraduate.

6.            Shifting of de’Montmorency college of Dentistry to Nawaz Sharif Hospital Yakkigate.

7.            Objectives of the boards of Directors.

8.            Medical and dental education at private level.

9.            Health Rules Punjab and resentment by the doctors.

10.         Health policy – Government of the Punjab.

11.         Dental Health greatest asset.

12.         Health policy of Govt. of the Punjab – letter to Governor Punjab.

13.         Madar-e-Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah University of Health Sciences.

14.         Objectives of Hospital Administration in respect to dental clinics.

15.         Primary Dental Health care at basic Health Unit- Dental Public Health Programme.

16.         Oral health is important for general health.

17.         Education in Pakistan

18.         Education: New look in System.

19.         College of Community Medicine Lahore.

20.         Pakistan Medical Association – A vast and varied PMA.

21.         Twenty years of PMA.

22.         Happiness after retirement.

23.         Future of Postgraduate Dental Education.

24.         University of Medical Sciences at Lahore.

25.         Maternal and child health needs attention of the Government.

26.         Assessment of postgraduate students by Professor.

27.         World Health Day- road safety and no accident.

28.         Traffic problems of City of Lahore.

29.         Lecture on dental health education.

30.         Practical approach to the dental profession.

31.         Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi – Living Legend.

32.         Regent Soofi’s letter to Fellows.

33.         Lifetime achievement award to Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi.

34.         Certificate given ceremony on implantology.

35.         No extension in service – an advice to College of Physicians & Surgeons             Pakistan.

36.         Suggestions for rehabilitation of Flood victims.

37.         Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi Past and Hope for future.

38.         Negligence in Medical emergencies in Hospital and private clinics.

39.         Oral Health is Important for General Health.

40.         PMA – Medi Serve

41.         Pakistan Ideology Education in Children Schools.

42.         Knowledge about the Population in Pakistan.

43.         Postgraduate Institute of Public Health.

44.         KEMC International Alumni Symposium.

45.         Inauguration of Exhibition.

46.         Private Medical and Dental Colleges – Fate of the Students.

47.         Private Medical & Dental Colleges and Other Institutions without Affiliation with Punjab University.

48.         Medical University – Services Medical College.



Health and Nutrition


Access to essential health care is a basic human need and a fundamental human right. The Constitution of Pakistan ensures the provision of basic necessities of life including health and medical relief for all citizens, irrespective of sex, caste, creed or race. 


A considerable improvement in health sector facilities over the past year is reflected in the existing vast network of health care facilities which consist of 4712 dispensaries, 5, 336 basic health units/sub health centers, 560 rural health centers, 924 hospitals, 906 maternal and child health centers and 288 TB centers. Available Human resource for the fiscal year 2006-07 turns out to be 122798 doctors, 7388 dentist and 57646 nurses which make the ratio of population per doctor as 1254, population per dentist as 20839 and population per nurse as 2671. 


The new health facilities added to overall health services include construction of 87 new facilities, upgrading of 65 existing facilities and addition of 5000 new doctors, 2300 nurses and 14000 lady health workers. The total outlay on health sector is budgeted at Rs. 50 billion which shows an increase of 25 pc of GDP.

Population, Labour Force and Employment

At the time of independence in 1947, 32.5 million people lived in Pakistan, by 2006-07, the population is estimated to have reached 156.77 million. Thus in roughly three generations, Pakistan’s population has increased by 124.27 million or has grown at an average rate of 2.6 pc per annum. While Pakistan has more mouths to feed, more families to house, more children to educate, and more people looking for gainful employment.


Education is the driving force of growth and progress in an increasingly interconnected and globalizing world. The multifaceted impact of education on every aspect of human existence makes it an essential area for policy framework especially for developing countries. In the recent years, the literacy levels in Pakistan have improved over time albeit at a moderate pace. The overall literacy rate (10 years and above) was 45 pc in 2001 which has increased to 54 pc in 2005-06, indicating a 9.0 percentage points increase over a period of only five years. The literacy rate for non-poor went up from 51 pc in 2001 to 59 pc in 2005 whereas for poor it improved from 30 pc to 40 pc in the same period. The rate of improvement is higher for poor as compared to non-poor. Males literacy rate (10 years & above) increased from 58 pc in 2001 to 65 pc in 2005-06 while it increased from 32 to 42 pc for females during the same period highlighting the gender gaps that still persist in access to education. 






The Government of Pakistan is providing medical facilities and preventive measures to the people of Pakistan little better than in the past.   Pakistan is one of the poor country in health, our mortality rate is 86 per 1000 birth due to lack of EPI that much of children are suffering by EPI diseases (Polio, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Tuberculosis, Pertussis, Measles & Hepatitis) and adult population is victim of many diseases. Recent data give by World Health Organization on WHO day referred in daily DAWN 7th April 2007:


Approximately 7.27 million people are inferred to be diabetic in Pakistan. Out of which 2 percent suffer from Type 1 remaining 98 percent with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Type 1 diabetes mellitus was previously called insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or early-onset diabetes. Type 1 always requires insulin therapy. Type 2 diabetes mellitus was previously called non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or adult-onset diabetes. According to another statement of WHO our country Pakistan has been given number 8 in the world. And is predicted to be number 4 by the year 2025 with 14.5 million diabetics, if the situation remains the same.


AIDS and HIV is spreading in general population. The objective of AIDS control programme is “To Prevent HIV/AIDS from becoming established in vulnerable population and spreading to the general adult population while avoiding stigmatization of the vulnerable groups”. 


Existing position: Presently there are 490 recoded cases in NWFP and 3591 at the national level, however, according to an estimate by WHO and other UN agencies the number of positive cases could range from 70000 to 120000.


The increasing level of HIV among high risk vulnerable groups indicates that the epidemics in the country has shifted from low level to “concentrated” epidemic among Intravenous Drug users especially in the provinces of Sindh and Punjab. It has raised significant conceptual, ethical and programmatic issues. A few cases are also reported among high risk male & female population at various sites. However in NWFP it has been found in the migrant workers mostly affecting the southern part of the province. In the last two years the reported new infections have arisen by over 100 percent (more than doubled). 

Lacking in Medical Doctor in relation to Population 

Public health sector in Pakistan suffers from considerable inadequacies with only one doctor available for 1359 patients, one dentist for every 25, 107 persons and one nurse for every 3,175 people, according to the Economic Survey 2004-05. Still the statistics for the current year represent a slight population to health ratio improvement as compared to 2003-04 when 1404 patients had only one doctor, 27,414 persons one dentist and 3, 296 persons one nurse. There are 113, 206 doctors, 6,127 dentists and 48,446 trained nurses in the public health sector, according to the economic survey. However, their true numbers would be higher as many bona fide health professionals and paramedics are not registered with Pakistan Medical and Dental Council PM&DC and yet practicing in hospitals and clinics, the survey said. 


In all the country’s public health sector consists of 916 hospitals, 552 rural health centers, 5, 301 basic health units and 4,582 dispensaries.   Expenditure in health sector in Pakistan, 0.7 percent of GNP, was low compared to other countries of the region, the survey said. The World Health Organization WHO recommends $ 34 per capita as the required package for essential health services.


During 2003 life expectancy in Pakistan remained at 64 year, while infant mortality rate per 1000 was 74, mortality rate under five per 1000 was 98 and population average annual growth was 1.9 percent. (Referred in DAWN June 5, 2005).

60 pc Medical Institutions lack Medical Teachers 

Almost 60 % seats of medical teachers are lying vacant in the province causing deterioration in the standard of medical education and that of the healthcare system. However, it is learnt, the health department is in the process of introducing an amendment to the Punjab Medical and Health Institutions Act 2003 to provide for regular recruitment in the teaching cadre, which was suspended in 1996.   According to statistics made available to DAWN, only 696 regular and 204 contract teachers are running the Punjab’s entire medical education system. Contract teachers are not satisfied by their appointment. (Referred in DAWN April 26, 2006).

Lacking basic Health Facilities 

Access to essential health care is a basic human need and a fundamental human right of every Pakistani. The Constitution of Pakistan ensures the provision of basic necessities of life including health and medical relief for all citizens, irrespective of sex, caste, creed or race which so far is not being practiced by the successive Government. 


However, a considerable improvement in health sector facilities over the past year is reflected in the existing vast network of health care facilities which consist of 4712 dispensaries, 5, 336 basic health units/sub health centers, 560 rural health centers, 924 hospitals, 906 maternal and child health centers and 288 TB centers. Available Human resource for the fiscal year 2006-07 turns out to be 122798 doctors, 7388 dentist and 57646 nurses which make the ratio of population per doctor as 1254, population per dentist as 20839 and population per nurse as 2671.    The new health facilities added to overall health services include construction of 87 new facilites, upgrading of 65 existing facilites and addition of 5000 new doctors, 2300 nurses and 14000 lady health workers. The total outlay on health sector is budgeted at Rs. 50 billion. (Economic survey 2006-07).

Preventive Measures are Essential

We are lacking Medical institutions, staff and resources. There is only way to help the population by prevention and prevention means effective health promotion and disease prevention services to give a chance to people for healthy life. It is only way to reduce risk of health and should be responsibility of government to provide the preventive measures in full strength and length. There is lot of negligence to our part and many diseases which are becoming enormous like heart disease. According to cardiologists, nearly 10 percent of the adult population in Pakistan and 50 percent of those above 50 year suffer from hypertension. Nearly 12 million adult Pakistanis are diabetic or have impaired glucose tolerance. Twenty million suffer from one renal disease or the other with 10,000 dying every year because of end-stage renal failure. Tuberculosis kills 60,000 people every year.


For instance, it has been proved that diet and exercise have a direct impact on the prevalence of many diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. The quality of drinking water and cigarette consumption are related to kidney problems, diarrhoeal diseases and many types of cancers.

Behavioural Changes

Behavioural changes in people can be brought about basically through education. Although health education is imparted primarily by the health profession. After all, preventive measures are cheaper than the cost of treating patients suffering from cancer, tuberculosis, renal failure, etc.   According to the Human Development Report 2003, the Pakistan government spends 0.9 percent of its GDP on health while the private expenditure on health care amounts to 3.2 percent of GDP. What is more, the government’s health expenditure has not registered a substantial increase over the years in terms of percentage of GDP. Hence the growing burden of ill-health has to be borne by the people. In the absence of any feasible and widely acedepted health insurance plan, in a preponderance of cases it is the patient who pays for his own treatment.


There is need that physicians, doctors should do preventive work and Government should monitor the preventive work. Cigarette smoking is going to high there should be controlled on the publicity of cigarette on print media and electronic media. There should be need for encouraging the breast feeding. Cigarette   smoking is being popular among school and college students.

Environmental Pollution

The environmental pollution caused by traffic and industries may also be controlled so that the people should be save from the hazard of oxygen. Environmental pollution is very common in the city of Lahore. Auto Rikshawas and motor vehicles omit a lot of smoke and it is very harmful for the police man and to the population. Another problem is that we have no precedent of successful litigation by people for compensation when they have suffered because of the negligence of the authorities or any party responsible for causing pollution or creating a public health hazard. The need of the hour is for greater emphasis on prevention than on cure as is at present the trend.   Pakistan is spending 0.5 of GDP is a very less. People of Pakistan however, are not getting medical aids as our standard. Number of patients is much more, health centers, doctors and facilities of laboratory are less, therefore, common people are suffering. If the medical aid means all the people are treated equally with same standard, it should be meaningful services programme supported by the government. Health centers should trustworthy as treatment is given to VIP. Our VIPs for minor ailment do not visit the government hospitals but they get treatment from private health centers.   It means standard of medical services of our hospitals is not upto the standard of our members of Assembly or VIPs. Private Medical Institutions are helping to medical profession that they are getting the huge money and they are attempting to fulfill the facilities of imparting training and education to the students. Many of the private institutions have not been approved by the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council and lot of medical institutions having lot of deficiencies in the clinical side. 


Established medical institutions and dental institutions are all inspected by the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council time to time to determine the sufficient facilities to impart proper training to the students of MBBS and BDS. 


The think tank and policy makers of Pakistan and Provincial Government should consider seriously importance of student training and matter of treated patients. Matter of appointment of teachers with their status and government should also give attention to the status of medical education. A regulation should be adopted and VIPs should visit the government hospitals and clinics, it shall certainly make difference for private medical center. There is need of the day that medical insurance policy should be adopted. Government claims lot, however, efforts should be made more effectively. Postgraduate education is very important. There is lot to be done by providing medical services in the better way to the common people. 


Out major problem is the population expansion. If we look the population at the time of creation of Pakistan 1947, there were 32.5 million people live in Pakistan. With East Pakistan population was about 7 crore and Pakistan was largest Muslim Country on the globe. If we review our population 2006-07, it is estimated now 156.77 million. This is roughly three generation that Pakistan has increased 124.27 million of population or growth rate stands at an average rate of 26 % per annum. This population needs more hospitals, hospital beds, more doctors and nurses facilities etc. etc. which the government cannot cope with high population. So there is need we should control the population growth and there should be a gape between the children so that mother and child should become healthy. So this high population of Pakistan each year atleast 25000 women die due to complication of pregnancy or about 300000 infants including 160000 neonate die in their first year of life. This is great burden on the family after the death of children and mother due to lack of proper facility at the primary health care. So there is need to prevent the deaths among the women and children and prevention of communicable diseases, this could be done only with sustainable economic growth, provision of medical facilities etc to the health caring centers.  

Sexual transmitted infections

AIDS and HIV is spreading in Pakistan in almost all the provinces and this infection transmission could be controlled by health education by involving Ulemas, teachers and parents and at government level, it should propagate about unsafe sex, unscreened blood and the syringes should not be used and instruments should be used after proper sterilization at the Hospitals, MCH centers and basic health units and private medical and dental clinics.


Pakistan is one of the most favourable land which provides the quacks of every type to practice. Quacks or unqualified physician give advertisement in the newspaper and electronic media. By this advertisement so many innocent people become prey to unqualified health care and more disease evolves. The government should organize programme or introduce regulation that the treatment should be given to each individual by the qualified persons trained in recognized medical institution approved by PMDC. The unqualified practice of medical and dental field should be restricted and this concession to practice the medicine by unqualified personnel should be banned for the welfare of the population. 


The government hospitals doctors should be provided surety and security so that they provide better treatment and education to the public.


Net result is that the medical care is not sufficiently available to each Pakistani at the government institutions; therefore, we should not hope that our generation will be healthy and we shall work for the prosperity of Pakistan. If the nation is not healthy and our children future of Pakistan are dying before reaching age of 5 our mothers are dying so how we shall become a great nation. The government should enhance the legislation for control of spread of diseases by the illegal practice. Government should also provide and develop playing grounds for the population so that the younger people should involve themselves in healthy atmosphere and this shall prevent them in indulging the bad company. Government should also provide pure food and drinking water and should control the environmental pollution. This shall be good step towards the saving life of people of Pakistan. 




Setting up of Medical University is essential at present for promoting the medical profession in research and medical health care activities in all the sub specialist branches. There are many medical colleges run by Govt., three at Lahore King Edward Medical College, Allama Iqbal Medical College, Fatima Jinnah Medical College, at Multan, Nishter Medical College, at Bahawalpur Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Rawalpindi Medical College at Rawalpindi and Punjab Medical College at Faisalabad. There are many private college medical and dental colleges in Lahore and elsewhere. 


The University of the Punjab is the oldest almameter is over crowded administratively and profession required attention for expansion and research in the medical profession. Punjab University possess oldest by-laws and regulation which in the present day do not permit to promote the effective and attractive medical teaching in accordance to the modernage. The Medical University should be set up, it shall increase the quality of medical education and it shall provide the forwardness and self reliance among the medical men and women of this country. However there is need, there should be convening body comprising of mostly retired professors and Principals who are expert in medical and dental education and representative from PMA, PMDC, CPSP, and retired judges, University Grants Commission so that the working programme may be chalked out with open discussion at the national level. The medical science is expanding and now nuclear medicine is very important. There is need that overseas Pakistani experts should be invited that they should come forward in the filed of Medical Education and Technology for prosperity of the country. We have got many resources of the Pakistani teachers who have been settled down abroad. Appeal may be made to them to help the university in equipment and latest technology procedures. If the medical university is set up, these people will increase the interest of teaching methodology, modernization and research at the international level.


I had the opportunity to proposed the medical university to Air Marshal Noor Khan and gave suggestion personally to General Sawar Khan that the old campus of the Punjab University should be handed over for Medical University campus at KEMC. He was keen to commission this type of suggestion but he was transferred. Recently I have proposed Fatima Jinnah and Quaid-e-Azam Medical University for improvement of medicine, surgery and radiation etc in the form of articles published in dailies. The progress in the profession needs to be improved, quality of teaching and quality of health care in experiments, research. All the institutions connected with health, prevention, nursing, paramedical, equipment pharmacy, computer technology, banking and economics should be come part of new university. New medical university will finish the quackery in medicine an dentistry.  


However I cannot appreciate the campus of medical university declared by the Govt. Punjab at Sheikh Zaid Hospital, Lahore . I suggest the establishment of university but I propose university should be located at King Edward Medical College because this is oldest institution which has got the status of mother institution. The area of Punjab University Old campus may again be obtained for this purpose.   I welcome the Govt. decision and hope this scientific and expanding attitude will continue to restore university. Our population is increasing day by day, our life style is changing, there is need for more modern education and modern things. I proposed the name of the University should be Quaid-e-Azam Medical University or Fatima Jinnah Medical University. This has link, that during the last days of illness of Quaid-e-Azam at Ziarat and Quetta, Col. Elahi Bux Prof. of Medicine and Principal, KEMC along with team Dr. Riaz Ali Shah, Dr. Ghulam Muhammad, Dr. S. S. Alam (all from KEMC and Mayo Hospital) were attending the father of the nation along with the assistance of Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah (Dentist). However in my capacity as life member and former finance secretary, PMA Lahore, former president, Pakistan Dental Association and former dean of Institute of Public Health do not agreed with the statements of PMA and retired professors and principals published in the dailies dated 7.9.2001. I propose the University and appreciate the action of the govt. for establishment of the university. At present the medical and dental manpower in accordance with the population ratio is very low and below the standard of WHO. Our population is increasing day by day mathematically, our health problems are increasing, our disease are manifold so there is need to produce large number of medical manpower to face the challenges.


I do appreciate the services render by College of Physician and Surgeon Pakistan in promotion of Medical Education, research and teaching since its inception. I do appreciate the historic decision of entry of Dental Surgery as a part of examination. It had strengthened that the college has spread over Pakistan and it has produced more than 9,000 to 14,000 specialist and had conducted examinations with Saudi Arabia, U. K. and other countries. This is great spirit and struggle of the determined people running the institution in a adventure style much credit goes to dynamic young to president professor Farooqui. .

The college and its positive activities, however are more known to the world and throughout length of country. The college has the ability to cover all the specialities medical and dentistry and College of Physician and Surgeon of Pakistan has become center of learning at city of Karachi. The college site is of great significant so as its governess. The beautiful lawn, grand library, seminar rooms, enchanting its look, building offices are visualizing the dimensions approach for administration.

If College of Physician and Surgeon Pakistan is adding more fellows of high quality, its mean that candidates find better environment and education. Teachers are popular and are working hard. The college and its attached institutions are extending wisdom, new knowledge and students are getting through examination of the fellows as surgeon, physician and dentists can compete the any foreign fellows.

The college authorities should convince the private and public medical and dental institutions, that newly qualified persons FCPS and MCPS may be employed as teacher in their respective subjects because each college need teachers, whereas at present only 11 teachers are available in public and private institutions. If the young qualified doctors are employed as Associate Professor, it will improve the standard of education on modern lines. There is need that Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and College of Physician and Surgeon Pakistan academic staff of the medical institutions join hands to improve and to revise the old syllabus in order to improve the dental education on the following glances: 

q      What is our need today, and tomorrow in all the subjects?

q      What shall be style of teaching medical education in future and that we should follow?

q      What is new change in syllabus of rest of developing countries and developed world?

q      Education should be based upon: Enquiry, Enterprising and adventurism.

q      Who shall teach new things- PhD, DDSC, M.Phil, M.D., MDS or FCPS?

q      Source of teachers in Universities and CPSP should encourage the new entry. 





Ref:     News “Dental college, hospital to be shifted” published in Daily DAWN dated 26 June 2002


The Health Department has approved to shift the Punjab Dental Hospital and de’Montmorency College and girls hostel to the Nawaz Sharif Hospital, Yakki Gate. The department also approved to enhance their grant from Rs. 33.5 million to Rs. 80 million to upgrade the facilities. The grant will be divided equally between the collage and the hospital.

We appreciate your revolutionary decision and action regarding the grant of funds to the Health Sector and grant of land to the dental college. This extra-ordinary favour is appreciated by all the professionalists in the field. Your uniquely orders for shifting the portion of the dental hospital to Nawaz Sharif Hospital, is moving concept towards the medical sciences. However, we have some observations to protect historical background of the de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore and at the same time unification of family outdoor Lady Wellington to Nawaz Sharif Hospital Yakki Gate, Lahore.

These suggestions will protect any replacement of equipments and disturbance of patients will not take place. If my suggestions are met with sympathetic approach, then I trust that the seed which you are sowing today will grow and shelter many undergraduates and postgraduates and it will prove mature decision in this field, and it will strengthen the happiness of the people who are suffering from dental ailments. This is my faithfulness to my almameter that where from I gain my basic knowledge BDS and experience as teacher. The de’Montmorency College is internationally known over the globe. 

de’ Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore was established in 1934 to provide the dental education to the medical graduates and later on it was meant for graduate study at the present building.   Punjab Dental Hospital was attached with the College for teaching purposes. The College has got history being premier institution, where from rest of the dental institutions were originated. The building has got quality of construction and some of the addition has added the charm of the institution. There was need for expansion of this building and campus could not accommodate more students in accordance with the need and population. Number of graduates for admission has been increased so as scholars have also been admitted for research and master degrees. There have been added some departments with the modern need. The basic subjects of the education, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, general medicine and surgery are being conducted at the King Edward Medical College and the Mayo Hospital and the students are thus motivated by experienced teachers of those reknown institutions.  

It has been learnt that the Government of the Punjab, with his generosity has decided to shift one of the major portion of the teaching institution to the Nawaz Sharif Hospital near Yaki Gate which is a rushy and congested area. We do welcome the consideration and direction of the Government toward the expansion of this hospital however, I have got reservation to submit the following: -

Punjab Dental Hospital and College is historical phenomena. It is oldest academic known place in the sub-continent, where various subjects and sub-specialities of the dentistry are being taught years and years according to the policy of Punjab University and Pakistan Medical & Dental Council.   There is need to progress and monitor the academic sessions and feed back of the patients, I therefore, suggest that outdoor of Lady Wellington Hospital adjacent to Punjab Dental Hospital may be shifted to Nawaz Sharif Hospital which is need for the women of thoroughly populated area and outdoor of Lady Wellington may be provided to the de’Montmorency College of Dentistry for extension so that these historical learning centres should remain in the same tone and tune. There should no problem to women visiting Lady Wellington outdoor perhaps it will be comfortable place to the womenfolk as Nawaz Sharif Hospital has got this department and surgery, it will save the disturbance to dental students and better for medical students to have more cases. However new departments can be constructed at space allotted for under graduates and postgraduates. It will tremendously protect the institution and this shall be marvelous consideration of the Government of Punjab to provide outdoor of Lady Wellington Hospital for expansion of Dental Hospital and College.  

a.         It shall maintain the tone of teaching and research by the dental teachers and students and this shall be a step towards positive and productive for the science of the dentistry. Dental patients will not be disturbed they shall visit their own home like family in past and vis versa, the patients of the Lady Wellington outdoor will be comfortable for their need at Yaki Gate .

b.         It shall decrease the pressure of the population and it shall have immense effect on the population of Lahore for an easy approach.  


If the government intends to develop teaching of dental sciences both at college and Punjab Dental Hospital may be shifted elsewhere in the name of “Pakistan College of Dentistry” or Fatima Jinnah Dental College, because Miss Fatima Jinnah Madr e Millat was Lady Dental Surgeon. This place of de’Montmorency College should continue as the postgraduate center for performing academic research and other degrees, it shall have the correct direction of historical building and will encourage the students for their original research work at practical location. Therefore, this should be labeled as postgraduate de’Montmorency College of Dentistry. I could quote the example that Eastman Dental Clinic of North London was historical place which later became Institute of Dental Surgery University of London, where from I have carried course of one year in periodontology and bacteriology 1965-66 as British Council Scholar. So this college should be labeled as Pakistan Postgraduate de’Montmorency College of Dentistry if the college is shifted to elsewhere.   This is my request that then government should review the plan. I enclose history of de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore.



 It was nice to meet you suddenly in the office of Principal Chief Executive, Fatima Jinnah Medical College on 21.01.2003.   You sought my advice about the improvement of patients care at the Ganga Ram Hospital.   I immediately suggested that :


I.              The footpaths in front of the hospital and college which are being occupied by the various groups / venders should be immediately vacated to facilitate the movement of the patients from one place to another.   This is a very important task for the Board of Directors to achieve it, and the footpaths should have accessible by the pedestrian.  

II.            There is a huge drum of wastes of IMC etc. outside the Eye Department outdoor, this presents a challenge for the hospital administration to make it clean or make it working. There is rush of Rakshaws and taxis right at the gate, on this gate which should be vacated fully and it should become free for incoming and outgoing patients and their attendants. 

III.           In the Emergency and adjacent area there should be a common trauma centre supervised by physical presence of surgeon. Diagnosis, X-Ray machine at the Orthodontics Department needs to be replaced and incoming path of the patients should be made easy.   The reception of emergency should be renovated so that patients could walk easily and instructions should be issued to the emergency doctor, if someone old, poor, injured and unconscious cannot pay fee, he should not be neglected.    Patients should be accepted and treated with awareness and care. 

IV.          The emergency should have cardiac emergency because there is increase of cardiac incidences. The episode of heart diseases is increasing day by day. Due to change in the living standards.

V.           There is need of prompt attention in Emergency, a big board for cardiac patients should be placed and there is need for more capacity cardiac services to deal with the growing demand. The demand can only be met with efficiency by increasing the resources of the physicians, nurses and laboratory. 

VI.          Fatima Jinnah Medical College and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital are extremely dynamic institutions in the heart of the city of Lahore. These institutions played a very important role in the past and now there is need of special role of physicians, surgeons and administrative care in various sub-speialities. There is need for networks   like (1) improving the quality and care (2) saving the time (3) improving working of the staff and efficiency (4) access of the patients to each department, centre and (5) creating enterprise among the medical men to eliminate risk.


I suggest that the Board of Directors visit each department like Gynae, children, ENT and other departments in order to make a model of need and demand of the patients so that the health care may be developed and discussed with the staff and opinion of the students may be sought. This is the way to create respect for the teaching staff, so that their services should be utilized in a better way by students and patients. There are multi problems in almost all hospitals like budget, manpower etc. It is imperative that patients and doctors ratio must be maintained because large numbers of patients disturb the doctors and cause inefficiency in treatment.


The professors, physicians who have acquired knowledge and experience and possess healthy capacity for problems owing should be taken into confidence for consultation.   Their experience is valuable for medical teachings and patients.   If they are neglected they will neglect the teaching job. So, we have to march with advancement in technology around the world and should provide access to the patients in our institution so my suggestions are to enhance the relation of the doctors and students and Board of Directors. The problem should be placed before them and solution may be sought after proper discussion so that everybody should contribute to the objective of better health care.   This integration of the idea of better services shall be based upon institutional discussion and suggestions by the students and teachers. Everybody should act like a family. Unless and until family feelings are created, no system shall be protected or be successful and there shall be no confidence of the patients in the facilities. 

One important thing is that the public mostly have lost trust in public hospitals and those who can afford / seek private facility for surgical procedure or other facilities. Much of the lost trust can be regained with the interaction of current system, so this is a big task before the Board of Directors to relieve the lost trust and confidence of the public in the government-run hospitals. It is time to show efficiency and efforts should be made to have better impact on such lines. 

I was delighted to see your energetic and dynamic approach and you have asked  my frank opinion and here I give you my opinion and the crux of my experience, if you need further advice I shall sit down with you and discuss how to increase the passing percentage of the students and how to develop clinical discipline and work and how to arrange higher education research oriented task for the postgraduate students?   There is need to have strong and competent leadership and genuine interaction should be developed for self reliance in the economic position of the hospital.


The objective of Board of Directors is to fully guarantee the outcome of the services for the needy patients visiting various departments of the hospital. There is need to provide more incentive for all in wards, personnel, doctors, nurses, assistants and health care to continue to strike in the direction of services.   Doctors and workers should provide better patients-oriented health care with quality of the health care at all level of diagnostic and solution to the complaints of the patients.

The position of the Board of Directors requires it to ensure high quality, reliable medical treatment, diagnosis, surgical   solution and to create interest among the students to progress in the various field of teaching and modern technology. The Board of Directors should be able to detect the draw backs of the existing system and to create the opportunities for the new study. 

A suitable quality of the Board is based on individual interest, dedication and adventurism so that the Board of Directors should employ technical personnel or hire services of research workers. There is need for complementary interaction in dealing with the routine operation of the hospital and college, to know local problems and to design solution.   There is another need to establish study programmes and solutions to problems like wastes of the hospital and buying all the equipment for diagnosis and clinical services, and there is need of highest level standardization of the technology used in the various other hospital.   So the major quality of the Board of Directors is to improve the standard of education, and to develop a better environment among doctors so that they should own responsibility of the area of the services and poor patients may be helped.



Medical and Dental Education at Private Level


Keeping in view the value of life, training of the medical and dental graduates for saving the lives of citizen has started in the form of Medical and Dental Education by private sector and thus the vigorous process of setting up new medical and dental colleges have been financed by many resourceful persons. Some claim the latest technology at their campus and some declare prestigious institutions with lot of commitments in providing quality of the education for students in order to prepare the younger lot for relieving and easing the pain of suffering mankind. How for their claim can satisfy the authorities like PMDC and Universities to the students?  


If we could study the economic survey of Pakistan dated 16 June, 2001, the population of Pakistan is near about 140.5 million and there are 4061 registered BDS Dental Surgeons and 239 specialists registered with PMDC upto 30th June, 2000. In this way, dentist population ratio stand 1:33629 and specialist 1:541250 whereas the WHO parameter is one dentist manpower ratio is 1:2200 and the specialist ratio 1:22000. It means that there is lot of gap in dental manpower, functional and operating dental surgery for the population of Pakistan. This could be related to economical background, lack of educational facilities both at under graduate and postgraduate levels, and thus these private sector colleges may help to produce qualified dentist for our growing population. 


Whereas the dentistry is becoming predominantly field of choice and new potential oriented young men and women are joining this profession with their willingness altogether. If we look at the dental educational institutions run by the Government all lack the qualified teachers and almost all the institutions are lacking the professorial posts of various speciality and does not provide a healthy and tasteful environment to the students because the teachers guide the students for various types of study, research, valid experiments and clinical development of the modern world level science, it is fact in absence of regular professors the potentialities of students cannot be made. This lacking of teachers retard the undergraduate education and training and clinical outlook facilities of the students, who have joined eagerly this profession, the BDS course of 4 years after doing F.Sc Medical. There are perhaps 19 Medical and Dental Colleges in the country and many students are around how the teaching could be carried out effectively and practical work is upto the mark? We have to analyse the claim & purpose of education.


The purpose of the education is not only to train the students in science and technology of dentistry, but it is the creation of realism in the personality of students by different involvement and dedication. The students of today, are the future of tomorrow, and the institution is to inculcate the habit of the reasons and forwardness, nationally and internationally by the staff and prevailing environment socially. 


The four year course of BDS is to build up the character of the graduate as a model of oral healer. It can only form this aim of education in the institution which promotes the vitality, courage, and sensitiveness of students. Through this venture of teachers, it increase the intelligence by group discussion. Teachers can do this as a part of education for dentistry. It is very important which, to my believe is very much lacking at both the public and private sector institutions. The role of teacher, his personality has got great effect on creation of clinical sense, if real teachers are missing, how mental climate growth will take place?


An Institution is to be build of discipline, sense of the promotion and it has to inculcate the humanistic approach towards the patients, and students are to learn to execute the teaching and education with sense of competition. Because four years duration at the institute of education is long and it has to build the character for truthfulness, thoughtful and constructive, so that that personality of students should have the perfection and sympathy towards the ailing humanity.   


During this training at dental institution, a teachers is to reform the pupil point of view and encourage his curiosity to do something advance or difficult, and this is a way that the students are prepared for adventure and advancement in any sub speciality of the dentistry and institution is provide the international cooperation and competition along with the patriotism. 


I had the opportunity to visit many private colleges both in Pakistan and Bangladesh. In Bangladesh Pioneer Dental College, University Dental College, Dhaka Medical and Dental College, all these colleges are run by the Fellows of International College of Dentists and I have visited them delivered lectures and had exchange of views thorough discussion on the curriculum. I had conducted the survey for aptitude of the students and visited the various departments, anatomy, physiology, pathology and other dentistry departments, I too had observed the annual examination of the one of the college at Dhaka. Similarly, I have been conducted my physical visits to Hamdard University Dental College, Karachi, Baqai University, Dental College, Karachi, Fatima Jinnah Dental College, Karachi, Lahore Medical College, Lahore, Institute of Medical Science Margala Islamabad, Islamabad Medical and Dental College, Islamabad, Ayub Medical College, Abbotabad and Frontier Medical College, Abbotabad. I have gone through all these institutions and I don’t challenge the ability of all those who have initiated this education at private level. Perhaps they have opened the door for dental education which is becoming must for our population.   I do appreciate the efforts and dedication.   However, almost all lack resources of teachers.


The dentistry is specialization and it needs on its board, the talented teachers to teach and train the students in various branches and science of dentistry with the modern equipment in accordance with standard of the University and PMDC. This could only be achieved if the teachers are available with special ability and missions, who could conduct the courses and test the students for preparation of university examination and research programme for future.  


Any education needs the logic and knowledgeable approach, that is, what is the need of the society and the what is the demand of the society, resources of the society, priority in the social sector and alternatives? The scope of the training needs institution with developed educational system of the laboratories and teachers manpower ratio in accordance with the PMDC and the high level of teachers is much more important.   In present system the teaching system lacks the appropriate teachers in accordance with the regulation. In most of the private institutions name of the many teachers, professors are mentioned in the prospectus but in reality the actual teachers are demonstrators. In most of institution professors are employed on basis of visits or weekly arrangements and retired professor having brilliant past, is shown as head. He is seldom available and teaching is being carried out by some junior for less pay scale basis. This is economic and profit base business. Thus the aim of the dental education is becoming unreliable at the private level and much mental change cannot be created in the mind of students in treatment, behaviour planning or continuity in the process. Mostly the retired professors are engaged here and there as a spiritual head and the procedural matters are conducted by the administrator. The upper hand lie with the owner/trustee thus the objective of education lacks behind.    In most of private dental institutions only one professor is head whereas dentistry has got many branches like, prosthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, endodontics, clinical periodontology, oral medicine, oral surgery, oral pathology, oral radiology and pediatric and preventive dentistry, orthodontics, infection control, implantology, operative dentistry and further more etc. etc. 

Attached Hospitals

The attached hospital are the key for practical education where transfer of practical / clinical knowledge and training takes place and practice of doing any surgical procedure is transferred to the students by the senior practitioner or professors and this is place, where students are to act as trained individual dental surgeon, to face the challenges. This place (hospital) is trained how to take a decision and it directs the approach for the clinical expertise and systematic research etc. In such attached hospitals, number of the patients is not so high no so varied and not lot quantity, interesting cases are less and this cannot provide the opportunity to the students to grasp the feasibility of the practical science and he cannot have the practice to apply his techniques and education in outdoor as a student. This is my critical objection to the protocol of the private hospitals attached with private colleges. The simple theory cannot build up the graduate for many types of mechanism involved in the treatment of the patients. Students also need to develop the consensus on the diagnosis and management of dental treatment independently. He cannot have the professional interaction with the individual or patient for future practice.   The component of the teaching is theoretical and practical in order to over come disease and to minimize the oral disorders disparity and to improve the quality of life of the patient. This need the effective infrastructure of the teachers, consultants, we had overall knowledge regarding the oral disease and hospitals with lot of patients.


The private institutions also lack the extra curricular activities. All lacks grounds for sports and thus students cannot touch the social frontiers, debates, drama, discussion and recreation.


My message is that the private institution should involve the teachers having knowledge and ability so that mission of the accomplishment of the nation for tomorrow should be fruitful and students should able to meet the challenge of dentistry for helping the people of Pakistan. At present the students joined this profession for monitory gain because they pay lot of money and want to get back the money. This is one side of the picture, but we have to change this attitude towards for leadership, service and high quality of treatment so that professional services should be remain objective and there is need that the PMDC or University Grant Commission should evaluate the validity and facilities of this scientific field.  


Old institutions like KEMC, de’Montmorency College of Dentistry have got a culture, environment, education, competition and service. More so culture prevails in dress, in behaviour and graduate turn out to be significant. All private and public institutions needs to cultivate sense of pride and services. Therefore, attempt should be made to employ teachers on reasonable payment which will attract the patients for treatment and students for learning. 


If we trace the educational history, we were lacking in education. Karachi University, now caters several medical & dental colleges, was established after Pakistan, under act of 1951. It is spread over on 1200 acre area. It has got eight faculties including medicine.   Sir Dow medical college was created year before Pakistan adjacent to the Civil Hospital in N. J. Murree School’s building and no other teaching institute existed where as KEMC was established 1860. The Lahore Medical School was set up in 1860 with Dr. Scriven who had experience with the Calcutta Medical School (the Sub continent’s first) being appointed as Principal. He set up offices in the Artillery Barracks located at the present site of Government College, Lahore. Prior to this Mayo Hospital was there. The University of Punjab was established in 1883, first it was University of Lahore, there were no university, medical college in Punjab, NWFP, Baluchistan or in any state of India. These were 562 states. Hyderabad State, had medical college, mode of education was in Urdu.


Now many universities and colleges are being established. We should know the problems of students and owner of the colleges. Shall we expect that student, who pay heavy fee, will they work for public or money?


If you could make survey of existing Govt. and private dental institutions we shall get the proper information about the teachers and students ratio: -


1.    de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore, there are two professors–prosthodontics and oral surgery. The other disciplines of operative dentistry, orthodontics, preventive dentistry are being supervised by the Associate or Assistant Professor. 

2.    Nishtar Medical College, Multan, there is no professor, all the disciplines are looked after by the Associate or Assistant Professors.

3.    Khyber Medical College, Peshawar, there is only professor, rest of the educational and clinical programmes are carried out by Associate or Assistant professor.

4.    Liaquat Dental College, Jamshoro, there are two professor and Associates.

5.    Bolan Medical College, Quetta, one professor and Associate Professors.

6.    Ayub Medical & Dental College, Abbottabad, no professor only Associate Professor is working. 


It has become evident, that distinctly the educational programme lacks the professorial supervision for dental education, promotion and planning the effective protocol treatment for the patients. Therefore, the research ability and prevention of the dental disease for data analyses is lacking.


We look at the University Dental College and Hospital Dhaka which has affiliation with Dhaka University Bangladesh. This is recent start at private level and the new building is being made up with well established accommodation of the hospital and the teaching level. The governing body comprises of Prof. M. A. Majeed FRCS, Prof. Ch. Mahmood Hassan, Ph.D, Dr. Shahid Akhtar Hussain, Ph.D, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Aziz Ph. D, Prof. Dr. Syed Muzamal Hussain and many such others highly qualified Dr. Abdul Malek Bhuiyan, Dr. Md. Wahiduzzaman and Dr. Kh. Iftikharuddin Ahmad. We go through the Dhaka Dental College and Hospital which has established in 1961 and it is full-fledged institution at Mirpur Campus. All the departments have got highly qualified teachers there are 4 to 5 fellows, master degree holders both in the basic subjects.


There is no ideal institution both in the private sector and public sector which could carry out, promotional activities satisfactorily, and one could imagine the standard of this out put, that this supervisory staff is missing. Therefore, the objectives and aims cannot be achieved. Our objectives are to prepare the young generation skillfully in order to face the strategy of the treatment.   According to rules and regulation each institution should have professor of one speciality, associate professor, assistant professor and demonstrators. Only one professor cannot run the whole show of BDS curriculum. Over and above the dental section should be attached to Medical Colleges for teaching of anatomy, pathology, physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, general surgery, general medicine and all such departments should have the post of professors in the medical science. 

Solution to the Problem

If we have determination and willingness to solve the problem for scarcity of the teachers in teaching institutions both at private and public level, recently 2000-2001 the University of the Punjab has a credit to produce four master degree holders in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery (i.e. Dr. Arshad Mahmood Malik, Dr. Rashid Ikram, Dr. Sabir Hussain and Dr. Usman Akhtar). These master degree holders have got a skilled experience and intention for giving away their knowledge to the coming generation. Almost all have got reasonable experience in practical field and all were attached to oral surgery department of de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, under the supervision of leading surgeon Prof. Mohammad Saeed and Associate Professor Adnan Ali Shah for more than 8 years. Similarly we have got master degree holders in other subjects. Only one Dr. Nazia Yazdanie Ph.D in Dentistry whole of Dental Institutions.


The CPSP has a credit to grant fellowship to six candidates in this year and these candidates are working at various places. We have got 2 MSCs and FDS from abroad all these persons can be absorbed against the vacant post of professor, associate professor in the various sub specialities of the dentistry. If there no vacancy exist in such parameter, the authorities both at the Govt. level and private level should create new posts of Assistant Prof. Associate Prof. for such highly qualified manpower. This shall help in two ways, to the institutions that the qualified personnel will hold position of their choice, and will contribute in teaching, research, and clinical expertise. Simultaneously the students at undergraduate level and the postgraduate level will get benefit through the close contact from these perfect experts. Over and above this method will restore the dignity of the institution and it will be a milestone in the progress of the faculty of the dentistry. It is our responsibility to utilize the source talents who have worked hard and burnt the midnight oil and has obtained the perfection in the profession therefore we should provide them the source of satisfaction for their academic pursuits in their life.


In private dental colleges, the cost of education is expensive as compared to the Government manned medical colleges.   Question arises which society prefers sending their children to the Private Colleges with high expenses? All the students in the public sector are having high marks or left over join the private sector or otherwise. Where is the more security of education and environments for childrens. How does the students can fulfill quota of patients in clinical practice of conservation, orthodontics, prosthetics and extraction in private institutions?   Thus this high charging money in the private sector becomes shortfall, that the passed out graduates are not competent to run the private clinic and to fulfill the need of patients? Is it not elite person send their children to these private colleges to provide them easy way for dental education? Is there any manifesto where students not providing proper respect to the teachers at par with the regular colleges? The authorities of private colleges claim that they are giving quality education is being imparted in private colleges better than government colleges. There is need to make survey, the private sector should be helped by the government if they are fulfilling the objective of the education.


We as a nation have to develop ourselves in all the sciences, specially medical, dental and clinical technology both in the clinics and laboratories to uplift the profession of the 3rd world. We need to strive to promote this science of dentistry and technology with objective of integration of all these application of medical science in national and regional areas. This can be achieved through motivating the student’s, will by creating leadership in the developing world by the seasonal skillful educated teachers. We can pilot to fleet of dentistry with reliance of our own mission and objectives. We do appreciate the efforts of those committed personnel’s for creating infrastructure based on medicine and surgery by undertaking expansion project in a vital field of sciences for national development. We congratulate their striving as a builder of the nation and we should join hands in their efforts to promote medical education. 





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4.    Reviewed by Prof. Dr. B. A. Yazdanie, 34-Lawrence Road, Lahore.



The Government of the Punjab Health Department has notified recently Medical and Health Institutions Rules for the procedural practice by the Government Doctors. According to the new rules, the Government, Autonomous Hospitals/ Institutions will be governed by the Board of Governors comprising of three official and five non-official members. These persons will be appointed by the Government for a period of five years. The Rules said Board of Governor will be the principle governing body of the autonomous medical institutions in the Province of Punjab. The Chairman will be elected by the members in its first meeting.   The Board of Governors will enjoy overall control, direction and superintendence of the affairs of the institution. It will be the BOG that will improve, future plans, policies, teaching and research programme, annual development and non development budget and other such administrative matters. The board shall be more powerful in appointments for BS-17 and above. It shall be the BOG having powers to appoint principal executive officer / Dean for a period of five years. Similarly the Dy Dean and Medical Superintendent of BS-20 will be the authority of the Board.   The appointment from 1 to 16 scale will be the authority of Dy Dean and Medical Superintendent. So the new set up will give the new life of administration and which needs streamline and module to be developed who is who and who can do or undo the things. I do not know that this system objectives needs and demands had been streamlined or evaluation process will be done for working to the needs of the present time for well interest of the medical community and the suffering community. So far bias attitude of the senior doctors towards this system has been reported and this has given a serious situation for approval this new system. The powers of the BOG for appointment setting aside the Public Service Commission does not carry good impression and it has been considered un-enthusiastic attitude towards the problem and thus the needs to resolve the satisfy opinion.

The other framework of the rules which have been reported regarding the practice of consultants, professors has come out unhappy environment in the medical society. The new rules prohibit the procedural practice outside the institution, what is procedural practice. It is above the consultancy, operation or admission in the private hospital etc. Similarly the Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors have been allowed institutional practice alongwith the share of the government. Whereas the community medical officer, registrar are not allowed for private practice as such or primarily training slots. This has been reported a file works type impression among the senior doctors that they shall not easy to time work or fulfil the requirement of the patients and it shall also damage the educational programme and other activities regarding the building of students for future responsibility. There are two aspects that medical profession is a challenging profession. The opportunity are getting into the medical colleges is limited exclusively to those who are intelligent hardworking and have been doing constant study to get higher marks in F. Sc and then join the dental college to do the BDS for four years and MBBS for five years.   During all this period they are under constant care, observation and some time they work around the clock and after this hard work they get the degree and according to new rules if they are medical officer, registrar, they are getting less pay about Rs.5000/- and they cannot practice how they shall survive? Similarly the pay of Assistant Professor is Rs. 12,000 to 14,000/-. How they can design and reconstruct their future in this economic stressed age. It is only private practice of the doctor which make him to live for a reasonable life.   According to new rules we take the example of Mayo Hospital, there are 169, professors, associate and assistant professor and doctors. How these 169 consultant will carry out the institutional practice. How it shall be managed? Shall it be comfortable for the paying patient in the ward, majority of dislike it. It is difficult to park the car outside and carry sick patient to the various wards asking and searching and it shall become unauthentic rehearsal. This shape is no where carries the objectives. The private patients wants , doctor approach should be easily available, easily accessible and i.e. the reason that high fee of the doctor is acceptable to the patients. This value of rigidity of this plan will retard the incoming patient and until there is elasticity in this module the competence of the plan is bound to failure. What I need that the present system may be continued in this way consultation practice should be allowed to the clinician at their residence lawn and procedural practice i.e. operation of any kind, or observation in the ward of any kind may be done in the institution with share of the government. Otherwise there is dissatisfaction of the professors. If the professors are unhappy, clinical efficacy and teaching will not be fruitful for the profession? They want brighter pages in private practice and now private colleges abounding to accommodate and private colleges will get the benefit out of the experience such proven doctors. 

My idea is, why the doctors are dissatisfied though? luckily, the Minister for Health is very competent surgeon and he is known for logical explanation. Why this untreated attitude has come up? I think there is a lacking of interaction between the doctors and the government agencies. Question arises is there any paper which shows the draw back of the previous system and the benefits of the present system? There should be a comparative study and which can solve this difficulty. The prevailing system of health and its form both at Centre and Provinces some how others disappointment for poor man. The health centres at the rural areas or the tehsil headquarters cannot give much what is needed by the population due to lack of funds as such the incidence of the disease much more. Environmental pollution is there, scarcity and unsafe water, more accidental life, thus health workers of the top level and low level are not paid according to the need and demand of the day. Categories of health workers for away from the service and poor man is the one which is deprived. 

In the recent years many new diseases have jumped up in the society like viral hepatitis, type A, B and C and the so many people are in high risk group. It is reported that the new born babies are at the risk because of carrier mothers, health care workers, students of school, medical technology and other people. So the vaccinations for many other disease are available but still no vaccination.   Many other disease are coming up. So the present decision does not significance to the population. The doctors have not given proper coaching for service because the education is coming very costly the student doctor at private colleges pay high fees i.e. 1 lac to 2 lac for one year plus hostel charges and other expenses. 


How we can expect from new doctors who have spent number of years that he and after his graduation how we can expect that he should be the traditional doctors to serve the nation. We have to keep these things in mind to frame the policy. We have to develop helping behaviour for community doctors for students. Dynamics of the work should have been discussion. What is the need of population? What is the demand of the population what are our resources, what are our priority and what are alternative?   These are the factor which contribute towards making of the plan. We had to see previous plan of past and getting information. We have to see the example from the international society and analyse scenario according to our need. For any progressive matter, there is need that we should frame agenda to call the doctors, their associations representative, there should be frankly discussion and matter may be highlighted.  



Reference to DAWN news today i.e. 28 Jan 2002 regarding the health policy for the province of Punjab has been streamlined, which so far has not been appreciated by the senior professors. 

The medical profession is prestigious in nature and professors hold a very pivot position. This is by virtue of their intellectual consistent and persistent hard work in the field of medicine. Their role is very impressive for teaching and building up of new generation in medical field and helping the ailing poor patients of this country. They are the great source and extremely important for departing medical education and technology.   This profession is very dynamic and it needs respect from the government and the society for which they have worked very hard. But with the present policy, professors have not been consulted and their rights of private practice at their clinics has not been protected rather, it is banned.  

For a successful environment for providing the treatment to the patients. There is need of understanding and a cooperative attitude. In order to promote the treatment- planning and the clinical education to the students. There is need of friendly atmosphere. The professor is to pass on his knowledge to the youth through the teaching and demonstration. To serve the human in the hospitals With this scheme doctors are unhappy and their associations and other organizations have not been consulted or have not been taken into the confidence. This is complaint.

If we glance the economic structure the professor pay is (Rs.19,000 per month). He cannot cope with modern stress and strain of the economic involvement. Similar situation of all those Associates and Assistant Professors and Doctors without carrying out private practice, it is hard not to crack.

It shall be very difficult for the private patients to visit the hospitals and this system is not protecting the right of paying the patients to the doctors. The doctor may be allowed to use their intellectual services to the private patients at their residence and for operative cases they should operate at government hospital and should give share to the hospital. It shall decrease the burden of hospitals for arranging new offices and other facilities. The ultimate goal of the government is to improve the health and well being for citizen in the established hospital for medical care, nursing care and other related subjects.     There is growth of private medical colleges everywhere and if these committed professor leave the government job that shall be accommodated with high pay Rs.7000-8000 PM. If there is need of their change there should be a policy for practice in the institution and such activities may be strengthen by understanding and participation of the professors and government agencies.

Actual thing is that the government should have taken initiative step against quackery. The quackery is spreading and taking many life’s daily. There is need that law should be designed in order to provide right of medical practice to those who are qualified and properly trained from the medical institutions. Only qualified persons to be assigned to operate and do the treatment for the population. There should be capital project for government policy. The academic structure, courses, and the pattern of education is needed to renovated. That should be the priority.   The third priority of the govt to procure the funds for academic research and the social programmes so that the patient should be looked after well in the affiliated college/ hospitals. There a lot need for centres for handicapped, blind children and the councilling centre. If the funds cannot be procured we cannot keep up the hospitals with the students tuition and fee from the patients. We have not got the insurance system let the public should be educated for health insurance to pay. Both things that the teacher association, Pakistan medical association and other specialist association should be invited for open discussion and responsibility for teaching, research may be streamlined and the way of action may be adopted in such way. It is the health policy accessible to all, acceptable to all and available to all. Our interest is to serve the mankind and to provide service in the application of modern health care system and to foster our relation with the population. There is need that we should have good relation with health authorities for fulfillment of the purposes.


Health care service, is now becoming different as in the previous decades. There is much stress and need of preventive measures i.e immunizing and vaccinating the population against a readfull diseases like polio etc. There is a need for preventive health services in cardiology, in diabetes, ophthalmology and dentistry. We cannot overlook the hepatitis and aids which are alarming and is increasing in our society.   The modern day illnesses also need public awareness, knowledge and health education. Similarly the curative system is the changed in the world, now the general practitioner and ordinary medical practitioner cannot cope with the modern diseases until the young generation of the doctors are acquainted with the modern technology, equipment and specialize diagnostic techniques like, MIR, C. T scane, Ultra sound and other X-rays techniques. The hospitals now should be designed for more emergency like accidents, cardiac arrest and kidney failure in addition to gynecology emergencies.  

There physician of today cannot provide treatment without proper diagnostic techniques, and take medicines. This needs that money until the budget is sufficiently increased Hospital cannot provide such things.   It is now trend in the world i.e. WHO, world federation of medical education and American medical colleges, and General Medical Education U. K. The students should be trained in setting outside the hospitals i.e. majority is to go outside to work after graduation in the rural areas. This is reason that some of the medical colleges currently have introduced community oriented medical education because outside of the hospital doctors are trained for preventive diseases. Allama Iqbal Medical College was set up for community based institution in 1973. 

Deficiency in Budget

It is very sad that our country cannot spend much on health sector. From 1990 to 1997, 0.8 % of GDP was spent on health care. Whereas the other countries spend more than 8 % of GDP on health for example 8.1 %; spends France 7.7 %; spends USA 7.6%; spends Canada 7.3 % spends UK and Japan 5.7 % and in on south Asian side we are also in the bottom in allocation of Budget on health sector. 

The budgetary allocation for all the time is neglected, during five points programme 1985-88, the amount fixed by Ex Prime Minister Muhammad Khan Junejo which was 10 paisas per person. In 1996-97 our budget was 0.7 % an average now at present 1999-2000 is 0.5%. The national budget expenditure is very less as comparing with the other factors, the health sector is poor any individual can be provided a reasonable treatment free of cost. If we study constitution article 38 (a) & (d) “ the state shall secure the well being of the people irrespective of sex, caste and crew. 

At present circumstance sources more than 15 % of total population has no access the health care. If we study the 1997 Dr. Mehboob ul Haq economic resources in Asia then we find that 60 million people had no access to the health care 67 million people cannot have access to pure water and 89 million people have no facility for sanitation. 

He further mentioned in his report that 7,40,000 children die each year and half of the deaths are due to male nourishment. He was very conscious about the population growth at that time the population growth rate was 3 % annually and he mentioned that it is the highest growth rate in the south Asia. He further evaluated that in 2050 Pakistan will be the third populous country. He have given conscious that half of the children cannot go to the school and they leaves and in the fifth class. He said that 36 million people are under the low poverty grade. 

So with this situation how the medical aid could be provided to all the people though such meager resources. But this policy increase the problem of those who cannot pay and those who can pay. What is need? The actual need is we shall provide the safe water to the population. We should provide the nourishment to those who cannot have the calories, we should increase the income per captia for better living and there is need we should increase the educational system and over and above we should try to decrease the death rate and the same time control the population.   We should carry out research of such problems for as future course of planning. At present our doctors manpower ratio is very less as compared to infrastructure of Bharat Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. We have got less hospital beds and we have got less health expenditure 0.5 % GDP.   So there is need to invest in health, the govt should win prudent the mind and provide the expenses for providing comprehensive health care to the entire population. We should concentrate those environments that improve the health of the member of this country. We should check infectious disease and sexually transmitted diseases. Without money no planning can be made. And by stopping the practice of the doctors at their private clinics it shall be not a good step and there shall be no improvement of health in any sector with present circumstances. However, this is common complaint that some professors and consultants often do operation or examine and treat private patients in official ours in outside of the premises of government institutions and there is another complaint that professors turn up to the institutions in late hours and hardly they visit and take round of the ward. I do advise that it should be amended and nobody is allowed to work outside during the official hours. The punctuality is very important. Professors and doctors are precious asset of the nation they are the protector of life of person after accident or in emergency. It is their reliability of persons to be in the ward, operation theater is more important because these are the one who shelter the human being. The people need special medical cover from the experience of such doctors. There is no reason to be late or absent from official job.   Let us pool our resources of love, help and no hate.


Dental Health – Greatest Asset

Health care, is essential for a man. Dental health plays important role in individual/s life. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SA) has laid emphasis on the preservation of healthy teeth. World at large, spends much of the budget on the preventive treatment. Epidemiologically, the dental diseases are spread all over the globe, even the earliest man had suffered from dental ache. Regarding our own studies carried out at Quetta, Haripur, Nathiagali, and various villages of Punjab, more than 95% children are suffering from the dental diseases. The diseases are not significantly different from the world’s distribution. Therefore, we need a check and control of the dental diseases.


The main work is to highlight our traditional method of preserving the teeth through our religion and cultural heritage, and to initiate creative thinking for better gums and teeth. This effort shall remove the neglect on part of the population and will provide the advancement of this science to the public for crossing over the dental diseases. 

Nutrition, Diet and Preventive Dentistry

Nutrition involves the metabolism of food that provides the body with essential nutrients. Life itself depends on the nutrient composition of the food eaten. Nutrition especially the nutrients calcium, phosphorus, and fluoride is important in the formation of sound teeth. It is also evident that the physical and chemical properties of food are important to the caries process; nutritional composition other than carbohydrate type and frequency seems to be un-important. Nutritionists currently believe that many diseases can ameliorated by proper nutrition. 



            After the announcement of health policy by Minister for Health, Government of Punjab, a confusion has taken place among medical folk in this Province. In NWFP doctors, had been resented and there is lot unrest among doctors and patients. In Punjab, Pakistan Medical Association and Teachers Association are not happy about enforcement of new system is not being welcomed because in this way trust of institutions is to suffer in teaching and medical care. The Provincial Minister for Health Sindh does not agree with Punjab & NWFP promulgation of health policy. Federal Govt. is silent on this issue.   It needs lot of study, the problem may be identified and may be dealt with existing rules and discipline. Those, who are engaged or attempt to engage in illegal practice, they should not be spared, those who are following the existing system may not be troubled. The distortions of an system will create serious problem in training the doctors, in dealing the patients and in healthy environments. 

2.         Let the post of Principal and Medical Superintendent like in past may continue and additional powers whatsoever be given. I as a past Principal know well that Principal and M.S. enjoys sufficient powers to administer the institution. No problem, this name is prestigious and it has long history in medical science.

3.         Autonomy is good, but it needs study and research it pros and cons that should be studied. How to achieve benefits in harmony and with spirit of service?   We may enforce any change in law, but it should be fruitful based upon evaluation:


a.            The Medical Teachers should be involved collectively in this perception of helping the patients and students in constructive way for development and social uplift. 

b.            This constructive approach should be routine institutional practice and all the members may be involved by personal touch of interaction and encouragements.

c.            There is need to influence the behaviour and attitude of teachers towards important issues of creating educational and patient care activities in modern way.

d.            The present physical environment of any college, hospital needs to be changed with consultation in context of syllabus and rules of law.  

e.            Social relation between government and professor-student relation may be evolved and culture of values, ethics and tradition be created. This framework of service like reality may be carried.

4.         So that all the medical colleges, hospitals should have healthy climate, more team work for community benefit be created with consensus. Organization of health sector, doctor, staff, students and patients, should be so strong that the institution is able to cope with adequately any problem. Every professor should enjoy respect and this will compel him for team work as part of conduct. Hostility is always reactive.   So your Excellency possess the characteristics of motivation. Kindly get this issue under your own command and teachers objection may be addressed, give them model type protocol of international standard with friendly approach.

5.            Quackery is on spread, many people become victims daily. All quacks may be controlled. Safe water supply is essential, control over pollution of all such type will decrease the onset of diseases and thus it will be less burden on hospitals. People have lost trust on B.H.U, R.H.C, Tehsil Hospital and others. Let this lost trust of community may be restored by providing reasonable medical aid to rural and urban population by the government. Teachers may be persuaded to build up the spirit for service to humanity. You can give morale boosting. Call all such people and solve the problem smoothly and I am sure you can prevail goodwill among the doctors. This is classic problem a clash between Health Minister & Medical manpower. There should be dialogue and this human problem be solved smoothly. 

6.         There is need of population control that can be achieved through combined efforts of doctors, ulemas, citizen and community workers as a mission, increase in population is more problem in health, social sector and it adds to pollution becomes more fossil fuel is burnt, more jangles and tree are cut and more smoke is emitting of dreadly gases which in turn effect the green house. This global warning a threat to agriculture and storms rain and disease. Let us control the diseases through preventive measures, safe water supply is easy mean and public awareness is important. Disease of heart and diabetes, cancer Aids HIV B&C on increase and real threat to the population. Let us use our resources to research and preventive medicine and consider the teaching hospitals should become referral institution for better case and training.   I am enclosing my ideas in English and Urdu.




The University of Health Sciences, has been established at a very attractive area of Lahore in front of New Campus Punjab University. It is housed in a very befitting newly constructed building at the campus of Sheikh Zayed Hospital.   It was approved by the Planning & Development Department at a cost of Rs.198.420 million and at the same time Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) provided 50 million as one time grant from the Annual Development Programme 2002-03 and later on this University is to carry out on self financing system. It was decided in the beginning all the medical colleges in the Province will be affiliated with the University at private and public sector level and 3 new colleges will be set up one at Services Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Hospital and other. The creation of this University to keep the pace of growth of medical sciences and profession with the line of the world training and teaching manpower with better dimension and wisdom.    The University staff is working very hard in order to improve the medical profession, teaching capacity and literacy of the medical programme in accordance with the world standard. The University has got further intention to change the basic sciences curriculum and to promote skill programme for the postgraduate and other health allied subjects. The University is under the supervision of a renowned surgeon having foreign qualifications Prof. Dr. Mahmood Ahmed Ch. former Minister for Health, Information Technology and Tourism, Government of the Punjab. Dr. Mahmood Ahmed Ch. is working to correct and strengthen the medical profession in order to make it strong. There were many criticisms about Dr. Mahmood Ahmed Ch. when he was Minister for Health on his policies. His indicators for changes in the profession were very much criticized but he was determined to establish the University of Health Sciences at Lahore. He accepted the challenges for creation of this University for the nation and for the world. Thus, due to his efforts, the President Islamic Republic of Pakistan General Pervez Musharaf has inaugurated the University and has supported the idea.   The President of Pakistan has also agreed to be patron of the new University. Now the University is working on the proposed changes in the curriculum and an upgrading the standard of education. Prof. Dr. Mubashar Hassan a renowned psychiatrists and former Principal Rawalpindi Medical College has taken over the executive process of the University as a Vice Chancellor. Prof. Mubashar Hassan is dynamic and possesses new ideas to update the standard of curriculum and courses of the University. Prof. Mubashar is a full guarantee of the out come of the courses according to the need of country. Prof. Dr. Eis Muhammad former Principal Chief Executive of Allama Iqbal Medical College and Jinnah Hospital has been appointed as Dean of medical sciences to create the new system/ change for all branches of the medicine, nurses, assistants, doctors and postgraduate scholar.      


Prof. Dr. Mahmood Ch. wants to ensure high quality of the education, reliability in the medical treatment, and he wants that art and science of diagnosis and surgical procedure may be streamlined for the Province of Punjab. All the individual are very much progressive, possess dynamism and there is hope that University will be of high standard to cater to the growing needs of medical education.


The University has a syndicate as well and the Chancellor of the University, the Governor of the Punjab has nominated the following as members of the Syndicate i.e.

Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Ch, Vice Chancellor, Bahauddin Zakriya University, Multan

Prof. Dr. Shabbir Ahmad Nasir, Principal Executive Officer, Nishtar Medical College, Multan,

Prof. Dr. Shehnaz Aftab, Deputy Dean, Rawalpindi Medical College, Rawalpindi

Prof. Dr. Asad Aslam Khan, Professor of Ophthalmology, KEMC Lahore

Mr. Tariq Saeed Saigol, Chairman, Koh e Noor Maple Leaf Group, 42-Lawrence Road, Lahore

Dr. Muhammad Tariq Siddiqui, former Vice Chancellor, Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad

Mr. Irshad Ahmed Haqani, Senior Editor, daily “Jang” Lahore 

Dr. S. Riaz ud Din, Director, Centre of Excellence for Molecular Biology, University of the Punjab, Lahore. 


Similarly the Governor has nominated the following five persons as members of the Academic Council for a term of three years: -

1.            Prof. Dr. Naseer Mahmood Ahmad, Former Principal, KEMC, Lahore

2.            Prof. Dr. Jawad Sajid Khan, PEO/Dean, Punjab Institute of Cardiology, Lahore

3.            Mrs. Irshad Begum, Principal, Postgraduate Medical College of Nursing, Lahore

4.            Col. Dr. Mowaddat Hussain Rana, Head of Psychiatry Dept Combined Military Hospital

5.            Dr. Naveed Ahsan, ENT Specialist, Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore


This University shall be of a high standard. The graduate of this University will not have to appear in any examination at Canada, Great Britain, Australia because it has direct links with the U. K. Universities. The examination system is being chalked out keeping in view the demands of strict security and transparency.   The University of Health Sciences, has got links with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and College of Physician and Surgeons Pakistan in order to collaborate with the International Universities.   Dr. Mahmood told me, that it has been granted Rs. 8 crore and less than Rs. 2 crore has been spent on the pay and allowances of the teachers, staff and other structures. It is very fascinating to note that Dr. Mahmood is not drawing   his pay as Chairman Board of Governor and he has donated 40 years old costly wood to decorate and furnish the Syndicate conference room. His expression in social activities is very glorious. 


I have made efforts for creation of a Medical University in the past wrote to Air Martial Noor Khan, the then Health Minister and General Sawar Khan, the then Governor Punjab, but could not succeed. Later on I suggested the setting up of Fatima Jinnah Medical University at the campus of American Centre near Fatima Jinnah Medical College. 


Due to lack of trained medical manpower, the public cannot have access to health services.   According to U. N. O. Report Pakistan’s population access to health services is only 55% (1990-95) after Bangladesh (45%) and Cambodia (53%) India is (85%) Mongolia (95%) with South Korea and Singapore (100%). According to the same UN Report, Pakistan also has one of the lowest rate of births attended by skilled health staff, only (20%) of the total births in Pakistan (1995-2000) are attended by skilled health staff, after Nepal (12%) and Bangladesh (13%). The figure for India is (42%) Hong Kong and Singapore are (100%). Naturally, the infant mortality rate in Pakistan is one of the highest in the Asia Pacific region – 85 per 1,000 live births (2000) whereas it is 8 per 1,000 live births in Malaysia and 4 per 1,000 live births in Singapore.   Even Bangladesh’s infant mortality rate is 54 per 1,000 live births and India is 69 per 1,000 live births.    Indeed Pakistan’s expenditure on health has consistently been 0.7 % of GDP since 1999-2000. According to official figures, the expenditure on health in 1999-2000, 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 was 0.7% of GDP. The figures before 1`999 were not any better: 0.8% in 1995-96, 0.5% in 1996-1997, 0.7 % in 1997-1998 and 0.9 % in 1998-1999. In contrast, most of the developed countries have been spending between 5% to 8 % of their GDP on health (World Bank 1999 report). As for the developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region, most of them spend at least 1 % include the Philippines (0.4%).    As regard the public sector care in Pakistan there is lack of governance and people have lost the confidence in the government hospitals.   Quality of services is on the decline, therefore, the private sector is on the rise.


Now life style is different, road accidents, burns, shooting and other such emergencies are increasing day by day. There is need to develop such emergency centres both for the accidents and cardiac failure. Over and above infectious diseases, pollution is increasing day by day. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is a new challenge and Hepatitis needs prevention through trained physicians, para-medical manpower. 


This is the reason that Pakistan lacks medical manpower as compared to the need of country. Lack of communication with the new style of information technology and electronic media, many children will suffer from eye diseases, about 80% could be affected and that can only be avoided by prevention alone. Therefore, if the University could produce competent manpower that will help the country. Similar institutions like College of Physician and Surgeons Pakistan, it was established with the efforts of General Burki and the college has got such standard that FCPS has become equivalent to MRCPS. The College is playing a very important role in training centres of 95 hospitals. Affiliation to the University is another very important issue. The PMDC and Punjab University mostly were not satisfied by the various teaching institutions at the private level and government level.   There were many private medical colleges who got the affiliation with Punjab University and thus the Punjab University in Oct 2001 has issued notices to 31 private medical institutions that the institutions located in the territorial jurisdiction of the Punjab University cannot be affiliated to new University so that the University of Health Science affiliation process will be examined by the new law and rules of the University. The University of Health Sciences is committed to excellence. 


The establishment of the University was order of the day because Karachi University was established under the Act of 1951. It has got several institutions, a research institute of chemistry which is recognized as a Centre of 3rd world Academy of Sciences. University of Karachi at present offers many subjects of science and arts.


The need of University is also very essential in the Province of Punjab because the number of seats in medical institutions working in Punjab is very low like: -

1.         Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore                  236
2.         Fatima Jinnah Medical College Lahore              230
3.         King Edward Medical College Lahore                 230

4.         Nishtar Medical College Multan                           230

5.         Rawalpindi Medical College Rawalpindi                        230
6.         Punjab Medical College Faisalabad                    230
7.         Quaid-e-Azam Medical College Bahawalpur     230

Due to shortfall of medical manpower in public institutions, out of thousand students only 1616 are admitted in the Punjab Province medical institutions and the remaining students automatically march to private institutions with very very high charges. So the need of the day is that University of Health Sciences may fulfill the requirement and enhance the medical manpower to oblige the public. 

Creation of Private Medical Colleges

Private Medical Colleges are emerging in most of the Provinces but many of them are not created properly with the territorial jurisdiction of University of that Province.    Many of the institutions have not been recognized by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) after the inspection report.   Considering private medical institutions in Province of Punjab- Foundation Medical College, Rawalpindi was not recognized. Bhuta Medical College Faisalabad not recognized, Fatima Memorial College of Medicine and Dentistry recognized partly for one year. Islamabad Medical and Dental College not recognized, Shifa College of Medicine under consideration, Islamic International Medical College provisionally recognized, Independent Medical College Faisalabad not recognized and Lahore Medical and Dental College provisionally recognized.


The process of affiliation of private ad public colleges after adequate standardization is a great task challenging the University.   There is great job to bring University upto the standard and affiliation of Private and Public Colleges will prove the strength. I suggest the University should form institutions of various specialities and technology so that thus should be self sufficient in medical and dental science.


A University is a symbol of academic excellence and it was a necessity in the field of medical sciences for the promotion of higher medical sciences and technology in the country and it is placed at the campus which will grow as a center of excellence in the field of speciality of medicine.   We had Liaquat Medical University Jamshoroo Hyderabad running smoothly. The establishment of this University at Lahore means your future begins in making major stride in the field of medicine, dentistry, medical technology, pharmacy and nursing. I am confident that the quality management of postgraduate institutions will create leadership motivation and it shall change the behaviour towards the patients.  


I suggested there should be institute of dental sciences, institute of preventive sciences, cancer and all other research institution may be created. Over and above University of Health Sciences may be named as Madir e Millat Health University or Maryam Jinnah Health University so that we may pay homage to our heroes like Ishaq Khan Institute of Technology, Quaid-e-Aiwan University of Engineering and Science Technology, Nawabshah and Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad. 




Objective is to acquaint the Teaching Personnel and to train them for, selection, installation, monitoring and assessment methodology in respect, to service to be provided to the population at the D. H. Q. Hospital. In setting of the D. H. Q. Hospital, dental clinic is concerned for:


a.            with health promotion

b.            co-operation in implementing Govt. scheme

c.            Dental care activity at District level

d.            Protection to the population ‘00’ and collaboration of sub-specialities of medicine, with ultimate aim of bringing the whole profession closer in achieving goals for health for all, and thus a dental clinic becomes pivot of activity and service delivery to an area.


The dental man power is another priority and significant for continuing variety of dental health programmes. The leader of the team a dental surgeon becomes (i) consultant (ii) preventive person and (iii) member of the training force to other various categories of manpower (iv) and interest in clinical service and skill, experience thus becomes integral part of the medical manpower. An important person in the public and a pivot to control the oral disease.


A dentist with his knowledge not only keeps himself in the boundary line of the hospital, but he has the eye on the environment that is the water supply, especially content of fluorides, sanitation and he makes arrangement for safe drinking water to enter other elements, like habit of the people and creates personal responsibility among them, and evaluate the incidence of the diseases. Emphasis the public for management of public health and manages the patient with available sources:


a.            Basic needs of the community evaluation is regarded important strategy for health, that is to evaluate the incidence of disease.

b.            Evaluate the need of the population.

c.            Evaluate the demand and improvement and out of this evaluation is to implement the planning and decision for maximum utilization of the sources.   The strategies for health for all by year 2000. He is to work to achieve the objective.   The incidence of the diseases in Pakistan is higher as compared to rest of the world, because:

a.            Dental manpower ratio is less.

b.            Public awareness is missing.

c.            Population neglects its own health.


Thus the mobilization of the resources becomes essential, with spirit of process to reduce the dental disease.   Need and demand is increasing of the resources mentioned above. Therefore the dental manpower at D. H. Q. Hospital should be:


a.            Senior Dental Surgeon.

b.            Two dental officers (Male and Female)

c.            Dental Hygienist

d.            Dental Surgery Assistant

e.            Peon and Sweeper


Since the pattern of the oral health and its management is changing in the world and present dental education has got influence at it.   Therefore, the dental administration is becoming itself a speciality with modern sophisticated tools to cope with international standardization. Moreover the dental materials are changing a lot of directions.   So there is a need that such group of the dental manpower team will create more participation and come to the patient based upon preventive programme.   This shall promote to improve oral health, oral diseases will be prevented.   The senior dental surgeon shall be under the influence of continuing preventive dentistry education, whereas the junior dental graduate should have the influence of biological properties of the material and information regarding the practices of preventive dentistry.   The Dental Hygienist shall assist to surgeons and success of treatment practice and health education and these hygienist shall look after periodontal care. Because the population needs more service knowledge for periodontal conditions and in similar way the hygienist and dental surgeon should work after the restorative br4anch of Science and children dental problem. There shall be many medical conditions.


A system of primary health care is one of the element of the health system.  It is the basic element upon which all the other elements are built. Primary Health Care is not an important aim in itself; it is the means to achieve better health, a step i the development and in the hierarchy of the health services. This outline is based upon 8 basic components of Primary Health Care i. e :

a.            Health Education

b.            Promotion of food supplies and proper nutrition

c.            Adequate supply of safe water and basic sanitation

d.            Maternal and child care, including family planning, and oral health care

e.            Immunization

f.             Prevention and control of locally endemic diseases

g.            Appropriate treatment of common diseases and injuries (including dental)

h.            Provision of essential drugs


Obviously all areas do not enjoy the level of the development or healthcare system, because in our society a limited number of privileged people and population mainly in Urban areas, are benefited from most of the available health care facilities, sophisticated and expensive equipment and treatment, involving most of the health resources of the country. With this system of primary health care which is to be provided in families of farmers or workers or general public with net work of facilities in health and Dental Health field, at the secondary and tertiary centre, this means an improvement. And credit goes to philosophy of the primary health care system, and the administrators who prepare guide lines for improvement of the situation. This is the real effort which is made to rationalized health expenses and activities to make dental health care available for entire population. The health worker / dental team needs certain training to fulfil obligation of Public Health.




a.            Principal objective

To improve the public health concept of the health personnel in communication of Dental Health Education, in order to enable him to be effective for assuming the task of communication and health education and dental treatment of individual, families and communities in the context of basic health unit care and dissemination of knowledge about modern preventive practices and surgical techniques.


b.            Specific Objective


(1)          To identify the areas of needs of health personnels in communication for Dental Health Care in context of basic Health Unit Care System/Public Health Care.

(2)          To examine the existing level of ideas of dental health understanding and aptitude of oral health treatment or any person or institution already doing so and to determine their adequacy to the needs of the population identified.

(3)          To strengthen the teaching of communication/Dental Care Education in health personnels training at this training center in the above context by developing suitable teaching learning modules which can be adopted to the local needs.

(4)          To develop the close collaboration within the health sector by the dental manpower to become responsible through training for management of dental public health.

(5)          Through such areas of training, the concept of primary health care, community organization understanding cultural values and their effect on dental health.

(6)          The education of the families in the villages in practice of oral health discipline towards healthy living. For prevention of dental disease, ill health and mal-nutrition, in relation to Maternal and Child Health.  


Such factors Fibrous food and uncivilized diet are important to develop the jaw in proper order “U” shaped and good teeth in order to enable food to be well chewed and prepared for digestion and absorption, because when teeth are missing or diseased, it is impossible to chew the food properly and proper development of the jaw is delayed because good sound teeth and well developed jaws are important for health, appearance and speech.


The WHO accepted goal of health for all in 2000 it concerned the oral health as well. World wise experience has shown that there are many good preventive and curative methods in Dentistry and provided their use, a significant decrease in oral disease occurs.




 To aid the BHU/ PHC it is the most important task, that a criteria needs to be established for selection of the problems, as mentioned above according to the local situations, in relation to cultural patterns, economic status and family set up. The oral health problems are of emergency nature, and there is a need of target for prevention among the children, young and the aged. The families and all types of workers need attention.


In all the types of services i.e. preventive, curative, educative, referal, there is comprehensive need to have other kind of knowledge of socio-economic problems confronted to population. Because the prevention of disease depends upon understanding of the etiology and natural history of the disease without knowledge on scientific basis, it is not unreasonable to suggest anything for prevention of dental caries or periodontal disease or oral cancer to the population.


The dental and periodontal tissues are part of living body and necessity of the knowledge is valuable in subjects of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Bacteriology, Medicine, Surgery and dental surgery, therefore the treating & prevailing of the dental diseases there is need of elaborate curriculum for educational values to the dental surgeon.




Dentistry is also a biological science, when the healer is introduced to the patient, through learning the art of diagnosis or technical procedure, there are certain common conditions and uncommon conditions, which can guide for research reforms of science, so in such circumstances, where complete dental treatment is not provided but many advanced nature diseases are present. The doctor can go for making some studies and this shall increase his status and research. The dental graduate is fully aware of: -


a.            Knowledge of dental diseases

b.            Skill to handle the dental problems

c.            The attitude of Dental Hygienist for research and community social service


For each programme effectiveness depends upon the team of the workers, their knowledge, attitude and social behaviour. For making a programme more successful and achieving objectives mentioned above and strategy.


A community dental health worker (Dental Hygienist) is to be included in these schemes for interrelation or oral health with general health policies. This personnel under the supervision of dental officer will carry out the preventive work and curative therapy of minor nature. For me a doctor is a leader of a team to execute the policies of the Government, and checking the responsibilities of each component of health scheme.


The doctor should identify certain diseases for overall health policies formulation and solving of the major proportions through conciling the meaningful decisions, but rest of the school groups, mothers, teacher or religions leaders or local workers and discussion for preventive education through the use of dental auxiliaries.




At present in 29 districts and 89 tehsils dental officers are providing the dental health services, according to present planned system as an integral part of health system for a community.   The Rural Health Centres (RMC) so far are expected to be provided with a oral health care programme in future. After this provision at RHC the services to the communities for dental health care shall became of great value, with easier approach, both of the area, community and by the BHU as a referral cases. Since presently we had to provide preventive care and emergency care to the population at the BHU. Therefore training to the dental officer as leader of the team. For example, accidental trauma to an infant or young child is very common in the rural population, and to handle such accidental situation, relating to the oral cavity in knowing the extent of the dental injury, evaluation for the treatment of immediate nature or for referral purposes, is essential.


Pain is a common feature and removal of pain is only possible effectively, by knowing the cause, and to know a cause, there is a need of better study, in a move scientific way syllabus. 

1.            Reviewing of dental anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Bacteriology.

2.            Etiology of dental caries and its prevention and identification & measures for relief of pain associated with caries.

3.            Etiology of periodontal diseases, prevention, classification, relief of pain & bleeding associated with it. 

4.            Dentofacial Articulation, pain T.M.J, old cases of dentofacial trauma and injuries to the Jaws and their management.

5.            Oral lesions etiology, identification, prevention social aspect of these.

6.            Overall preventive measures, (Miswak technique, brushing and modern therapies, Fluoridation, school health services and religious gathering).


Practical training, knowledge regarding instruments and handling the same for identification of oral health problems for process of relieving of pain and other immediate problems of: -


a.            Managing oral health problem in a separate office.

b.            Keeping record of such problems for collection of data.

c.            Use of various medicaments and prescriptions.


The ability of the dental health care physician is to cope with the patients for the immediate problems in Oral Health, he will confirm to the expectations of the programme. Because there is no real substitute to patients by better understanding and proper handling by the doctors. The doctors level of intelligence, personality to a problem, in solving the situation will be an achievement. Because in the bignning, patients will not be motivated, his first suggestions and approach might not architect the confidence of the people because of the customs and prevailing system in society. It will depend on the doctors, in solving the health problems, which will bring a special significance in achieving the target of minimizing the disease because all such efforts of the doctor, Government financing agency, health team, and the public will contribute to consolidation of the initial interest of the patients, and the family which has brought them to the office or surgery or basic health unit, even for simple pain relief.


Many rural children, according to many studies have poor and reduced ability to concentrate, for a few moments on the Dental Health Care. The results of these habits and customs, the oral Hygiene of the rural population stands poor, with heavy accumulation of plaque and calculus. Many among them, might not be able to manage tooth brush once in life or they could restrict to rinse their mouth and use the fingers. Few people do use the stick/ Miswak/bark of the tree. But most of them are free of this habit of cleaning the teeth.


Old Dietary habits are particular importance as the rural population has developed, the taste for modern sweets and drinks and other forms of the modern foods which are causing gingival and caries to the development and other oral disease. So far, oral hygiene practice as simple as possible is their need.   The oral cleaning after each food is reasonably effective, if being carried out at least once a day or twice a day and thus there is a need to arrange for oral health measures designed for specific degrees of the rural population by dentist. 


So, Dental Public Health is a broad spectrum to minimize the disease. It creates awareness among the people.   On it gives exact pictures to explain the situation to the gums and helps in research and precaution for future.


Role of Dental Officer in a Community

The behavioural management of the dental officer is also of the major significance, clearly a sympathetically concerned dental officer for the welfare of the child or that of the family will have a considerable advances of opportunity of reliance and confidence of the population.




Dental diseases are being caused by various types of micro-organisms in small not be seen by our naked eyes. The microorganism were discovered by Anton Van Leeuwenhoek, with his design microscope. They are of various types, bacteria fungi some are unicellular and some are multicellular. Some grow in oxygen and some grow without oxygen, some are G + and some are G negative. Dental Surgeon deals with such type of oral health, as Dental Surgeon are protector of Oral Health which is essential for general health for process of mastication with healthy teeth. Our society and children are mostly suffering from gingival inflammation and dental decay, caused by the activity of dental plaque. Dental Plaque is a collection of microbial community of all kinds found on the gingival margin and on teeth surface, of course it is emloged in mastrix of polymers of bacteria and salivary secretion. This plaque, if not removed regularly, effectively in proper way, it becomes hard and calcified termed as ‘calculus’. If the patient is not regular, or not motivated by proper person, the disease of gingival orgin stands appearing with bleeding of gums and later on it becomes periodontal disease. In the beginning disease is called gingivitis but if is neglected it became periodontics and last stage is advance periodontics. Similarly, those who take sweets plaque produces lactic acid by lactobacilli on food and on teeth, on the pits and fissure surface of teeth. It changes the pH of the mouth and disintegrates the cells of enamel surface to form a pit or cavity.


Complete Healthy gingiva is a must for health. Healthy gingiva is blessing – gingivitis and periodontal and advance periodontal diseases creates problem. Such conditions are harmful for general health. The oral bacteria gets into blood which can be harmful for heart, joints, kidneys and eyes. An exudates from sub gingival area is being taken and sent to Laboratory to be recognized for pathogenic bacteria by culture and sensitivity test and by a reasonable laboratory. The antibiotic treatment is given to minimize the inflammation of gingival disease. If clinically we find pockets elsewhere, we eradicate periodontal pockets with surgical procedure so that these pockets containing bacteria should not remain in mouth. Bad smell can only be removed with surgery by Gums Specialist.


Oral health of irregular teeth cannot be perfect as cleanliness cannot be carried out, food pockets stack to the teeth, this inflammation of gingival is normal, smell is common, unclean teeth are visible. Irregularity of teeth is very common in this generation. Mostly mother cannot feed their new off spring from their own breast, as some mothers are working women, they have to attend office. Bottle feeding is primary cause of upper short lip and thus frontal teeth are protruding outside. Maxillary and mandibular arches are not well developed, they became ‘v’ shaped, naturally the arches are ‘u’ shaped. In this way teeth are not aligned. The nipple of mother is being made by nature, therefore, it is natural manufactured whereas nipple of the bottle is man made. No scientist could make artificial nipple like mothers nipple. Genetics plays another problem, the child own maxilla from father and mandible from mother side, this is malformation. The modern chunk soft food is another factor. Children mostly like to have soft food, drinks, there is mastication. The mandible are not well developed, therefore, the irregular teeth treatment is lengthy and costly. The mother should feed children and child should be restricted from soft food and drinks.


The oral physiology of salivary glands of mouth and it s secretion is important with many other changes in body salivary dysfunction can occur, flow of saliva, becomes slow, this reduced flow of salivary secretion is not only discomfort to patients but it can disturb any other function. Slow flow of saliva can change pH of mouth. Saliva sample can be tested, one has to be more careful in cases of female patients as slow flow of saliva is more noted in older females, as compared to men. It is very important factor in surgical care.


The patients suffering from diabetic mellitus or those suffering from any other major health problem should have best oral health, there should not be gum infection, patients suffering from salivary dysfunction or dry mouth syogren syndrome HIV cases have to be very careful. To avoid dental diseases, following should be followed: -

1.            Do your toothbrush after each meal regularly.

2.            No tooth brush is advised in morning, it should be after breakfast.

3.            Medium size toothbrush with any toothpaste is proposed.

4.            Spent at least 5 minutes to clean your mouth.

5.            The direction of toothbrush should be from the gums towards the teeth not on the teeth.

6.            After toothbrush, tooth floss or tooth picks is to be used to remove any food articles.

7.             Toothbrush should not be kept in a case, it should be kept at airy place or under sun rays.

8.            There should be two or three toothbrush, one for night and one for breakfast and for lunch.

9.            No hard, no soft tooth brush is to be used until doctor’s advice.

10.         Get your mouth examined after six months.



Pakistan emerged as an independent Muslim state on the surface of globe after struggle of Muslims of Sub-continent under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and All India Muslim League. Thus as a result of partition of India into Pakistan and India on 14th of August, 1947 we got East Pakistan in the north east of India and West Pakistan in the north west of India having four provinces and federally administered areas. 


Areas included in Pakistan were already backward in education as compared to the areas comprising of Bharat. In the north east of India prior to partition, Dhaka University was established in 1913. All other Muslims population areas were lacking in universities, schools, teachers. Similarly, in the north west of India comprising of four provinces, there was a dearth of educational institutions. Similarly, i.e. in 1860 University of Lahore was created which was renamed as University of the Punjab in 1883.   This was the only educational institution providing the educational facilities to the men and women of these large areas and there was no other University in this area. The degree colleges were few, female education was minimum and thus after creation of Pakistan on the advice of Quaid-e-Muhammad Ali Jinnah Governor General Pakistan, an Educational conference was organized at Karachi in Nov. 1947 in order to get away from our inherited foreign educational system designed to fulfil the colonial interests of its imperialists rulers.   The culture of education was based on the western style which was not appropriate for our society. 


Pakistan was based on ideological commitments of two nation theory, that Islam is source of strength in almost all fields of life, and to enable the citizen to pass their lives in accordance with injunctions of Al Quran and tradition of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).   The leaders in the beginning wanted to change the education system after removing the draw backs so that the education system should be oriented according to our cultural, ideological, economical and political needs of the new nation. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah founder of the country and the first Governor General could not attend this conference physically due to his ill health but he had issued a message for the conference which in unequivocal terms highlighted priorities in the field of education, he expressed earnestness of the government in attending to them. Quaid’s message is as follows:

“In his message to All Pakistan Education Conference, at Karachi on 27th Nov. 1947 he said: You know that the importance of education and the right type of education can not be over emphasized. Under foreign rule for over a century, in the very nature of things, I regret sufficient attention has not been paid to the education of our people, and if we are to make any real, speedy and substantial progress, we must earnestly tackle this question and bring out an educational policy and programme on the lines suited to the genius of our people, consonant with our history and culture, and having regard to the modern conditions and vast developments that have taken place all over the world. It is clear from the speeches and thoughts of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah mentioned above, that he was not satisfied with the education system of British India. He wanted to create a new structure of education in Pakistan responsive to the religious, socio-culture and economic needs of Pakistan. Secondly, he did not restrict education to any particular area of study but he encouraged Muslims to advance in all fields of study besides Arts and Law like Commerce, Science and Technology, etc, keeping in view the developments that were taking place all over the world. If education system in Pakistan is designed on the lines set by Quaid-i-Azam Pakistani nation and the State of Pakistan will soon advance in every field of life, Insha Allah. Prior to creation of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah, President All India Muslim League was very much concerned about the education of the Muslims of sub-continent and he expressed his heart and mind to the Principal Islamia College, Calcutta on 23rd Feb. 1946 “ Education will be one of the first problems that the Pakistan Government will be called upon to deal with. When it is established to be followed by economic and social reform”. It means Quaid desired to have an education and the education system for the Muslims which would be in accordance with their own religion and culture. Similar expression he gave to the students of Islamia College Peshawar during the 2nd visit in Nov. 1945 Mr. M. A. Jinnah said: “Islamic dimension of the planning process in various educational economic and planning subject committee are being set up by All India Muslim League to find out material for reconstruction of the Muslim education, Muslim Industry, and Muslim commerce on proper, sound and essential Islamic basics. (Ref: Quaid-e-Azam Vision of Education, by Shehla Kazmi, DAWN, Thursday Dec 25, 2003).


The conference was held in full length and there was long discussion. After discussion by the scholars representing the various provinces, three recommendations were formulated for the education system of Pakistan:


a.            Free and compulsory education

b.            Education should be inspired by Islamic principles particularly by the ideals of universal brotherhood, tolerance and justice.

c.            Adequate recognition should be given to the technical education.


The education was made free and compulsory and islamic principles were the main ideas because Islam promotes the idea of universal brotherhood, tolerance and justice for all. In those days, education system consisted of 3 stages: primary education comprising of 5 years schooling for the age group of 5 to 9 years to provide the basic facility of education to all the children of Pakistan; secondary education, middle schools 10-12 years matriculation 13 to 14 years; and the higher education was the 3rd stage in the colleges and there was also technical education etc.   (Ref. Pakistan Education published by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Pakistan).


To follow up the recommendations of education conference of 1947 another conference was held in 1951 during the period of Khawja Nazim ud Din, in order to discuss the decision of previous conference and add new ideas.   Another education reform commission was set up in 1959 during the period of Ayub Khan from 1958-68) to conduct an over all analysis of the situation and formulation of the recommendation. As a result, a high powered commission under the chairmanship of Mr. S. M. Sharif prepared a report in detail. According to his advice, the advisory board of education, the council on technical education and inter university board were set up to help and achieve the objectives.   The work on the education was going on very slowly due to socio political situation of the country and as a policy matter the budget allotment to education and health was minimum.   Much of the budget was spent on the defense system. Another report came up in 1977 which suggested certain changes and thus based on the recommendations of this report, education policy was prepared by Government of Pakistan from 1972 to 1980. When the civil government ended, the successive government held another conference from 3-5 Oct. 1977 at Islamabad in order to lay down a system of education based on aspirations of the people suited for their needs. Thus the education policy was announced in Oct. 1978 the salient features of the policy were as under: -


1.            To foster in the hearts and minds of the people of Pakistan, in general, and the students in particular, a deep and abiding loyalty to Islam and living consciousness of Muslim nationhood, thereby strengthening the unity of the outlook of the people living In various provinces and the minorities on the basis of justice and fairplay;

2.            To create an awareness in every student that he, as a member of Pakistani nation, is also a part of the universal Muslim Ummah and it is expected of him to make a contribution towards the welfare of fellow Muslims inhabiting the globe;

3.            To develop and inculcate in accordance with Quran and Sunnah, the character, conduct and motivation expected of a true Muslim through effective elimination of gaps and contradictions   between the profession and practice of Islam. 

4.            To develop fully according to his capacity, each individual’s potentialities through training and retraining and to liberate the creative and innovative energies of the people with a view to build their capabilities to effectively manage social, natural and productive forces, consistent with the value system of Islam.

5.            To provide a minimum acceptable level of functional literacy and fundamental education to all citizens of the country particularly the young, irrespective of their faith, caste and creed in order to enable them to participate productively in the total national effort;

6.            To create interest and love for learning and discipline among the youth and to ensure that every student is imbibed with the realization that education is a continuous and a lifelong process; and

7.            To promote and propagate scientific and technological training and research in the country and to use this knowledge for socio economic growth and development thereby ensuring a self reliant and secure future for the nation.


Then there was a fifth plan from 1978 to 1981 and many schools and universities appeared during these days like :

1.            University of the Punjab, Lahore.

2.            University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore.

3.            Bahauddin Zakaria University, Multan.

4.            Islamia University, Bahawalpur.

5.            University of Sind, Jamshoro.

6.            Mehran University of Engineering & Technology.

7.            Agriculture University Tando Jam, Sind.

8.            Agriculture University, Faisalabad.

9.            University of Karachi, Karachi.

10.         N.E.D. Engineering University, Karachi.

11.         University of Baluchistan, Quetta.

12.         University of Peshawar, Peshawar.

13.         NWFP University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar.

14.         NWFP University of Agriculture, Peshawar.

15.         Gomal University, D. I. Khan.

16.         Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

17.         Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad.

18.         Islamic University, Islamabad.

19.         University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Muzaffarabad.

20.         Women University, at Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar.

21.         Aga Khan University of Health Sciences.


With all such efforts Mehboob ul Haq Report 1997 defines that from 1970 to 1993 the adult literacy increased from 21 % to 36 % and from 1980 to 1993 during this period the number of primary, secondary and inter admissions became doubled. Even then 2/3 of adult population of Pakistan was without education. He said 17 million children upto 1995 could not be admitted.   He mentioned that 36 million people of Pakistan are passing life under poverty line and much of the land is in possession of Zamindars.   He also mentioned that the children going to the primary school, half and more than half leave the school and join work as laborers. He mentioned that due to poverty and lack of proper diet and income 740000 children die each year due to adulterated diet. He further mentioned that 60 million people had no access to health facilities and 67 million people drank unclean water and 89 million hadn’t got the facilities of sanitation.   So upto last century our educational system could not be steered in the right direction because Pakistan spent less than 5% of GDP on the education system. This expenditure on the education is the poorest in the world spent on the social welfare of the citizens. He said 0.2 % of the total income is being spent on education while America spent 11 % Sweden spent 13 % of the total income on education. So when education is not a priority, its standard cannot be improved and it cannot contribute to the economy of the country. Drop outs from schools end up as beggars, mostly they get bad society and a huge number of the children are working in workshops. (Ref. Development in South Asia-1997 by Mehboob ul Haq, Oxford University Press).


If we consider the total population of Pakistan, 14 to 18 crores, we find that more than 7 crores of this population is 18 years or more and 2.50 crore is less than 5 years. If we calculate, we find that more than 2.25 crores children cannot get into the schools. If we visualize the education system, it comprises of three things:

1.            Students.

2.            Teachers

3.            Schools having the laboratories and libraries.


If we could see the students admission ratio which has been explained above, now in the province of Punjab, Government of Punjab has declared formula of 1947 conference i.e. free primary education in addition to 200 /PM scholarship for girls students upto 8th class. Second, comes the teachers, recently a report has been published that 3585 posts of the teachers are vacant in the elementary and secondary school teachers in the Province of Punjab.   The role of teachers is very important when the teachers are not provided proper status they cannot perform well.   Much of the standard of education in the country depends upon the quality and commitment of the teaching staff and teachers are suffering in Pakistan and the standard of teaching has declined over the years because quality because teachers have not been given incentive and the government has failed to allocate sufficient funds for the betterment of students and teachers. Thus most of the schools at primary level, higher level are inadequately staffed. We are lacking trained science teachers in the whole of the province. 


I have got personal experience during my visit to many schools of the city of Lahore in the areas of Sant Nagar, Krishan Nagar.   More over the service condition of the teachers is worse, they are low paid so this aspect is very grievous and parents have lost the trust in the teaching system and institution run by the government. Therefore, the attendance or registration of the children in the rural areas and some of the urban areas is less as compared to admission in private schools. Third problem is the lack of Schools.   In many areas of the Punjab and elsewhere, primary schools are missing. Many schools lack roofs, boundary walls, drinking water facility, library, science laboratories, therefore, it has got less attraction for the parents to send the children to the schools. If there is a school, teachers are not available. 


The educational reforms. The recent changes in the syllabus have created another controversial problem in the country. We are already lacking in education, and day by day more problems are being created for the children and for the parents.   I, therefore suggest to over come the difficulties in education, the budget should be increased, attention should be increased, interest should be increased we have to overcome the literacy and poverty in this region.   We have to consider education as a future resource of country, there is a need for proper balance, appropriate education in accordance with discipline of Islam and with the slogan of Quaid-e-Azam, justice; fairplay and impartiality in education. We should do the justice to the population of Pakistan, we should provide them fair funds, teachers, schools facilities irrespective of rich or poor / caste and creed. At present the education is limited to the urban population of those who have got resources to bear the cost of the education at private level. 


Education is the only sector which has been neglected to the maximum in Pakistan by almost all the governments during the past 56 years. With all our efforts of propagation, we could not obtain literacy rate in Pakistan on which the Muslim State was created and thus the apathy created by the bureaucrats or the heads of the government had neglected this important social sector.   We lacked the initiative in education even during Ayub Khan regime from (1958 to 1969), (Mr. Qudrat ullaha Shahab – in Shahab Nama 1996) in his chapter President Ayub and students has mentioned many interesting stories that President Ayub was scared of the College and University Education and he was not taking keen interest for promotion of the education at higher level as he feared that such students will create problems against the Government by holding strikes or processions. Qudratullah mentioned that Governor West Pakistan Nawab Kalabagh closed down the colleges for some time. Mr. Shahab talked to the Governor for opening of the Colleges because it is wastage of the time of the students.   President Ayub was also very much frightened of the religious education and though he was in favour of opening primary schools but he never agreed to open the primary school in the Mosques. President Ayub was   scared of the students union. In East Pakistan, there was a book which was confusing the ideology of Pakistan it was approved by text book board of East Pakistan, this book was against unity, national interest, solidarity, the book was in the intermediate course “History of Pakistan in English” actually this book was written by a Hindu of Calcutta with forged name of Muslim of Dhaka which distorted the historical background and when the case was put before the Governor Abdul Munam Khan, he avoided to delete the book as this book was introduced by the agents of the Hindu through his relative and they were paid a huge amount of money.


Similarly the process of the improvement of the text books in English and Urdu medium needs to be judged out for justification, accountability, efficiency, whether the book is potent, actual, based upon the facts, or it should be acceptable to the teachers that the book will not misguide the students. We had open no the schools, we upgrade colleges, we initiate universities but we do not go for monitoring of the expenditure to the relevant utility and benefit to the public. After all money is being spent by the government exchequer there should be some popular opinion about the school, the student should be attracted, teachers should be engaged in reality, parents should be involved. Trust is created only when we can see that education is flourishing. Schooling becomes only effective, if the students requirements are met by the State otherwise education at home, education at Mohalla is being sold on the different pattern, different style which is injurious to the fulfillment of education. If we examine carefully Fobia of ‘O’ or ‘A’ level, Pakistan is loosing brilliant students because the best students are chosen by Cambridge, international examination or other foreign university, and thus the cream of students is not available at the campus of our university. Similar situation is that of the medical doctors. The brilliant doctors in early fiftees left the country for improving the quality of their degrees and now they are settled abroad to increase income and they are recognized as best medical person internationally. So if we want to save the future of Pakistan, we have to look into our school education, college education and for career making of the young men and women in this country and to create opportunity for them so that intelligent people should work for the future of the country. There is need of initiative on the part of the government, areas of education, health and other reforms.


The Government of the Punjab has taken initiative with the great declaration of education for everybody, there is need that text books which are being introduced possess or contain the ideology of Pakistan and the teachers receive their refresher training course of the new methods and the parents are encouraged to send their children to these schools. Then only the dream of the Quaid-e-Azam and the spirit of his struggle for independence will find its fulfillment.



Education, as far has not attracted the vital persons in Pakistan, except a few changes, are being made here and there; but object and need for education is still to be prophesied. In myself fulfilling manner, I suggest a few changes – which to me are obvious, a key to success. I shall start from Para-Medical and Engineering. How brain drain takes place, without our knowledge?




To put a child in a Medical College, has become preception of many parents, and so as the children have developed, this phobia without any explanation, how and why they want to become doctors has spread enormously, some may emotionally reply for service to ailing human being, or to help others; many perhaps join this field considering it as ‘financial nightmare’. This idea to me is mental disaster for people of Pakistan. All top level students, gently and lovingly join this profession, either at the desire of parents or self-styled desire or environmentally being impressed by the status and security of working doctors. Although many possess versatile thinking, potentialities, enterprising brain – a philosophical ind – fantastic administrator and planning aptitudes, which is being drained in the field of Technology of Medicine and descriptive Engineering.   There are and there were and there will be a genius, at least 1 : 50000 in our population having political diversities, economical thoughts, international relations and current commercial system in the field of every day life – some do have potentialities and talents for athletics, games or defensive brains.    Everybody fit or unfit, is being pushed into medical field or Engineering on a criteria highest obtained marks in an examination without aptitude test, and without thinking future of the country.


What this country must have and how this national energy is bursting into a waste. We have to deviate from emotional tract to reality and sound ideas. We do need a new vision, of where we are going as a nation/ Future lives upto the promises of the present, soon we break through, that shall be benefited, in every field of Pakistan’s, affliction. This new attitude and understanding by me shall shed a helpful light on an old age – old proble of education and further planning in which I am keen.   This new idea might disturb a few, but I could request them with humble regards – they should consider, their country of their own, and people of the country as their off spring. To love a land and its containing, for me is a love to God.


Other problem of ours, today is poverty – due to lack of planning in many fields, urban decay – rural destruction, etc. I do not invite the conflicts here. If the brilliant students, having potentialities join medical colleges or Engineering to become Technocrates, naturally low level shall join arts to live in this world – some being shining, they transfer themselves to the opportunities of civil service of Pakistan or Defence Forces and rest adopt a missionary, form of a ‘teacher’ and a few designed themselves for people, by adopting a career of advocacy or editing or politics. These talented excels, rest of them, who, they seek jobs here and there, due to unskillness, they accept the fate to become a clerk or a primary teacher and this is a mass destruction.


What is a need now for this country – doctors, planners or politicians or scientists? For me country’s future is very vital and important, its existence is my need – its boundary security is my earnest desire, and every one of us should think like that. If we push potential people into technology – just as it is a promise of opportunity of better life – To whom we are going to give responsibility of quality to 3rd divisioner or trodden man – a man with less marks, do have some of the complex and how could he be a good administrator to bear on his shoulder, future of land of ours. This myth of top quality should be taken away – they cannot dispel all things. They are useful and productive persons. If top level are limited to Technocracy this is injustice to matters pertaining to Pakistan – quality always exist to utilize the quality is a problem. From psychiatrist’s point of view – identification of pre-convinced idea to become a doctor is a suspicion to dangers around. This curiosity and the enthusiasm for performance of service is to be ceased with. The attraction of treasure of an old member of Medical profession is to be ignored.




Some has discovered that all 1st Divisioners or top level are not genuine – this is a unique investigation. However, one can’t adhere to such opinion. Naturally Board have to adopt, achievement and fulfillment of their examination. May be 1 %, truth in such imagination – even mis-understoodness is eliminated. Hundreds of thousands of students or candidates themselves take test, nationalwise in the programme manned by Boards of Examinations. A few individual or groups, might find facility or sight be cared by friends or wide teacher, but this is a risky line. All, I am sure cannot play such game. If people say, let it be investigated gently. There are thoughts, that could help and guilty should not have an escape.   This requires honest and scientific planning and this is a national need.


The present top level Pakistani doctors have got remarkable achievement and richer contribution in skill of surgery and discipline of medicine. )some possess international reputation and recognition in their respective branches, but after reading their biographies, from their secret documents, for tunated division, in F. Sc is safe, obviously less than first). It is maintained, all famous doctors with high assignment, evenwere in possession of what is called less than 2nd division or second in their achievement of pre-medical examination and some even have taken repeated examination in F. Sc. In order to improve their division. A few have taken in, Medical College after B. Sc and few joined Medical College even after M. Sc.


I can tell, from my own experience about the excellence position – hard work, is a primary promise for Technological Institutions. The gauge of performance rejoicingly is limited to one particular path, which parroted. What, we need in Technocracy? Of course Not 1st Division – or high potential versetile brain. It is a will and a devotion necessity to become doctor and not division. There are several Doctors champions, unforgetable in this field, who commissioned themselves from licentiate platform and are at aspiringable for their performance. Hard work leads to success. Even middle brain can unveil. Amazingly brain drain is inside the country without our knowledge. It is true, some candidates were not upto the requirement for admission but were nominated and they are also good doctors. This is not to be ignorable. Celebration after admission in Medical College are not merely sign of such here of medicine. Unless, he possesses aptitude and devotion and sense of respect to the society with an aim of help to a needy.


Some doctors do dream for their off-spring to follow suit and plead that tools and technology of their life’s earning and established clinics and laboratories attached to are handy and perfect to run the show.   Though this is not an accurate thinking. Genetically doctors children are intelligent and can be directed towards inspiring country’s fate and they can be trimmed to be good planners for solving country’s problems. How logical am I in this theory? That top level should not join either Engineering or Medicine – as such they are wastage in Technocracy as compared to running the country.


Why we are becoming innocent and making easily ourselves victor of the land. By handing over the country’s administration to 3rd divisioners.





Let us enjoy the thrills of the youth. They can become Government officials, industrial leaders, Olympic champions and some may offer talents in defence services or Economics and planning Sociology and doctors. We, now need inventor of the impossible problems of Pakistan and solution.   And genius are available with creative brain. Do not let them go waste, use them to the maximum, test their aptitude, provide them laboratory of patriotism. No doubt, we too need, good doctors, and middle brain may be employed to help the ailing, folk. Before, ending my theory of factuality, I do stress for the gymnasium and military training. No nation can make any progress unless it adheres to discipline and sportsman’s spirit. To me military training and allied discipline and technology should be enforced in primary class for Pakistan, let us sow the seed of facts and get away from untruth pleasures. 




The following are reasons: -

1.            Government Machinery: Lack of the interest of Government machinery / administration.

2.            Lack of accountability for faults by the Government.

3.            Lack of interest, lack of potentially, dynamicity and integrity of executive head (Principal).

4.            Lack of interest of Heads of Departments for preparation of substitutes, before their retirement.

5.            Extraordinary and prolonged litigation between predecessor/ successor.

6.            Involvement of vested interests of retired professors to stick to chairs having obtained re-employments for more than 2 years to 6 years.

7.            Lack of social status of this college.

8.            Appointments of unqualified professors on contract, without PMDC approval.

9.            Starting of courses without proper teachers in DHE, M. Phil etc.


Lack of interest of Government Machinery/ Administration:


During past three years Professor Dr. Mrs. Shamim Raza Bokhari’s duration various complaints for irregularities have been published in National daily press, and Government have been receiving many such complaints, which has been dumped in the files and no action/ enquiry ever was conducted with the result, the College authority of that period had performed many irregularities, which have been pointed out recently in a meeting by the acting Principal, Professor Dr. A. U. Lone.

            For example: -

a.            Large number of admissions (57) in DPH against the PMDC rulings for 30 admission.

b.            Admission in DHE without proper sanction and without teachers and approval of the PMDC. The students were admitted without any professor, associate or assistant professor. A contract for two years was given to a gentleman ( Dr. Aman Ullah Khan) in Grade-20. His qualifications and teaching experience was not approved by PMDC and learned contractual professor left the job for lack want proper qulification but has availed the Government pay and other benefits for that period without giving any benefit to the College or education.   Similarly, contract for a professor of occupational health was given to Dr. Akhtar Mehmood, whose qualification were not approved by the PMDC he, too has left without any accountability.

c.            Hospital Administration Diploma Course: Two years ago Hospital Administration Course was started without sanction of any post of professor or associate/ assistant by the Government and approval of the PMDC till today, examination of 1st batch was conducted and recognition of this Diploma by PMDC is still in question.

d.            Conduction of the DPH Examination: The examination for DPH 1989-90 could not be held in time by the Principal intentionally in order to use the students for 2nd re-employment like in past, students of DPH from Gujrat were deployed for re-employment and in lieu they were promised bright future, and this has created the uncertainty among the students and they have gone to the court of law, who should be asked for their sufferings? Deputation of the students ends in Feb. 1990. They were examined in part-I in April, 1990 and when will be supplementary examination and part-II?

Utilization of the Funds

Funds have been used for the maximum to one department (Bacteriology) and expansion of spectrum of other departments were minimum and false impression of Ph.D courses has been created. A foreigner (Irani) Student of veterinary sciences was allowed to use Laboratory of Bacteriology.


Irregular Appointment of Administrative Staff:


Many people have been appointed by outgoing principal as pointed out by present Principal.


Utility of Welfare Funds:


Welfare funds have been used for personal motives and students were deprived.   In summary, many irregularities have been made by the former Principal, Government administration has not taken any action to check or accountability through enquiry committee with the result the deterioration continued to its peak.


Executive Head C. C. M


The executive head (Principal) was never keen to fill up the vacant posts and has not processed for upgradation and promotion of the present old four Associate Professors, but got split into groups. One group has gone to PMDC against Dr. M. A. Soofi, that being a dentist, he should not be appointed as Principal, under the blessing of the Principal. The PMDC in 73rd session, 9th April, 1988 discussed and made a decision.


The Council resolved that it was within the jurisdiction of Provincial Governments to appoint the Principal from amongst the Senior Professors to whom the Provincial Government consider fit to run Medical College or the Dental College irrespective of his speciality if he is a full time one of the Senior Professors of the College or the Institute. Other one has gone to the court of law Dr. Mrs. Rashida Sajjad against Dr.Mrs. Shamim Manzoor. With the result cases are hanging in the Lahore High Court since 1986. The sufferers (Associate Professors) stand as they were, and their respective departments and subject of speciality suffers from many zones of disappointment. The Principal, Dr. Mrs. Shamim Raza Bokhari made a strategy that nobody should become a professor so that she may be given re-employment for simple plea that there is no other professor except professor of Public Dentistry. Who should ask these things? Prior to 20th December, 1986, professor Dr. Nazir Alam Naru, was the Administrator. Professor Nazir Alam Naru and Professor Shamim Raza Bokhari remained in chains of litigation and no step for improvement was ever considered or scheduled.   Dr. Naru’s case lie with Supreme Court that Dr. Shamim Raza Bokhari does not posses degree, but she holds diploma and is not fit to become a professor and many raids of police were carried.   During professor Naru’s tenure at least he has not stopped development of other departments but it was impossible for him to produce effective results because, his destination was a chair, other party’s intention was to remove him from the chair. Moreover, Government has not made regular visits for detection of the misconduct’s and for some effective steps.   This is important in the growth of such departments, and no lesson was taken from the bad experience.


Lack of interest of Chairman of Department


When the present teachers were not promoted and they were not satisfied with their existing position. Quality of educational, promoters programme thus suffered. The teacher could not get confidence and it added to their anxiety concerning their future/promotion. Naturally willingness to any cause get decreased.


Large number of admission in all faculties for personal motive and interest has created lot of indiscipline which has resulted in decline of educational programme, which is evident that candidate should not take up the examination in time. Obviously, where there are no teachers, how such programme could be conducted?


Extra-ordinary litigation is not suitable to teachers of the ranks of professor being the scientists and educationist. They could not promote the substitute and their specialities in their own personal motives.   No book – No National participation.   This has already been explained.   All the venture was employed significantly to their own problems and thus the became rapid declination and there stands only one professor of Public Health Dentistry in the College who has got association with this Institution since 1974. 


M. Phil Course:


M. Phil has been stopped by PMDC meeting because of lack of teacher in 1988. Students were added on back dates. Irregular examination were conducted here.   Photocopy of admission of M. Phil as per register and no more is required to be entered.


The College and its public health speciality does not hold social status in the society.   The researchers have proved that the public health is the only science through which diseases can be controlled and public health workers in the other part of the world are recognised and they are provided better comforts for reason of their approach and effective education in reduction of diseases.   But in Pakistan against the advanced countries it is vice versa. The College is considered 3rd grade. To some extent lack of interest on the part of the Government.


It is first time, rarely the executive head had visited this College thrice and shown interest to immobilize the potential of the Institution. 


Formation of enquiry committee and action by the Government of Punjab:

1.            We have diagnosed the cause of the deterioration of as college and treatment is (a) removal of the cause (b) rehabilitation (c) prevention in future. A committee may be constituted to make enquiry the problems for solution. All those persons Principal, professors, who have not produced their substitutes and acquired re-employment or contract appointment, like retired professor of Bacteriology, professor of occupational health, retired professor Sanitary Engineering, retired professor Medical Entomology & Parasitology and so on. 

2.            Creation of posts of Assistant Professor related to all specialities may be evaluated and created and fresh entry may be made through public service commission. Such department, where there is no post of A. P.

3.            Research and publication incentive may be created to persuit of concept of the professor.

4.            The Principal possessing postgraduate qualification in public health may be appointed from among the cadre of this college, so that further uncertainty atmosphere of desolution or amalgamation of this institution may be taken away. 

5.            External lectures may involved as like in the past and the young teachers may be sent for higher education to abroad.

6.            The College should have standard at par with Administrative Staff College or Academy of Civil Servants, so that it environment may become more social and promotive. For updating the knowledge and application of the skill of public health the special courses and workshops may be encouraged. The students all the time are suppressed and depressed for reason of fear and method of examination. All those students, join this college hold a significant position in the society and shall have the significant position after the courses are over. But this is not practical with them. They are treated as the prisoners environments are unbecoming of the officers.

7.            This college may be declared at par with Medical Colleges and PGMI in the same cader so that teachers may have two ways flow and restriction of postgraduate higher qualifications for teachers of this college may be taken away.



By Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi

Life Member & Former

Finance Secretary of PMA


Some call this PMA a national organization, others call it a group of people vested interest or simply an ineffective body – but to me, it is a fascinating philosophy. Its meanings are enthusiasm – a revolutionary tide which exists for ailing humanity and certainty of architecturing and framing fraternity among colleagues of everywhere, at all times. This provides a guarantee to exist and stabilize its towers of social tasks linked with relief. More precisely, it is the highest dignified national platform and perhaps, there is no substitute for projection of profession or any other challenge.


                        To be in it, is a true pride

                        To be with it, is a profound tide.


PMA was of special interest to me, even when I was a student in Dental College and had many chances to attend the meetings of the executive (1952-56), at the residence of Late Dr. Riaz Ali Shah, who was a brilliant chest physician and a dedicated T. B. Worker who had attended Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah at Ziarat. This used to give me a satisfaction and a sense of pride. Dr. Amjad Riaz, perhaps was a student of 3rd year, and used to serve us with nice pastries and cakes with his innocent face. Dr. Amjad Riaz used to put up a film show of his Camera achievements with the behavioural pattern. His boosting characteristics was an effective source of pleasure to all in the green lawns at McLeod Road.


Thus after my graduation in 1956 from Punjab University, I was given the task of organizing the West Pakistan T. B. Patients Welfare Association (Now T. B. Association) by late doctor Riaz Ali Shah despite my basic degree of Bachelor of Dental Surgery. This speaks of my interest and confidence in the leadership of PMA. It is, of course, fascinating event, that a Dentist by profession decided to be dedicated in providing service to fellow men for the welfare, and imparting his knowledge and achievements of their interest. My job was also to provide the significance and developments in the field of tuberculosis to the public of Pakistan and to introduce the preventive measures.


The Health Ministry of that time gave a thought to my potentialities and thus for betterment and growth of my profession, I was posted at Sandeman (Civil) Hospital, Quetta (Baluchistan) as the first Dental Surgeon of Quetta/ Kalat. There too, I exhibited intensive attention of my mind and consistently achieved the blessings of attending meetings of Quetta PMA and inspired many high ideas hope and inspiration in organization.


At Lahore, it was no wonder but a normal phenomenon of the events, that I became very much proudly life member of the PMA to get into this family of the members who provide opportunities for doing social and medical science to common men. In no circumstances, I have booked myself with subscription but wanted to get gracious occasion to work for PMA in rural area and perhaps for other problems of the Country as well. My better half, a graduate in Medicine and Surgery brimmed with sense of religion, civics and other humanities also decided to became a dedicated worker of PMA for restoration of our confidence and pride in the future planning of PMA. From this day, our combined positive efforts creative energies and thoughts beamed out to carry the message of PMA to the entire people of Pakistan.


In the flood of 1973, both of us assigned ourselves a duty of operations of medical relief in the flood affected areas and in the areas of flowing water of Ravi on Shahdara Road. This might perhaps because our own house was not accessible due to heavy floods. Lucky were we, that Professor Abdul Aziz reknowned Chest Physician and President of National Association, patronized our humble self help services to the people of flood affected area and from this day onward, PMA gained the championship of the social services. This too, added the confidence in PMA and little services of their members, to a greatest event added to their career of PMA. This enjoyable proof became known to the public and Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto on 18th August in his gigantic countrywise tour was rusted halted by this humble worker of PMA on G. T. Road. There was no badge of PMA but the PMA letter head hanging out on my chest acted as a fluorescent light to the Head of the State, when he was asking about the contribution of PMA on G. T. Road Ferozewala, the worker who himself was a flood affectee and a member of the team of this great society. This journey of social services in a time of crises continued in later years. Mr. Bhutto was also informed about the services rendered by Dr. Mrs. Iqbal Soofi at a certain camps of PMA. She was taken respectfully to a public place (Imamia Colony) where Prime Minister was addressing. The Prime Minister of Pakistan wholeheartedly appreciated the services of the two membes of PMA in these challenging times. And this task continued in flood of 1973 and 1976. We had the honour of having pioneered the relief work. This may be reason, that we ourselves are affected and this may be due to my hereditary channel of social worker. I had rendered suchservices in 1953 flood and 1961 cyclon of East Pakistan. We had also rendered our services in War of 1965. Doing social welfare work is a part of my nature.


On my return from United Kingdom, after completion of a course of Diploma in Preventive Dentistry 1970, I was assigned a post at Civil Hospital, Mardan, my most repressional days, but I succeded to establish a Branch of PMA Mardan and Nowshera. It was difficult to tie the members in confidence of the leadership of the PMA, however I was elected Finance Secretary of this Branch. Under this national flag I held, seminars, clinical meetings and arranged social get togethers both in Peshawar and Mardan which contributed to the building up of PMA.


When war was initiated by Israel on the Muslims of Syria, Egypt and other boundaries of Muslim population in Middle East. The PMA massively stepped forward for collection of blood among the college students for sending over to the wounded Arab brothers. This act of PMA proved a marble road of relationship with the brethren countries. My job was to address the students in thousands and to convince them for donation of blood. In a very cheerful atmosphere the youth of our nation came forward with a rhythmatic sense of devotion humbly. They extended their arms for tying the knot of friendship with Muslim Countries. Team under the leadership of the then President of Lahore Branch Mr. Bashir A. Malik created more intensity for doing such magnificent task, both for our own country and for our Muslim brethren. The collection of blood was completed and a standard container was sent over to the Middle East through special carrier. Iqbal Sirhandi a blood collector. PMA has marked super travel to the road of enterprise of social services. During this period my personal liking had developed, it was a source of enjoyment for me and of course, it also increased my sense of responsibility towards humanity at large.


PMA activities in a rural camp were very striking. Some criticized it, and some called it a wastege of time, others called it a balloon that would soon brust and some saw this as a means of access to the corridors of power, but my sole objective was to benefit the common man in the rural areas where approach to a doctor or a specialist, or a Professor and to a scientist is very negative. Last year after the 4th day of the death of my dear father, I and my wife both were at a rural camp Sharifpura whee not even a single Cabinet Minister was invited. We installed a camp and I worked there reviving the memory of my late father who was a social worker in his own right. PMA continues to increase my confidence and application of my services continue to enrich the development of PMA.

PMA’s participation in the flood, a national enemy No. 1 is a big investment for framing opportunities to strengthen the relation both with the public and the intelligentia. This system has formed a model of trust in the capital of the country and in other corners of commercial and economic chambers of the nation. The credit goes to the high command of the PMA for acquiring the medicines, the money, volunteers and operational sense for establishing rural and flood dispensaries. There should be no hostility to put a pressure to decrease such activities of PMA.


Federal Minister, Malik Miraj Khalid in many occasions paid high regards to the workers and establishment for doing such useful tasks when the nation needed them badly. The Chief Justice of Lahore High Court his lordship, Sheikh Mohammad Iqbal also paid tribute to this class of society and he also made an appeal to other such organizations that they should also adopt this attitude of service to the needy mankind. The public holds high opinion so as to appreciate the government. Many of us are reknowned due to PMA because the organization has a lot of contributions. In many rural areas, professors, senior professors, have sacrified their Sundays for preservation of history of PMA. Popular sources proved useful for many villages. We gained knowledge regarding the habits of the people, instincts of the population, beliefs of the youth, desires of the old hopes and fears of the young and we also got information regarding the need of various areas.

The reknowned professors of our medical institutes need to be mentioned for their wonderful performance at the rural camps and at the office of the PMA for examining the patients, however, each Sunday, the reduction fee of Rs. 15/- was charged from a patient who could afford it and the same was sent to the budget of the PMA. This affection of our professors and their industrious tasks is a feeling of admiration and source of growth for human welfare. This gives wholeness to our minds, culture, and thoughts regarding the national organization and the people.


PMA played a role in social get togethers, clinical meetings, refresher courses, preventive tasks, efforts for belief in population planning, national and international problems. What I understood it to be a process of learning. Gradually, relations are constructed with the world of intellectuals and this is a simple and wealthy explanation. My stay with PMA was enjoyable and splendid even though some times I got disappointed, my services and my wife services for the cause of PMA were not for any individual but for constructing a bridge between a member and a friend, a colleague and a partner. To be in PMA is highly stimulating and sometimes it is a challenge. We have accepted this challenge to expend our energy for the well being of society. It is a satisfying instinct and therefore PMA is entering into a history no less than that of a literature for social performance. Let us rise above our differences and start working selflessly so that the ability of the individual man may not be destroyed but is given a chance to exhibit itself delightfully.

My experience as flood worker, blood collection worker and as organizer of seminars has fulfilled the ambition for which I decided to become a member. 



In 1968 the PMA completes 20 years of its existence and it is gratifying to note that during this period it has to its credit a noteworthy record of overall progress in various spheres of its activities.   This period can easily be divided in two decades 1948-1958 and 1958-1968 for purposes of stock-taking.


Looking back, one finds the sailing was neither so easy nor smooth, but with Almighty’s help and willing sincere cooperation of all, it was able weather all storms and leave many a milestone on the way signifying positive achievements both in national and international fields.



Inauguration, Constitution and Organization

PMA came into being in the year 1948 and was founded by the Late Dr. N. Ahmed at Chittagong (East Pakistan). A detailed Constitution was drafted and approved and the Association registered under the Registration of Societies Act XXXI of 1860. Its formal inauguration was performed by the Father of the Nation, our beloved late Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Since at that time, Karachi happened to be the metropols of the country, it naturally was the hub of all national activity. Therefore, for its development and growth, the headquarters of PMA too were shifted to Karachi. Here the work of organizing it on sound lines was seriously taken up.


Soon after, the next step, viz to organize and open branches at Provincial and District levels to make the working of the Association broad based and effective was taken.   Branches were established all over the country and with the efficient services rendered by its office bearers and with the enthusiastic support of members its activities became all embracing.



Right from the date of its inception in 1948, PMA adopted cyclones, epidemics, earthquakes etc.


PMA did all this in those initial days of its existence when like other national ventures, it was in the embryo stage and had to start from scratch. There was no organization, no past traditions and nothing practically to fall back upon. But so unmatched was the zeal and fervor at that time that it responded with full force and devotion to the call of the Nation whenever it came. These efforts of PMA were greatly appreciated by the Government and the public at large which provided it the much needed incentive and encouragement. This is how PMA got a good start and went on to gather momentum. 


In the beginning the total membership of PMA stood at a very small figure. Butt the process of consolidation continued though in view of meager resources, the rate of progress could not be very fast. In time it grew into a full-fledged organization with Branches in different parts of the country. Still there was a lot more to be done which required the necessary manpower of which there was an overall shortage in practically every field of national activity.   Actually it was more pronounced and acute in the important sphere of public health and medical service.   However, inspite of all these handicaps. PMA was never found wanting or lagging behind and came forward to contribute its bit, even in those hard and trying times.



As early as 1948, it sent a medical mission to khokropar to attend to the continuous stream of refugees from across the border, uprooted from their homeland and pouring into Pakistan. Not only that a team of medical men and student volunteers were deputed for work during the floods in the Punjab, and offered relief to afflicted people who suffered disasters in Chittagong, Hyderabad and Khairpur Divisions.




In the same year World Medical Association the mother organization of all national Medical Associations of the world was founded and Pakistan Medical Association became its Founder Member, thus furthering the cause of medical profession, science and education in the country. Local clinical meetings and medical conferences were organized, bringing together the members of the profession.   The First Biennial All Pakistan Medical Conference at the national level, took place at Dacca under the Chairmanship of Dr. N. Ahmed, its First President.   This laid the foundation of having such moots at regular intervals with the Second Conference in Karachi under the Chairmanship of its 2nd President Late Commodore Jelal M. Shah, followed by 3rd 4th and 5th Biennial Medical Conferences at Lahore, Peshawar and Dacca were under the Chairmanship of Dr. K. B. Mohammad Yusuf. Dr. Munawar Ali and Dr. Alhaj Mohammad Hossain respectively.   They were succeeded by Dr. A. M. Khan, Dr. Habib Patel; Dr. Syed A. K. Mohd. Hafizur Rahman and Dr. Hamid Ali Khan. 


The Hon. Secretaries General who had the honour to serve the Pakistan Medical Association (centre) were : Dr. Khabir (Dacca) Dr. W. A. Alvi and Dr. H. R. Khan (from 1958).


2ND DECADE 1958-68

This rate of progress continuated unabated for quite some time and the organization kept pace with the time. But towards the end of 1st Decade, certain unfortunate happenings and developments took place in the country affecting adversely all spheres of national activities and Pakistan Medical Association was no exception to that. A sense of lethargy and apathy had also set in the Organization.   This was part of the whole national scene and Pakistan Medical Association could not be an isolated phenomenon to that.

The Pakistan Medical Association activities were at their lowest ebb, when new elections took place in November 1958 and Alhaj Dr. Mohammad Hossain became the President. At that time, the National Headquarters of Pakistan Medical Association had no administrative setup worth the name, in as much as that its work was being looked after by only a part time clerk-cum typist, with one man in the Journal plus a peon. 

As mentioned earlier under the new Pakistan Medical Association set up at the National level Alhaj Dr. Mohammed Hossain was elected as the President and the office of Secretary General went to Dr. H. R. Khan. On assumption of office, they started in right earnest to put the organization or more sound footing.   The activity in West Zone became more effective after 1964. It was the personal efforts of the new President Dr. Syed Hafizu Rahman with the active cooperation of some other enthusiastic members of the Lahore Branch, specially Dr. Riazul Hasan, Dr. R. Chowdhury, Dr. Mohd. Yaqin and Dr. S. S .Bokhari that a new life was infused in the West Zone.


As a first step the long overdue West Zone Conference and elections to the different offices were held in the year 1965 bringing Dr. M. H. Toos as the President who with the help and assistance of his energetic Secretary Dr. Mohd. Yaqin and other devoted and active members set out to reorganize the whole structure of the West Zone. Soon afterwards Dr. Toosy became the Secretary Health Government of West Pakistan, Lahore and his induction that office added new vigour and strength into the Association creating new branches and putting life into old ones. Dr. Toosi was succeeded by Professor S. M. K. Wasti a person of indefatigable energy and devotion in the cause of the Pakistan Medical Association. The number of branches in West Zone increased considerably bringing new blood and energy in the fold of Pakistan Medical Association. The Pakistan Medical Association, East Zone on the other hand was all through better organized and fully alive to its responsibilities.


Thus Pakistan Medical Association once again got into full swing and there was all round activity. Efforts to enrole it as a member of the Confederation of Medical Association in Asia and Oceania and got it mutually affiliated with the British Medical Association materialized in 1960.   In the year 1962 the Commonwealth Medical Association came into existence and that Pakistan Medical Association for the first time presented a memo: to the Planning Commission to make adequate provisions for medical and health services in the five year plan. This interest on the part of Pakistan Medical Association was very much appreciated by the authorities and the Planning Division.  




In 1960, it was rumoured that strong measures, were being contemplated to control and regulate the practice of doctors by prescribing a schedule of fees etc. Pakistan Medical Association immediately prepared a Memorandum on the subject and submitted it to the Medical Reforms Commission which had been constituted to go into this and other issues connected with the scientific medical profession.    As a result of this timely action Pakistan Medical Association succeeded in its mission and no such restrictions were imposed, thanks to the helpful and sympathetic attitude of the then Central Health Minister General W. A. Burki. Thus Pakistan Medical Association tried to protect and safeguard as best as it could the interests, rights and privileges of the scientific medical profession.   Later Pakistan Medical Association also approached the Government to implement the recommendations of the Medical Reform Commission with regard to pay and status of the scientific medical profession. 



In 1961, the Pakistan Medical Association succeeded in getting five seats reserved in all the Medical colleges of the country for the children of the practitioners of scientific medical profession. For this it had been trying for the last several years and succeeded through the sympathetic consideration given by the then Central Health Minister General W. A. Burki.



Since long Pakistan Medical Association had been fighting all along and making the Government realise that in the interest of national health one system of medicine i.e. scientific system of medicine should continue to be recognized by the Government. In the year 1962 a Resolution was passed at World Medical Association Meeting at Helsinki which supported the same view.   A copy of this was forwarded to the President of Pakistan and Central Health Minister. However, for reasons best known to the authorities, it was thought advisable to give recognition to other system of medicine also.   Still the scientific system continues to be the predominant system practiced in the land.   Although the practitioners of other systems ostensibly claim to be practicing in their own system yet they are making liberal use of the drugs and medicines of the scientific system. Pakistan Medical Association has time and again pointed out this malpractice and impressed upon the authorities the need to restrict he practitioners of other system to confine their practice to their own particular systems.


However, Pakistan Medical Association succeeded in getting some amendments made in the Drug Act – 1940 which put certain restrictions on the practice of drugs and medicines. One of its salient features was that no patient medicine or drug pertaining to any system of medicine could be sold in the market without displaying its ingredient on the label.    Similarly, it was laid down that no drug or medicine could be sold openly on wayside stores or shops by unauthorized people. 




The year 1965 proved to be another important year and a landmark both in the history of Pakistan and the Pakistan Medical Association. It was in this year that Pakistan became the victim of an act of wanton aggression and uncalled for attack by India whose armed forces crossed the international border without any notice or warning. The country was faced with grave national emergency and a call was made to the nation by the President F. M. Mohd. Ayub Khan. In keeping with its traditions, Pakistan Medical Association responded with full force to the call of the nation and went ahead to do its share in the national emergency. It acted with alacrity and speed and sent a call to all the branches throughout the length and breadth of the country to augment Government efforts in the medical field. Medical men as a profession, worked hard to provide relief and succor both to the civilian population and at the front.


Civil Defence and First Aid Training Centres, Casualty Clearing, Refugees, Relief Centres, Free Canteen and Free Medical Stores were organized in both the wings of the country to render help to the affected and needy. About 20,000 volunteers and 200 nurses were trained to assist the medial profession in any eventuality in some areas of West Pakistan alone, apart from thousand others in various parts of the Province. 


In addition, Pakistan Medical Association members offered their services to the military authorities for work on the front and visited forward areas in all sectors to provide medical aid and relief to the displaced persons and also to the war victims. Such was the fervor and enthusiasm among the profession that in response to a call from Defence authorities a number had to return dejected.




Pakistan Medical Association has not been confining its activities to emergencies alone, but has been carrying on regular campaign to eradicate many social evils which directly or indirectly affect the health and well being of the people. In this regard, Pakistan Medical Association launched a drive against quackery and other unhealthy practices in the country. 


It approached the Radio and Television authorities and succeeded in the stoppage of advertisement about cigarettes and medicines in their commercial programme which could result in an increase in the smoking of the people and other hazards leading to ill-health. It also tried for the discontinuance of obscene advertisements in the lay press which are responsible for the moral and mental degradation of the ignorant masses.



Unfortunately, there have been many currents and cross currents going on in the country, trying to hit at the very foundations of the scientific medical profession putting its very existence at stake. It is a pity that due to this situation the Pakistan Medical Association has not been able to get enough respite to devote its entire energies towards constructive channels.   Many conflicting forces have been at play and it has for the last few years been busy facing one challenge or another from different directions. 


Perhaps it could contribute a bit more towards the public welfare and well being, if these energies were not spent in counteracting these evil forces which are bent upon ruining the very health fabric of the country.   The latest challenge in this direction is from the unqualified practitioners who are making continued and persistent efforts and resorting to all sorts of tactics. 


However, inspite of this waste of energy, Pakistan Medical Association has tried to do its bit for the betterment of public health in general. It is wide awake to its responsibilities and is facing every challenge squarely. 


In this regard, various Pakistan Medical Association delegations waited on the Central and the Provincial Health authorities and a number of memoranda presented on this an number of other issues e.g. Liberal participation of Pakistan Medical Association delegation in the international medical conferences standardization of Drugs and Medicines in the country, grant appropriate status to the medical profession, creation of Medical Service of Pakistan appointment of Experts Commission to survey the rural health scene formation of Medical Development Corporation etc. etc.



In the year 1965, a solid anti-quackery campaign was started by the Pakistan Medical Association (Centre) and its public relation activities increased manifold. A number of articles, letters and news items concerning Pakistan Medical Association activities have been contributed in different newspapers all over Pakistan.   The result is that now Pakistan Medical Association is much better known among the public and in official circles than ever before.   No criticism of the scientific profession by the protagonists of other systems or by unqualified is allowed to go unnoticed and is always properly replied to and public minds cleared of misgivings which the enemies of the scientific system are trying to create. Also anything in recognition of the scientific system is acknowledged and duly appreciated. Off and on there appear material concerning topics of common interest to the public and the profession. So far contributions on subjects like Adulteration of Food and the need for a Drug and Food Administration. Why Decry Allopathy, Rural Health, Amenities and facilities needed for doctors to man the rural health centres, Imports of Medicines vis a vis the indigenous and local medicines, Health Education and the Value and Importance of Scientific Medicine to the country etc, have been made. 


Similarly Pakistan Medical Association members have been taking part in Television and Radio Programmes connected with Public Health in general and have also given Talks, interviews or have taken part in discussions over Radio and Television etc. Efforts are also made to keep a liaison with the pharmaceutical industry.  


Similarly other branches of Pakistan Medical Association have been vigilant and active in public relations work. Thus Pakistan Medical Association is a living organization, wide awake to fulfil its responsibilities.


In addition (i) Public Relations and (ii) Vigilance and Ethics Committees were formed in various branches to watch not only the activities of quacks but also to look after the health of the people and make the view point of the scientific profession known to members of the National and Provincial Assemblies and other responsible people.



Service to the nation has been a matter of daily routine with Pakistan Medical Association and problems of national interests such as Health Education are attended to by means of popular lectures or talks over the Radio and Television and also through popular magazines, national press. For this purpose, it started a number of its own publications, e.g. an Urdu Monthly namely HAMARA DOCTOR issued from Karachi and SUSTHA JIBAN (Bengali) a quarterly from East Pakistan. The Pakistan Medical Association (East Zone), issues a medical journal from Dacca, while Pakistan Medical Association (West Zone), Lahore publishes its own quarterly Medical Bulletin from Lahore.


To promote medical and other allied sciences, the Central Association had started publishing a monthly Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association (Centre) since its very inception.   As an official organ of the Pakistan Medical Association the Journal is very useful and widely read and has been making steady progress, especially with regard to its general get up and standard of the articles published.   The credit for this goes to the Chairman, Editorial Board, The Editor, Managing Secretary and the members of the Editorial Board. It was as a result of their sustained efforts and hard work that it could attain a standard which has put it on the international mailing list and got another international recognition by its inclusion in Index-Medica. 


In order to be of greater service to the community some of Pakistan Medical Association branches run and maintain free dispensaries and Drug Banks in collaboration with other social and welfare agencies, like Lions Club and APWA etc. for the poor and the needy.



Similarly Pakistan Medical Association responded to the appeal to provide help and succor to our brethren during the recent Middle East Crisis and War with Israel.    Drugs, Medicines and other articles were collected and volunteer corpse of doctors and nurses organized for dispatch to the affected areas. Blood transfusion sets and other life saving drugs were collected in collaboration with the social agencies and sent to the respective areas.



P.M.A. has always collaborated with the Government and has ungrudgingly given, whenever asked professional and expert advice, assistance and cooperation to the authorities and other organized bodies and agencies in the field of national health and medical sciences.



The Pakistan Medical Association has also been taking due share in the future planning of the Health Sector and has been associated with the Planning Commission in the formulation of the 2nd and 3rd Five Year Plans. In the year 1959 Pakistan Medical Association submitted a Memorandum to the Planning Division for the Second Five Year Plan.   Among other things, it dealt with the following important points relating to:


1.            Provision of adequate safeguard for the rights and privileges of the members of the scientific medical profession.

2.            Urging upon Government the need to force the foreign pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan to establish h their factories in the country so that in time to come Pakistan may become self sufficient in the important field of drug manufacture. 


This was highly appreciated by the Planning Commission. Again the Planning Commission asked Pakistan Medical Association for submission of a comprehensive action programme for the development of health in the private sector. A draft report was prepared and approved by a Sub committee. It was then submitted to the Planning Commission and some of the recommendations were duly incorporated in the Plan. To solve the health problem, it would soon be undertaking a survey in collaboration with the Planning Division to devise ways and means to provide adequate medical facilities to the rural areas. 



On invitation from Pakistan Tariff Commission, Pakistan Medical Association attended a number of investigations conducted by it in the local pharmaceutical industry in various parts of the country practically every year, to give its views on different aspects of the industry. The Commission went thoroughly into various aspects of drug manufacture in the country and always gave due weight to the opinion of the medical profession. 


The Association while attending these meetings, impressed upon the Government the need to keep the prices of drugs and medicines as low as possible within the reach of the common man.


Pakistan Medical Association also takes keen interest in other activities connected with the public health and well being and is represented on the following Committees:


1.            Health Education Committee.

2.            Medical Research Council.

3.            Pharmaceutical Survey Committee.

4.            Narcotics Committee.

5.            National Technical Institution for Family Planning.



The Association has always viewed with concern the expenditure of large amounts of foreign exchange every year on the import of medical equipment and drugs from foreign countries. It feels that it is high time now to make the country self sufficient not only in the manufacture of standard drugs and medicines but also in the basic manufacture of these drugs.   With this end in view it keeps a close liaison and contact with the Pharmaceutical industry of the country. In this connection Pakistan Medical Association submitted a Memo to the Planning Division, Government of Pakistan which was high appreciated.



The Pakistan Medical Association has for some time past been trying to find out some way or the other so that the families of the doctors many also be able to live a respectable and secure life in case of the death of the earning member.   Various methods were planned and one of them was the creation of Benevolent Fund. However, this scheme has so far not succeeded as there has been very little response from the members up to this time.


Another scheme that could properly and adequately benefit the doctors families was thought to be GROUP INSURANCE SCHEME. In this connection inquiries were made by Dr. S.I.M.G., Mannan, President Elect, Pakistan Medical Association (Centre) according to which the families of the member doctors can be well protected against the payment of a nominal premium within the reach of every member. Thus arrangements may soon be finalized if more members take advantage of this scheme. 


In the international field Pakistan Medical Association has been trying its best to enlarge its sphere of contact and activities with other sister organizations of the World. The first All Pakistan Conference was held in Karachi in 1951 in which a beginning was made by inviting medical delegates from different countries of the world to attend the Conference thereby laying a tradition for international cooperation which has grown manifold with the passage of time. 


Pakistan Medical Association is founder member of the World Medical Association and has played constructive role in its activities. One of its Past Presidents Dr. Munawar Ali served on the Council for many years.   Recently Dr. Hamid Ali Khan our retiring President made valuable contribution in the World and secured an honourable place for Pakistan in the World Medical Association.  He was elected to the Council against his Indian opponent securing 40 votes as against 15 of the Indian delegate.


In the year 1962 there was an agreement for mutual affiliation between the British Medical Association.   As a result of this members of the Pakistan Medical Association when they happen to be in United Kingdom got all the facilities, privileges and benefits enjoyed by the members of the British Medical Association.   A joint meeting with them took place in Karachi towards the end of 1966 when Dr. Hamid Ali Khan President Pakistan Medical Association was also installed as President, British Medical Association, an honour which had come for the first time to an Asian. During 1967he was appointed as Visiting Professor of Paediatrics, first at the University of Edinburgh and later at the Institute of Child Health and Hospital for Sick Children Great Armond, London, a world renown centre for post-graduate training in Paediatrics. It was, for the first time, that a person outside England was appointed on its senior staff, a rare honour for Pakistan and Pakistan Medical Association.   At the last meeting of the British Medical Association he was honoured by the University of Bristol by conferment of Honorary Degree of M.D.   Early this year Pakistan Medical Association President has also been honoured with the Presidentship of the Afro-Asian Paediatrics Association.


The Association is also a member of the Commonwealth Medical Association and of the Confederation of Medical Associations in Asia and Oceania.   It is keenly interested in the development and growth of Commonwealth Medical Association and its Immediate Past President, Dr. A. K. Md. Hafiz ur Rehman has just finished his term of office as the President of the Commonwealth Medical Association.


In additional a number of other Pakistan Medical Association members got international recognition. Since then a number of medical moots of an international character have taken place, bringing Pakistan to the forefront in the medical world. The standard of these conferences has in no way been lower than any held in other advanced countries of the world. In 1966, Pakistan was the venue of the two important international medical conferences namely the Jt. Meeting of the British Medical Association and Pakistan Medical Association, the 3rd Council meeting of the Commonwealth Medical Association and in early 1968 the 3rd Afro-Asian Paediatrics Conference. 


Not only that Pakistan Medical Association has also been sending its members abroad to attend these international medical moots.   These apart from providing an insight into the latest medical techniques developed in the advanced countries of the world, impart additional knowledge and experience which is being made use of profitably in the country for the improvement and betterment and national health. Not only that Pakistan Medical Association delegates made use of these opportunities to project the correct image of Pakistan in foreign lands and foiled the evil designs of our enemies who are always vigilant to get hold of any chance to harm our cause in international forums and gatherings.


These Pakistan Medical Association visits have not been confined to countries of West only but delegations have also visited some important countries of the East too. In 1952 a delegation of 14 persons went to USSR and in 1958 a team of 17 persons visited the Peoples Republic of China.



As is well known the ambit of cooperation and collaboration in the RCD Region is expanding fast and every day sees a stride forward in this endeavor.   A further extension of this cooperation would be provided in the field of public health an medical services through the idea of having RCD Medical Association. The lead in this behalf was provided by the Pakistan Medical Association, and efforts are afoot for the formation of the above Association. Lot of spade work has already been done in this direction and it is hoped soon a meeting of three national medical associations would take place to give final shape to this idea, thus bringing still closer the people of this Region.



PMA has been greatly concerned with the question of brain drain from the country in general and the exodus of doctors in particular.   The matter was taken up with the Ministry of Health and it was pointed out that it was not due to any lack of love, devotion or patriotism but the main reason was lack of proper amenities and facilities and status. 


PMA also took up the question of unethical behaviour of some doctors abroad and requested for remedial measures. At the same time the complaint of contracted terms and conditions by certain countries was also brought to their notice. The Ministry of Health promised to look into the former but expressed its inability to interfere in the latter, since the doctors to that particular country had gone of their own.    This was very astonishing and PMA requested not to allow such unrestricted flow of its technically qualified personnel on whom lot of money was spent by the State. It was suggested that in future to safeguard the interests of members of the profession PMA should be associated with such recruitment for which it would be only too willing to offer its help and services.


Thus it would be seen that Pakistan Medical Association has been developing to sounded lines and in each Wing of the country annual medical conferences, clinical meetings, seminars symposia, etc. on various medical subjects are held which provide an opportunity for bringing the medical profession together for the advancement of the medical science and practice in the country.


Still Pakistan Medical Association has to traverse a long way and attain heights for a stronger and effective organization dedicated to the service of suffering humanity a lofty aim indeed.   It is a long way to make Pakistan Medical Association as strong as British Medical Association and American Medical Association but lofty aims backed by honest, sincere and determined efforts never fail.



Happiness is a relative term associated with need, temperament and resources. Some people are satisfied and happy with meager resources as such, their requirement is specified and the type of individual are benefited through their specific programme at home with family.

Some people, even with rich academic qualifications, experience skill and wealth are not happy not concerned with vocational programme/ achievements. Life experience of educational academic and professional go waste. Theydemonstrate personal view of financial gain, this provides them happiness.

There would be no general rules for entrance to happiness. This pertains to wide disparity between circumstances between individual and his thinking relavent to service to humanity. It is difficult to determine capability and suitability of individual and we can’t put any condition of entering to happiness. We can oly demonstrate our own experience in contact with happiness.


I had to be in mother womb in embryic life for 42 weeks in three trimesters as choice of nature. Thus my first perception to happiness begins with formation of embryo are remain in my mother womb for about 9 months. During this period I was watching outside day and night that my parents were friendly affectionate to each other disciplinary, happy and had concentrated their full energy towards honest earnings and simple living and they too watched my 9 months developmental stage in embryic life with their opportunity of satisfaction and happiness. I watched this phenomena that no enthusiasm of any nature of my parents was expressed to be rich with illegal means in addition in house my loving mother and kind father were integrated with love, devotion and respect to each other and now worry about the type of issue or birth and they had love and affectionate attitude towards relatives and elders. They both had temperament of assisting others people and relatives in their need. So, I had ease, satisfaction and convenience embroying life that provide me happiness too my parents were regular at prayer and they were acting their life fairly to each other. Perhaps they believed Allah loves, those act fairly. 


Soon after my birth or my establishment as a child (male) under difficult days, as there was no medical aid but multi-disciplinary long prayers of my grandfather Maulvi Bakhtawar and my mother Kareem Jan and other relatives, all were enriched with happiness. My grandfather sounded loudly in my two ears right and left- Allah is great – Allah is great – Allah is great - on my birth I was given correct information. This serman ‘Azan’ was editinal on first day of my life and it was localized in my brain and then my face was smiling, as witnessed by my parents and they offered thanks, prayers when I opened the eyes and got the happiness from this day onwards, each act of my development was satisfied happy, gay and charmful. I never sustained gloominess even at odd time. After birth my mother expressed happiness and provide me breast feeding and warmly I was cared. Whole family was happy, my grandfather Maulvi Bakhtawar, who was old & sick but he was alert said, “If I could fly, I should have done at the birth of my grandson. If I could die with disease, I would have died before. The expression of my grandfather provided me another sound way of happiness. So there was an institute of happiness around me. In my cradle, relatives used to visit and provide me love.

ADVICE - If you want to be happy.

  • Make analysis of your life-style / strategies towards family life and show effectiveness towards the productivity of family happiness.
  • Be affectionate, respect, love and forgive, show tolerance, it will create soothing atmosphere.
  • Self management with love and tolerance will structure of happiness in your life and past performance may not be repeated and develop honesty and acquire professional satisfaction for your happiness.
  • Once you have identified yourself as tolerant and no hate this will give happiness. You will arrange a desk to demonstrate your happiness to other.
  • Economic Resources strengthening phenomenon has no limit. You may plan to be economical this might not give you real core of happiness.
  • Legislature, I am not here for legislation or registration of your mind but you should demonstrate source of happiness in all respect. This is your own will and ability to get happiness through your own means and environment by giving help to others, who need your skill and who have been supporting your studies through prayers (near relatives and neighbourers).


After my retirement, happiness exist tremendously to me in all respect of my past 35 years of professional life in various places of services, learning, caring to patients, teaching to students, studying, individual assignment, research projects, courses and study plans, assisting WHO and PMDC with my ideas and leaving contribution of 142 scientific papers, reading papers in National and International 52 conferences in Pakistan, outside for example and representing my college and country in 9 international conferences at U.K. Norway, Bharat, Japan, Turkey, France, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan but with all this when I reached at the grave of my mother and father and & grand parents at Harripur and reviewed their labour, love, devotion and attachment in building my personality. It was a great satisfying situation and happiness that their child (Aslam) to whom they showed their expertise of their life has retired as a head of postgraduate Medical Instituion / Chairman Department of Dental Public Health, College of Community Medicine, Lahore on 28.07.1991 and counted my life of happiness as, it was taught to me. 

                        “Work hard consistently, persistently, devote to you ideas to public and new generation and services without return” live morally & simply, remain true to commitment and extend love and integrity to your family relatives and countrymen.

My mother told me, when you are grown up, act like tree with fruit, it provide shelter, be kind to others. At the grave of parents and at my birth place Haripur Hazara I revived my past of school, before partition, what I was? What I am tody? How we have been treated by Hindu as sub-cost “Shooder”. We could not touch their tumbler or place. We as a Muslim were not wealthy, not educated, we were just living with our means of earning. Our female (girls) were not admitted in schools there were no school for girls. Hindu was in domination, Pakistan was a dream when Pakistan came into being on 14th August, 1947. Thus I gained happiness with such triumph of life. So my life has got intimation to involve other people into this happiness circle and provide my experience. Pakistan is blessing on 13th August 1947, we were saved on 14th Aug 1947 and we were free nation. Pakistan is biggest happiness, I had worked a lot as school boy.  


Traditionally, happiness has got low priority in the activities in developing world after retirement. The main reasons are resources of the individual and there are many other obligations as relatively need and necessity of retired persons. However, in the last twenty to thirty years, major changes have occurred in happiness pattern globely. The happiness after retirement in the industrialized world has markedly improved people at the age of 65 to 75 years spend much of time and money making, sight seeing and other such social events in accordance to their society and belief. Some people involve themselves in social work or most of the retired people are involved into religion.

The pattern and trend need to be monitored for demonstration to others. The developed world has created a charm of enjoyment after retirement whereas in our country average age is 59 years and retiring age is 60 years in addition burden of children, marriages, construction of house, insecurity of health as compared to developed is higher and it requires serious matter to be considered. And happiness is rare. Tension and depression, loneliness is there. 

It has been practically proved in the developed world that happiness is possible. Therefore, out of knowledge gained by the world, it should be adopted and due to happiness life will improve. There is need to study the system for developing this attitude. If one accepts these principles that one has to retire and one has to die, live happily.


Our country Pakistan is in the process of developing economic system. We are lacking in Economics, we lack in Education, we lack in Energy, we lack in efficency, we lack in   recognizing enemy, we lack in doctors because we are developing nation. Private industry is bound to increase resources and naturally this will effect the health and health care system lack of disease will improve life span and study may be studied to achieve this type of pattern.

Cost of living and feasibilities of production growth are different at present. Therefore, happiness based upon economics and social growth cannot be accompanied to ourlivng standard. If we analyse our economic data for year 2010-11, our total outlay is 2.76 trillion deficit and 850 billion and Rs. 1.34 Trillion to go todebits. Extension loan is 59.7 US billion dollars.

So, happiness after retirement will be different of different individual will be in accordance with to their social need and demand and resources. One has to decide how he or she should be happy.


For a poor or King – peace at home is happiness. We have to calculate how for happiness prevails at home? This is basis of happiness. Social and happiness and satisfied life or there is need for link to be build up for this strategy. Prime of happiness is based upon coordination, self care and self reliance and temperament of the family members for love- tolerance and the way of demonstration of attitude. If you could remove hate from your mind, it will not creates conflict in mind. 


How to develop happiness among the individual who get retirement at age of superannuation are gathered into information to encourage and promote this idea. My father Muhammad Abdullah advised me in childhood. There shall be some persons, who will appreciate your talents and there shall be certain persons, who will not appreciate you. Do not worry. Do not grumble, do not repent. Both category of Men are alright. Just forget the remakes. I asked my father, how both are equal or right. He answered those, who appreciate you, they possess brain torecognise, those, who cann’t they don’t have brain so be happy so I am happy in this way. Be happy and gay. Perform such task of happiness so work for happiness as:


·         Social welfare, Rehabilitation of retarded, pain reliving centre.

·         Prevention of disease through education, booklets etc.

·         Future participation in social work.


·        Through self reliance economically and social (richness).

·        Through community promotion of economic and social services.

·        Through communication, video, enjoyment rest, abroad, sitting idle at home.


By Whom?

·         In consultation of philanthropists

·         Team of contributors, medical team and specialists and reforms.

·         Social welfare.

Where and Whom?

·        Social services to community

·        Urban, rural areas.

·        High risk groups, school children

·        Young adults, elderly.

·        Relatives, neighbourers etc.


At what resources level: by volunterring, semi-volunteering or charge basis, what type.


  • Happiness is based upon helping the others and keeping the family in love, devotion and affection.
  • Happiness is obtained forgiveness to others.
  • Remove hate from your brain as it takes away sense of affection and create sense of illlove or conflict.
  • To be kind to other, to be helpful to other and appreciate the qualities of others.
  • No body is completely wise. No body is complete fool. One, who is wise, he is partially fool, one, who is fool, he is partially wise.
  • Two persons are not alike. Never think, other person is like you.
  • Donot taunt to others.
  • So happiness is at your door an attitude of accept everything. Those are brave who are happy at all circumstances.




The dental education has been ignored in the past and no reforms executed to give it a proper shape to produce teachers in the field of both clinical and basic dental sciences.   Advent of College of Physician and Surgeons Pakistan and the efforts of the University of Punjab for producing postgraduates in various branches of dentistry could not fulfill the need for future of dentistry in various fields. Thus the dental profession lacks teachers both in basic sciences and in clinical sciences and as such even College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan could not produce teachers in community dentistry, periodontology, paedontics etc., with the result that most of the dental institutions lack these specialities because there is no professor in the teaching cadre, having advance training or degree from abroad. There are a few DPD who have retired though they had not practiced public dentistry or taught except there was one professor of community dentistry (M. A. Soofi ) who had practiced and created & developed a dept of dental public health at Preventive Institute and retired as a Dean Institute of Public Health. In basic sciences, there is no guide available in the subject having FCPS or equivalent degree to guide in research and teaching of these subjects. 


Similar situation is in the basic dental subjects like dental material, oral anatomy & physiology and oral pathology, there is even no FCPS in this subject.   Thus these subjects could not enhance the graduate and even the postgraduate education. The profession could not get the brilliancy of MDS from the University of Punjab in these basic subjects and in the clinical subject mentioned above.   If we could trace the resources of teachers in oral pathology, we have got two persons in oral pathology, one in the Army and one at Nishtar Medical College, Multan. If we could trace teacher in periodontology, there was one, who is retired.    He was the one, who got postgraduate training of one year at London (1965-66). Since he could not be accommodated in Dental Institution. He got attachment with medical institution (M.A. Soofi). 


This is good luck that we have got two persons who are Ph.D by London University recognized by PMDC one at Lahore (Prof. Nazia Yazdanie) and other at Peshawar. According to the rules and regulation of PMDC the teacher can guide only two trainee scholar in a year. There are certain clinical subjects like operative dentistry, oral surgery and orthodontics, at present we have got one or two guides in these subjects located at Lahore. But there are about 50 FCPS students candidates waiting for attachment with the institutions for Part-II training. These scholars have passed P-I of FCPS but training slots with institutions are not available.   Most of the institutions are not fully equipped with modern operatory, research facilities and lack in supervision / guides. Similarly there are many MDS students and Ph.D scholar students but we lack guides / superior.


There are two undergraduates/ postgraduates training institutions (1) de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore is a premier institution and (2) Dental Section at Nishtar Medical College, Multan, perhaps both institutions have one professor each, it means both institutions have got two regular professor and third professor is attached to Jinnah Hospital Lahore who is going to retire. So there is urgent need for induction of postgraduate scholars and there is need to plan or to make arrangements to provide teachers to colleges for bright future. If the retired teachers can be attached in the capacity of professor emeritus, it will help the institutions or government should make arrangements to invite Pakistani scholars sitting outside like Dr. Khalid Almas a graduate of de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore has done master degrees and fellowships from abroad and was attached with King Saud University, Saudi Arabia for the last 8 years and now he has been offered Associate Professorship in Periodontology, at Dental College, New York University, USA. He has published about 100 articles and he was external examiner for students of M.Sc and Ph.D at Sudan.   If the Pakistani scholars are not available then Universities, College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan and Government should make concerted efforts to bring some foreign scholars for a period of two years in almost all the fields who should train our younger scholars so as to be with the International level. 


Dentistry is an entirely changed world with new dimensions of the profession, more complicated and more research oriented. There is need to improve the quality of both clinical and basic dental sciences. We have the potential and manpower to come in line the world, for this clinical competency is required. Certain competent professionals who have passed their master degree from Punjab University having no scope of service structure however, they can become good guides and they can teach the curriculum designed by the University.   There is need to provide research facilities to the students specially in periodontology, in community dentistry.   We need teachers, let this part be played by University of Health Sciences to invite teachers & skilled scientists from abroad. 

According to Economic Survey of Pakistan 2002-2003, there is one dental surgeon for 29,405 people and one doctor for 1,466 people. The registered dentist in the country are 5,068 and similarly we lack other health workers for our population. 

Pakistan lacks dental postgraduate institutions and postgraduation in various subjects, for example, we have got only one examination Master of Dental Surgery MDS through Punjab University, whereas there are many institutions in the world which provide master degrees and diplomas in various field of dentistry like; MCCD (Diploma of Membership in Clinical Community Dentistry, Royal College of Surgeons of England, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow, MCDH (Master of Community Dental Health, DCDH (Diploma in Child Dental Health, Queen’s University, Belfast, DDH (Dipolma in Dental Health, University of Birmingham, DDO (Diploma in Dental Orthopaedics, Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow, DDR (Diploma in Dental Radiology, Royal College of Radiologists, DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery, Universities of Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, DDSc (Doctor of Dental Science, Universities of Leeds, Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Dundee, DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine, DPD (Diploma in Public Dentistry, University of Dunee and St Andrew’s, DPDS (Diploma in Postgraduate Dental Studies, University of Bristol and DRD (Diploma in Restorative Dentistry Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. We have no person as a teacher who is highly qualified in above said specialities. We also lack dental institutions, India has got about 42 dental colleges in various parts of country providing postgraduate and undergraduate education, in Pakistan we have got de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore, Dental Section, Nishtar Medical College, Multan, Dental Section Bolan Medical College, Quetta, Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar, Dental Section Ayub Medical College, Abbotabad, Dental Section Liaquat Medical University, Jamshoroo. There are now mushroom growth of dental and medical colleges in the private sector creating a controversy whether to recognize them or not.   So there is need to create good infrastructure for more dental institution to provide better dental health care to the population.

Now life style is different, road traffic accidents, burns, shooting and other such emergencies are increasing day by day.   There is need to develop maxillo-facial trauma emergency centres. Over and above infectious diseases, pollution is increasing day by day.   Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is a new challenge and Hepatitis needs prevention through trained physicians, para-medical manpower and dental surgeons who are equally trained and experienced. 

Dentistry is a medical science and dental surgeon is in similar position as of a medical doctor because he too has to manage medical emergency in his clinic.   This is reason that a dental graduates has to be trained in basic medical subjects and clinical medical subjects of medicine and surgery in a  attached medical college.   Dental surgeons also has to look after the cardiac patients, diabetics and seizure patients and so he need to be well equipped with the latest knowledge and latest challenges of the world of today including Hepatitis, laser application, diagnosis and research work. Therefore, there is a need that government should chalk out programme for dental teachers seriously so as to equip the dental profession in order to produce good teachers. At present dental institutions both in the public sector and private sector lack qualified teachers, therefore, the standard of education instead of improving is getting degraded. We have to increase budget for Health Sector. At present, both private and public sector, expenditure on health is very low e.g. total expenditure in this context is estimated Rs. 28.814 billion (Rs. 6.609 billion on development and Rs. 22.205 billion) on treatments and non-development side, which is equivalent to 7% of the GDP. There is need for community trained health workers, though we had started dental hygienist courses to deliver lectures in dental health education, nutrition and dental health and do remedies for small problem.  

At present there are about 5 Ph.D candidates pursuing Ph.D programme in clinical subjects. How they shall be guided when only one teacher / Ph.D professor is at de’ Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore. For Ph.D or M.D.S. studies we need top class guides in various subjects.   Similar position is of M.D. S. (35) students and FCPS II (25) students.  





City of Lahore is fortunate to have the First University of Medical Sciences in the Public Sector at Shaikh Zayad Complex opposite New Campus of Punjab University on Oct 2, 2002. It was inaugurated by General Pervez Musharaf, President, Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This University came into being with personal interest of Lt. Gen. (R) Khalid Maqbool, Governor Punjab and Prof. Dr. Mahmood Ahmed, Minister for Health and Information. The Federal Government has given about Rs.20 million grant for the University of Medical Sciences and Punjab Government has allocated Rs. 60 million for this venture. 

Dr. Nigel Bax will work as Advisor and he has also been tipped as first Vice Chancellor University of Health Sciences to modernize the medical curricula and medical examination system to bring a quantitative change. It may be referred that present curricula of Medical and Dental Colleges, is obsolete and not fit to face the modern challenges and there is need for a new system of teaching, examination and conduction of courses in accordance with the modern day nneds. 

The Vice Chancellor / Advisor will select the controller of examination and the other senior officials. This University will also formulate the new Curricula and transplant the Punjab University examination system in the new health science university.  A way has been designed for collaboration between the University of Health Sciences Pakistan and University of Sheffield, UK. With the appointment of Dr. Nigal Bax it shall be possible to have exchange programmes of teachers and students to develop the potential in our society.   In accordance with charter of University the major benefit would be to the new medical colleges which the government Punjab plans to setup at Sialkot and at R. Y. Khan to increase the MBBS seats in public sector from 1500 to 2000.   The university will affiliate 7 existing medical colleges within territorial jurisdiction of the Punjab two institutions providing training in dentistry, one each in Lahore and Multan, 45 Schools of Nursing, 49 School of Midwifery, 11 Public Health Schools, Lahore, Postgraduate Medical Institute and other Medical College in the Private Sector 1st admission will be 10500 in different faculties during the 1st year of its functioning. The university will have library of medical sciences equipped with latest data basis, general sources and there shall be source of information for policies in the governance of the health matters. The University has got intention to provide courses of medical sciences like anatomy, chemistry, and pathology etc.  

It is praise worthy that the Governor of Punjab, Lt. Gen. (R) Khalid Maqbool, during his period of governance has provided a major event to the society as a part of his policy of expansion of education and medical sciences. The Governor has already allocated 1.27 billion for science education for improvement of science education in the secondary schools of Province. It is hoped that University of Medical Sciences (UMS) shall also train the students to use biotechnology for cheaper medicine, and will work for prevention in the health sector. 

What is need now for Pakistan? The need is control of population on scientific grounds effectively. The need is improvement of health care at primary and secondary level and to improve lost trust of the people in the public sector hospitals. There is need that masses and rural population should be looked after well where health facility is not available. The hospital autonomous system introduced recently needs to be stimulated on positive side, there should be refresher courses of the doctors so that the mental attitude of senior and juniors should be motivated to new system. So far the Doctors mentally have not accepted the new formula.   There is need to train the public with proper system for changing the mental attitude towards health. 

There is need to change the food habits of population, over eating, too much sweet, and fast foods are responsible for many diseases. There is need for improvement of environment, safe water supply. Most of the urban population is exposed to dangerous gases, and heavy smoke from Riksha and vehicles. The urban population faces problem of water bone disease enormously, 70 % of intestinal diseases are water borne, University of Medical Science and the Health Administration should manage safe water supply to both urban and rural population to decrease the diseases, and problem of the population. There is need for areas for exercise. We should create play grounds, gardens so that the young generation gets the facilities for improving their health through exercises. This is one way of the prevention of the disease. Mother and child is very important.   Public health sector should arrange the programme to educate the population in this regard. 

The university will start such work and overcome diseases. Spurious drugs and quackery are another source of diseases. There is a check on the qualified doctors. They are registered with the PMDC and are entitled to be registered with it but there is no law to put a check on the practice of quacks or other such systems. Any body can play with health and life of the masses. These increase diseases and become a burden on the national exchequer and on the medical institutes.   Health does not mean physical fitness, it requires mental fitness as well. Much of the population is under stress and anxiety of the heavy load of the bills, utility items are becoming costly day by day, means of the transport inefficient, pedestrians have no way to walk, footpaths have been occupied by the shopkeepers. Accidents are on the rise due to tension and thus increasing psychological diseases everywhere.

The University is to see multi-factorial aspects so that the experts of different fields may be trained according to need of the population. The Population needs easy access to doctors easy access to hospital, and easy access to medical shops. Medical stores have looted the ailing population with sales tax for a long time and even after the government has withdrawn it the shopkeepers are still charging it.   So creation of the university is a very good step but the state of affairs shall have to be streamlined. 

There has been a mushroom growth of the private medical colleges, here and there and these private colleges lack the teachers, libraries and educational culture. Some of the private colleges have reproduced the affiliation certificate from those universities which are outside of the territorial jurisdiction of Punjab University. Punjab University noted and sent notice of caution that no private medical college can get affiliation from the university which is situated outside of territorial jurisdiction of the Punjab University. Any institution in the Province of Punjab can apply to the Governor/ Chancellor of the University who can restore or pass order of the affiliation. So these colleges now will intend to approach the new university for affiliation. I should advise that such track should not be made free to enter. The new university should conduct proper examination and should explore the real existence of the college. If the university affiliates such institution it shall spoil its image. The university should keep the staff, libraries, standard and honesty. 

I understand that all public sector medical colleges in the country with the exception of few, face extreme shortage of the teaching staff, particularly I referred Dentistry Institution at Nishtar Medical College Multan and de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore. This branch of medicine needs support for rehabilitation both in the basic subjects and the clinical subjects, just like the private medical colleges as well. There is lot of scarcity of experienced teachers to train the students in the wards and the laboratories. The New University should target good governance and invite teachers from outside and inside i.e. many Pakistani abroad are well qualified, they can be invited on attractive pay and facilities. This practice is carried out in Al Shifa Hospital and Medical College Islamabad and Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, Lahore.

The Govt. should also give maximum independence to PMDC and in return, PMDC should act in the better way to control the medical profession and it should also open a way for stoppage of quackery. The PMDC should become autonomous body with power. Similarly other institutions should be stimulated for better conduction of examination by the College of Physician & Surgeons Pakistan because in these days the standard of examination is becoming low. We want to University should have friendly environment with good action and standard of education may be increased.

I had suggested earlier, through letters and articles in dailies, that new medical university should be created at the campus of KE MC which was established in 1860 and near old campus of Punjab University and I suggested the name of university should be either Quiad-e-Azam University or Fatima Jinnah University. It may be added Quaid in the last days was surrounded by team of medical doctors like Col. Prof. Dr. Elahi Bux, Principal, KEMC, Dr. S S Alam, Radiologist, Ghulam Ahmed, Pathologist, he was also looked after by Dr. Mistri of Karachi and in early days of 1942 he was seen by Dr. Patel of Bombay. At the same time, I suggest Government College University to be renamed as Allama Iqbal University because he was a teacher and student of this college. Lahore College for Women University should be named after the name of w/o Quaid-e-Azam, Mariyam Jinnah University.




Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi, former Dean Institute of Public Health, Government of Punjab, while presiding the last session of 28th National Conference on “Reproductive Health – A Challenge for Pakistan” organized by Maternity & Child Welfare Association of Pakistan held on 21st Oct. 2003, emphasised the need of the care of the mother and child. He said, there is need for regularization of structure of health care system at the basic rural centres and tehsil headquarters so that mother carrying emergency should have easy approach to the centres and centres should be well equipped with a special team structure of Dai, LHV, Lady Doctor and preventive workers. He said, there is need to control the death rate due to such complications because there is less coordination and less directions to identify the need of emergency and thus the Pakistan stands high with mortality of mother and child.    Prof. Soofi said, there is need that government should allot more funds but exclusive funds may be earmarked for such assistance to save the delivery and then preventive measures for the new born child. Dr. Soofi appealed towards all the men, husbands, sons for looking after the mother, he said there is need that Ulema should take responsibility to defuse the importance of the mother and mother care so that the public should respect the mother, mother of the son and mother of the grandson. Mothers are facing very difficult experience during pregnancy, this may be communicated to all the members of the society so that the people should care the pregnant mother.   Dr. Soofi emphasized upon the mother that they should continue breast feeding to their children to avoid dental encroachment in the arches and said breast feeding is helpful for immune system and for regular dentition. 

Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi referred the speech of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah on 24th March, 1940, at Islamia College for women, Lahore, the Quaid said: “There are two powerful forces in the world, one is the pen and other is the sword” and third force which is very powerful is a mother, she tells where sword should be used and where pen should be used.

Dr. Soofi congratulated the president, Prof. Dr. Mehmooda Mubashar and member of the executive and the speakers for their hard work and management etc.  The conference was inaugurated by Advisor to Chief Minister Dr. Mrs. Faiza Asghar, she assured that the Government of Punjab will extend help to the cause and promotion of the mother and child care.

The conference was attended by former Chief Executive, FJMC Prof. Dr. Shaheena Manzoor, Prof. Dr. Sajjid Maqbool, Dean Children Hospital, Prof. Maqsood Ahmed, Dean Institute of Public Health, Prof. Dr. Zahida Mir, WHO Advisor and many other senior member of the Public Health were present. Earlier Dr. Rubina Sarmad read paper “Health Status of Women in Pakistan”, Dr. Rubina Sohail read paper “Emergency Obstetric Care basic and Comprehensive, Dr. Shaheena Manzoor read paper “National Reproductive Health Policy and its Implementation Status” , Dr. Minhaj ul Haq “ Health issues among Adolescents of Pakistan” and Dr. Tasleem Malik read paper “ Quality Midwifery Training for Obstetric Care and Obstetric”. There was questions and answer session. The first session was chaired by Faryal Gohar.    It was well attended but there was no representative of Health Department, Government of Punjab or Government of Pakistan. Even Press and Electronic Media was not present to cover such important national seminar. 





Former Dean Institute of Public Health &

Ex Chairman Dental Public Health, Ex Convenor of examination MCPS &

Ex examiner for Punjab University of both undergraduate & postgraduate


The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) has recently decided that Assessment of Performance of Postgraduate students will only be done by not less than a rank of professor, because such students are future teacher and their performance should be judged by experienced teacher at the teaching institutions.


Previously Associate or Assistant Professors have been evaluating the postgraduate candidates, judging the capability and talents of a person is most important factor, it is the future of students and future of the profession.


Assessment is ongoing process aimed at understanding the knowledge, interest, initiative of a student who is a teacher in future, verbally assessment give you the understanding of the subject. To assess the research project, its methodology ways means and calculation of complex nature needs an experienced person to judge. Certainly, it will improve standard of education. But position is different altogether at present as there are only two active professor of Dentistry one at Lahore (Prof. Nazia Yazdanie) PhD (London) and Prof. Muhammad Saeed FDS (England) at Multan. 


University ranking students of Master degree or candidate of FCPS are being guided by Associate Professors and Assistant Professors and Professors are to guide more than two students. The decision will create problem both for the candidates and for the University.


At present many postgraduate students are doing research in Master and PhD classes under the guidance of Associate Professor and Assistant Professors, who themselves are not even PhD. We are judging 9 synopsis of MDS, mostly guides are Associate Professor. If the guides are not available at professorial level, obviously academic excellence cannot be achieved where from examiners to be  full professor will turn out. 


The province of Punjab is lacking professors in dentistry, many posts of different sub-specialities are headed by Associate Professor because there is gross deficiency of professors.   In NWFP there is one professor, so as in Baluchistan. Similarly Sindh province might have two regular professors and two are retired over the age of 60 years. 


What shall be fate of postgraduate students? How this decision has been taken where many students have prepared thesis for Master or PhD or FCPS under the guidance of teachers less than professor.

I think, teachers of the rank of professor may be invited from abroad to teach and guide and they should also conduct the examination at postgraduate level. University of Health Sciences should immediately take potential step to serve this sensitive issue and future of young scholars and future of Dentists may be strengthened. The scholars of Pakistan who have done master degrees and fellowship of the College of Physician & Surgeons Pakistan they possess skills, experience and devotion, should be promoted to the rank of Associate Professor and Professor. Similarly There are certain Pakistani scholars working in foreign countries, they can be given attraction to come back to Pakistan so that the deficiency may be fulfilled. This requires a lot of devotion and keen interest to help the dental profession.





Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi, former Dean, Institute of Public Health, Lahore has welcomed the W.H.O. and her slogan of this year “Road Safety –No Accident”.

He said the road accident are becoming Public Health Problem day by day. He said many valuable lives are lost each day, each month and each year due to traffic accident. He said traffic hazard is becoming more dangerous due to pollution and noise, many vehicles emit carbondy-oxyde, carbonmono-oxyde and other metals, which are dangerous to health. He urged upon the Govt. of Punjab that government should enforce and regulate the traffic rules irrespective of high or low so that the traffic accidents may be controlled. He too has pointed out that the younger group they drive motor bikes on one wheel and meet accidents either they are died or they handicapped, this is great loss to Pakistan. 

To avoid losses of lives traffic awareness may be created in public as well as school children so that discipline of traffic may be created and in this way there shall be protection of life. Dr. Soofi emphasised the police department that they should increase traffic force in large number and traffic police should be give extra emoluments for their job because they inhale dangerous gases and metals. He said Bus & Truck drivers may be given refresher courses for the safety of live and slow traffic may be taken away in the big cities.


The city of Lahore and its people, students, officers, common men and women community are facing large number of traffic problems and traffic hazards, dirty smoke every time, any time on roads of Lahore, poisons gasses are emitting out of buses, rekshaws, motor cars and motor bike. Despite wide spread protest and editorial, columns written by many learned writers but there is no effect, there is no intension of City Government and Punjab Government for application of rules and regulation described in constitution of the country. No official or Minister has shown any sincere intension to identify the problems of a common man. How people are stuck out in traffic, traffic police stop the traffic from all sides, when any VIP, VVIP passes, it creates lot of obstruction for students, sick and urgently needed person, thus such obstructed person do not express good wishes for VIP but they pray for him with lot of dirty words. There is no motivation of the Nazim or DCO, and the senior citizens and sick people are terrified by the Robbers as there is no check to be looted. Any body can become victim of bullet and loss of life by Robber, there is no investigation, how people are being looted in day light on the roadside. No safety for any body. Foot walker, motorcycles, car wala, and shopkeepers, house lady, doctors all are at risk by the skillful gunners. 


I quote one example: Queen Mary College Road, if you pass through this road in front of School and College at 10.30 AM, on both sides of road, the vehicles which carry the students are parked, such buses are parked to end of this road. These are rented vehicles, which bring the students from different parts of city. At the time of closing, the parents are struck up on road, jammed traffic, problem here and problem there.   In this smoke noise, it is difficult to pick up the students at closing / leave time i.e. 1.15 PM. 

Sir roads are made for communication, roads are not meant for parking whole day, look life on Hall Road, Beedon Road, Montgomery Road. Foot paths are made for pedestrian for those who cannot afford car or any other means of transportation. They are occupied by shopkeeper. There should be law, no shopkeeper, business men can park their cars in front of shop, none should occupy footpath, until unless there is parking area for their convenience. It is parked for some time 5-10 minutes.


The City Government, City Nazim and Administration should built car parking towers at the end of business as road like, Hall, Beedon, Mcleod, Anarkali so that all vehicles of owner of shops should be parked there. The customer car park, there should be parking stand for time limits 5-10 minutes and ticket should be purchased.   Law should be enforced for everybody; it should also be applied to member of Assemblies and Lord or common men. Let all the foot paths on all roads may be vacated with force by City Government on all roads so that people can walk on footpaths, for which they are being made.   Look at Lawrence Road, starting from Masjid e Shuhda to end of it, in front of Sadiq Plaza evening hotels, workshops, shopkeepers are on footpaths. 

1.            All roads may be free.

2.            No parking on roads. 

3.            All foot path be free. 

4.            No smoking vehicle should be allowed. All vehicle emitting smoke may be challaned and certificate of no smoking be obtained.

5.             Slow traffic like Gadha Gari, Rehra etc. may be stopped.

6.            Control further sales of cars through banks.

7.            There is urgent need to control the traffic hazards, otherwise life will be too difficult.

8.            Give slogan to public: No smoke, No horn, No slow traffic.



Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi has delivered a comprehensive lecture with help of multimedia slides to the students of Summer Nazriati School City of Lahore who have joined this school being run by Nazria Pakistan Foundation, they come from about 190 different schools in the city of Lahore. Dr. Soofi advised the parents specially mothers about prevention of dental disease in children. He said the pregnant mother should be provided with a balance diet and a comfortable atmosphere during this period.   Dr. Soofi said the formation of teeth starts in the 2nd semester and 3rd month of pregnancy so during this period mothers need proper care and balanced diet.   After the birth of a child mother’s milk is very important and essential, it provides immunity against infections. Mother’s milk is a complete food required by the child. Prof. Soofi said natural suckling of mothers nipple develops the dental arches and facilitates the formation of teeth. In case of bottle-feeding child sucks milk by lower lip, with the result that upper lip becomes short and upper jaw becomes “v” shaped due to artificial pressure. Apart from this, mothers milk is also important for the formation of the enamel of teeth. Dr. Soofi said the life style of urban areas has changed, children are taking soft drinks, biscuits, chocolate, ice cream etc. which changes the ph of mouth, becomes acidic and cavity formation starts in the mouth. Certain habits of children like thumb sucking etc. causes irregularity in the arches and teeth become irregular.   He said gums disease is very common among the children because they do not clean teeth properly. He said to avoid gums disease and dental caries children and parents are advised to clean their teeth properly after each meal so that plaque should not adhere and the debris and calculus formation should not take place and they should avoid the soft fast food, drinks and they should take vegetable and fiber food. He also advised exercise for their health. 


Prior to lecture Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi examined about 100 children. He found 100% children aged 5-13 suffering from mild gingivitis and 85% had dental decay of milk teeth and most children cannot take proper food and even their general health was not upto to the mark. He also observed 60-70% were children belonging to high class were suffering from orthodontic problems. At the end, Dr. Soofi distributed prizes among the children.





We are healer of very important portion of human body Maxilla and Mandible. Our aim is to relieve the patient from distress, trouble and pain in excellent way, so that agony of pain, inflammation is being alleviated rapidly. This is a great help to the sufferer. Your knowledge and skill of diagnosis will enhance the relief and it will reduce the discomfort. Therefore you should have the knowledge of basic body’s immune system and knowledge of pathology, it will help the significance of disease for treatment. Our main aim is to focus on relieving the pain and control of the inflammation of injury and disease. The untreated and persistent painful tooth- prevents the person from work and normal functions or working gets disturbed, it has terrible effect.  If there is oral cancer pain is very much annoying. We must get ourselves well prepared to relieve the pain and make patient comfortable. Pain in the area of maxilla or mandible, due to exposed cavity is one of the most challenging problems in dentistry. It was considered a simple to bearer, and mostly treatment was removal of the decayed tooth. Now, it is too saved. We can only save, if we know the histological aspect and pathology and extent of involvement, sometime, it becomes chronic and exhibit, syndrome of any serious nature. The students should know that knowledge is power. How this power is obtained? It is exhibited by learning institution like de’Montmorency College of Dentistry or the University. The functioning the management and teaching programme should be model and global in nature, so that young scholars are convinced and their requirement are fulfilled. If our education is ignored, there should be some accountability. The management of the University, colleges or any other authority, there should be monitoring. Let us improve quality of teaching. Higher knowledge of the teacher is accepted by the students and students are convinced, there should be validity of questioning to teacher. The environment of postgraduate institutions, it should have resourceful person as a guide, literature, laboratories, funds and affectionate atmosphere. 


Our education system should enhance and regulation concerning the facility of dentistry. It should be of status, based on the recommendation of board of study and more specialization courses in the Ph.D degree may be introduced in teaching institutions, in this way, candidates will do first master degree and that can attractive training centre along with allowance and research budget.   Promotion to teachers in these days is difficult task. The A. P. must have a minimum of four year experience and articles on his credit to be promoted to Associate Professor. There should be good amount of research work at his credit as well.


I therefore, advise everybody to put your will and attention research work and publish papers for promotion of profession and your own grace and happiness. 

Dental Care

Our objective should be to save the patient and ourselves from cross infection. So while operating on patient, there is need that we should use: -


We should be careful for hand care use of gloves and use face masks, disposable instruments of infected patients.


Senior Fellow International College of Dentists


God Almighty Bless you long and healthy life (Amin). Let me begin this letter by making a very authenticated statement that you are a person who is without any element of doubt a “LIVING LEGEND” in the field of Dental Profession. Today if the dental profession is standing at this respectable platform, it is because of your very much dedicated struggle. Your contribution in the uplift of dentistry cannot be detailed in words and there is no doubt init. Your services have ever been appreciated even by those who remained always in the opposite group. You are irreplaceable and there is no substitute of yours. God may keep you healthy and energetic always to keep serving the cause of dentistry. We have yet to go very much ahead in it. If I say that FICD matters are only and only because of you it wouldn’t be wrong. I do not think after you have the FICD Regentship any Sherjawan would take over and do the things same way as you do. It is a big question mark, what to say of the younger generation who have just no impetus in front of them.


Inspite of all this we still have a ray of light telling us about some hope from them, but for that we shall have to wait how much? Quaid gave us Pakistan a home to live, in return what we have done to it. Do Quaid’s Rooh would be happy today?? These only seem to be the slogans without any practical element in it. Dear Dr. Soofi, I have started a subject which would require days and months to complete, so it would be better only if we all pray for the future of it and a (better to best one).


In my last letter to you I very much specifically appreciated your wonderful achievements for the professional uplift. People have a lot of love for you in their hearts. Today the flag of dentistry is flying high I pray to Allah that it remains so always. Pioneers can never be forgotten. People work and do different things for the achievement of success and praise, but you do things differently that’s why no one except you can handle the FICD matters amicably.





Prof. M. A. Soofi, Regent International College of Dentists Section 24 for Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh with his high resolution for anticipating care of this international organization, which he has been heading for over ½ century and due to his efforts Pakistani Flag has been on the “Glob International”.   


Keeping in view the need for succession planning, he has written to all the fellows of the College in Pakistan, asking for suggestions regarding who should be the next Chairman/ Regent. He wanted that someone should prepare himself for taking this responsibility. 

Dear Fellow (s)

I have been running the office of Regent Section No. 24 International College of Dentists, USA since 1968, spending my energy, time, money and thus kept the flag of Pakistan in International Forum and in the Glob. I had conducted 4 convocations of this College in my region, 3 in Lahore 3rd Sept. 1978, 5th Feb. 1988, 3rd August, 2000 and   one in Dhaka 28th Nov. to 1st Dec. 1995.   Fellows were conducted in a gracious way with full robes and insignia of the International College of Dentists. All convocations were colourful, prestigious and many senior dental practitioners, who have contributed towards the promotion of dental profession have been honoured.   During this period no encouragement or suggestion from any fellow has come to me.

Ever any fellow thought who shall substitute me because man is mortal? Kindly come forward with your valuable suggestions. How this flag of Pakistan will remain on the front page of Glob. Otherwise, I stand disappointed, even nobody ever sent me greetings or how I am, expect from fellows who had passed time with me for 25 years in PDA. 


I have been fighting for uplift of this profession since my student life 1952-56 as Secretary General 1954-55 and President 1955-56. I have served Pakistan Dental Association for about 25 years. I was General Secretary United PDA 1968-69 and President 1969-70 and President PDA Lahore 1973-96 and have achieved many remarkable achievements. I had the opportunity to address in College of Physician and Surgeon Pakistan in 1976 for including examination of Oral Cavity and convinced the College Council in meeting where General Wajid Ali Barki was in chair.   Now we do not know direction and existence of Pakistan Dental Association either that of Center or Lahore. We had lot of hopes in this younger leadership but stand disappointed. Question is, who will ring the bell, if we are no more. Kindly come forward and serve this profession. 

Two fellows had replied as under: -

Fellow Ijaz A. Sheikh:

God Almighty Bless you long and healthy life (Amin). Let me begin this letter by making a very authenticated statement that you are a person who is without any element of doubt a “LIVING LEGEND” in the field of Dental Profession. Today if the dental profession is standing at this respectable platform, it is because of your very much dedicated struggle. Your contribution in the uplift of dentistry cannot be detailed in words and there is no doubt init. Your services have ever been appreciated even by those who remained always in the opposite group. You are irreplaceable and there is no substitute of yours. God may keep you healthy and energetic always to keep serving the cause of dentistry. We have yet to go very much ahead in it. If I say that FICD matters are only and only because of you it wouldn’t be wrong. I do not think after you have the FICD Regentship any Sherjawan would take over and do the things same way as you do. It is a big question mark, what to say of the younger generation who have just no impetus in front of them.

Inspite of all this we still have a ray of light telling us about some hope from them, but for that we shall have to wait how much? Quaid gave us Pakistan a home to live, in return what we have done to it. Do Quaid’s Rooh would be happy today?? These only seem to be the slogans without any practical element in it. Dear Dr. Soofi, I have started a subject which would require days and months to complete, so it would be better only if we all pray for the future of it and a (better to best one).

In my last letter to you I very much specifically appreciated your wonderful achievements for the professional uplift. People have a lot of love for you in their hearts. Today the flag of dentistry is flying high I pray to Allah that it remains so always. Pioneers can never be forgotten. People work and do different things for the achievement of success and praise, but you do things differently that’s why no one except you can handle the FICD matters amicably.

Fellow Shuja ud Din Qureshi :

Received your letter dated 9.5.2008 asking for the future leadership of the dental profession. You are genius and has achieved many remarkable achievements by spending energy, time and money. Prof. Dr. Hassan Raza, Former Principal, de’Montmorency College of Dentistry Lahore was the Founder and Patron of Pakistan Dental Association United Pakistan. Dr. M. A. Soofi was elected as President of Pakistan Dental Association United Pakistan 1969-70 and myself
Dr. Shuja ud Din Qureshi was elected as General Secretary of Pakistan Dental Association United. Prof. Hassan Raza also recommended Dr. M. A. Soofi name to International College of Dentists USA Section 24 for Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh as Regent of International College of Dentists due to his ability and command over the Dental Profession. Since than Dr. M. A. Soofi is running ICD USA. Dr. M. A. Soofi is very fan and follower of our Father of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his principle : Unity, Faith and Discipline – work, hard work till you are bound to succeed.

Dr. M. A. Soofi always remind the members of PDA the same principle and said act upon it. This is secret of his success that is why he has raised the flag of Pakistan on the International Forum. Thus is Dr. M. A. Soofi Greatest achievement.


On the visit of Sir Robert Brad Law London who was Queen Elizbeth II Dental Surgeon, in the Dinner meeting of PDA after viewlyzing the work of Dr. M. A. Soofi for expansion of the dental profession and the programme for providing dental treatment to the people of Pakistan by opening Dental Colleges and Dental Hospital in all the provinces of Pakistan, and by providing School Dental Services and for continuous dental education programme by inviting foreign professors like Prof. Strayn from U.K., Prof. Duck Work from London and Dr. Newton from Newzeeland, Sir Robert Brad Law highly appreciated Dr. M. A. Soofi capabilities and hard work for the uplift of the dental profession. On the visit of Brig. Gorden Rowell, President International College of Dentists, USA for the First FICD Convocation held in the American centre Lahore on 3rd Sept 1968, Dr. Khairat Ibne Rasa Vice Chancellor University of Punjab was the Guest of Honour. The Vice Chancellor in his address stated that we are proud of the sons of the soil of Pakistan like Regent Dr. M. A. Soofi who has taken the dental profession ten years ahead. Because the convocation was well arranged and the fellows were conducted in a gracious way, with fully robes and insignia of the International College of Dentists, USA. The following senior dental surgeons were awarded FICD:

1.            Dr. Shuja ud Din Qureshi

2.            Dr. Dara Hormasji

3.            Dr. Akhlaq Ahmed

4.            Dr. Shamim Ahmed

5.            Dr. Javed Sultan


Dr. M. A. Soofi arranged and conducted the first FICD convocation in such a colourful and decent way that Brig. Gorden Rowell appreciated Dr. Soofi’s efforts and said keep it up. In the dinner meeting beside Brig Gorden Rowell also attended Lady Rowell and Lady Noon wife of Mr. Feroze Khan Noon, Prime Minister of Pakistan. She also appreciated the efforts and hard work of Regent Dr. M. A. Soofi.

Second FICD convocation was held on 5th Feb 1988 at Hotel Pearl Continental Lahore the Governor of NWFP was the Chief Guest and Prof. Dr. Rafiq Ahmed, Vice Chancellor Punjab University was the Guest of Honour. Dr. Siddique Chohan, Dr. Aman ur Rehman and others were awarded FICD.


Third Convocation of FICD was held in Dacca on first Dec 1995 at Dhaka. Mr. Abu Abdur Rehman, senior most Dental Surgeon, former Principal Dacca Dental College was Chief Guest. He also appreciated Regent Dr. M. A. Soofi efforts and hard work. The number of senior dental surgeons of Bangladesh were awarded FICD.

Fourth Convocation of FICD was held in Lahore on 3rd Aug 2000 and conducted by Regent Dr. M. A. Soofi. Mr. Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand, renowned Scientist of Pakistan was the Chief Guest and Mr. Justice Dr. Nasim Hassan Shah was Guest of Honour. The following senior dental surgeons were awarded FICD:

1.            Dr. Nazia Yazdanie

2.            Dr. Abida Ijaz

3.            Dr. Muhammad Arshad

4.            Dr. M. Rafique Chattha

5.            Mazhar Ali Bhatti

6.            Muhammad Siddique Chohan

7.            Muhammad Shabbir Ch.

8.            Sh. Muhammad Ishaq

9.            Jamshed Ali Khan

10.         Arshad Mahmood Malik

11.         Abdul Qayyum Mirza

12.         M. Asad Mirza

13.         Farrukh Aijaz Raja

14.         Sheikh Ijaz Ahmed 


In certificate giving ceremony, Dr. Khalid Ranjha, Provincial Minister presided and two senior judges were also the guests of honour. Mr. Waseem Sajjad, Chairman Senate of Pakistan was also Guest of Honor and appreciated the efforts and hard work of Regent M. A. Soofi for the promotion of dental profession. Regent Dr. M. A. Soofi also requested to the Chief Guest to ward PFA membership to the following senior dental surgeons:

1.            Dr. Mahmood Qureshi

2.            Dr. Muhammad Arshad

3.            Dr. Rafique Chatha

4.            Dr. Muhammad Usman Akhtar

5.            Dr. Arham Nawaz Chohan

6.            Dr. Javeria Asif Cheema

7.            Dr. Mian Khalid Hussain

8.            Dr. Arshad Mahmood Malik

9.            Dr. Shaheen Qureshi

10.         Dr. Syed Akhtar Hussain Bokhari

11.         Dr. Rumi Rustam Sukhia

12.         Dr. Aamir Raza

13.         Dr. Umer Farooq Qureshi


Regent Dr. M. A. Soofi has been working for the uplift of the dental profession since his student life 1952-56 as a General Secretary 1954-55 and President 1955-56. Regent Dr. M. A. Soofi has served PDA for about 25 years as President. He was General Secretary PDA United Pakistan and President United Pakistan 1969-70 and President PDA Lahore 1973-96 and has achieved many remarkable achievements.

He has the opportunity to address International Conference in Preventive dentistry in London before the start of his address he requested kindly place the Flag of Pakistan with other flags. The flag of Pakistan was placed immediately on the wall. Regent Dr. M. A. Soofi has the opportunity to address College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan Karachi 1976for including the examination of FCPS / MCPS for the qualified dental surgeons –BDS and convinced the College Council in the meeting where Lt. Gen. Wajid Ali Burki was in the chair, he allowed the dental surgeons to appear the FCPS exam. This is Regent Dr. M. A. Soofi Big Achievement.

On the visit of Prof. Dr. Luke, Prof. of Implantology New York University USA after his lecture and workshop. Regent Dr. M. A. Soofi in his address announced the formation of Pakistan Academy of Implants Dentistry and the following members were elected: -

1.         Regent Dr. M. A. Soofi                    - Patron

2.         Dr. Mahmood Qureshi                    - President

3.         Dr. Muhammad Arshad                  - General Secretary

4.         Dr. Shuja ud Din Qureshi              - Executive Member


Pakistan Academy of Implants Dentistry was formed and the founder Regent Dr. M. A. Soofi stated that instead of inviting foreign professors, we should have our own foreign qualified dental surgeons like Dr. Mahmood Qureshi and Dr. Muhammad Arshad. They should arrange these implants workshop regularly. So as to pass the specialized implants education to the young dental surgeons for the uplift of the dental profession. On the visit of Dr. Mohan from India specialist in Laser Technology in Dentistry along with dr. Muhammad Arshad who has receive d Laser Technology in Dentistry Certificate from West Germany in 2004.

Regent Dr. M. A. Soofi as a Chief Guest attended the lecture and workshop on Laser Technology in Dentistry in Yakki Gate Dental Hospital, Lahore. The arrangement was made by the Dean of Dentistry Dr. M. Rafique Chattha. About 200 dental surgeons and students attended the full day workshop.

Dr. M. A. Soofi has served PDA Lahore for 25 years and the following senior dental surgeons has worked with him as his associates:

1.            Dr. Shuja ud Din Queshi

2.            Dr. Syed Akhlaq Ahmed

3.            Dr. Syed Shamim Ahmed

4.            Dr. Javaid Sultan

5.            Dr. Siddique Chohan.


Regent Dr. M. A. Soofi has raised the flag of Pakistan and remain on the Front Page of Globe- An International Magazine of International College of Dentists, USA. May you Live Long and Serve the nation – Pakistan Zindabad.



The Pakistan Dental Association has arranged 24th National Dental Conference on 22-24 December 2008, at Al-Hamrah Arts Council, Lahore, it was inaugurated by Mr. Hamza Shahbaz Sharif, Member National Assembly and guest of honour was Prof. Mubashar Malik, Vice Chancellor University of Health Sciences, Lahore. During three days Conference, there were 95 speakers from all over Pakistan and abroad. The Conference was well attended by the dental surgeons from all parts of life.

In the second day there was Poster exhibition, Prof. M. A. Soofi and Prof. B. A. Yazdanie the old teacher were given the assignment to judge the efforts of young generation. There were about 15 posters covering almost all aspects of dentistry but there is nothing about gums surgery. Almost all posters were very exciting. It was very difficult task for judges to select the winner. The judges have been convinced by creative ability of younger generation and appreciated their efforts. Dr. Soofi advised the students and dental surgeons to continue this type of creative work.. Dr. Soofi also appreciated the efforts of students of de’Montmorency College of Dentistry as they made “oral hygiene window” it was very fascinating idea and they have showed the method of cleanliness of plaque for better oral hygiene. Prof. Soofi questioned exhibitor what type of tooth brush is to be used? He recommend, medium size tooth brush and advised each person should have two tooth brushes, one for morning and one for evening and tooth brush should be kept at dry place in a window and tooth brush should not be kept in a case or in bath room. Prof. Soofi also explained the method according to the method of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Your miswak should be from the gums toward the teeth, not on the gums. Khalal was also custom of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Prof. Soofi said the Prophet (PBUH) was first dental health educator of the world.

The Pakistan Dental Association in its concluding session of 24th National Dental Conference has Awarded Life Time Achievements Award to Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi, on his meritorious services rendered for uplifting of dental profession and the Specialist in Periodental in the country who graduated in 1956 from de’Montmorency College of Dentistry and retired as Chairman Department of Dental Public Health and Principal College of Community Medicine, Lahore in 1991. Prof. Soofi was president of Pakistan Dental Association 1968-70 (United Pakistan) and was elected president Pakistan Dental Association Lahore Branch in 1973 and remained president for about 25 years till 1996. He too was President of SAARC countries Dental Association Federation from 1993-95.

Prof. Soofi has represented Pakistan in many countries of the World in international conferences like, in London, Norway, Japan, Turkey, Bharat, Sri Lank, Dacca, USA and Saudi Arabia. He has got lot of publications and books on his credit. He had worked a lot for uplift of dental profession. 

He is Regent of International College of Dentists for Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Through this authority, he can recommend FICD honour of global organization to dentists of these countries.

Prof. Soofi in concluding session on 24th Dec 2008, while thanking the organizers and President PDA Prof. Waheed ul Hameed congratulated on huge gathering for successful conference and in connection of birthday of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan and he read the message of father of the nation: 

“There is immediate and urgent need for training our people in the scientific and technical education in order to build up our future economic life. Do not forget that we have to compete with the world which is moving very fast in this direction (27th Nov 1947)”.

Prof. Soofi also advised the dental surgeon that they should concentrate on their patients treatment with research and attain higher knowledge and excel the other countries, he said show your enthusiasm for you best, work for care of your patients, be prompt in correct diagnosis, apply new techniques and with advanced tools. Be regular and improve your personality. Your dress, communication, and care should be like a dignified person. Your mission should be benefit to suffering from oral cavity as a service to humanity. Apply all concepts of dental education intellectually, spiritually and emotionally to your patients and set an example of your behaviour and establish your position as best healer. Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi also distributed the Award, Shield to Dental Surgeon for their academic achievements. Prof. B. A. Yazdanie, Prof. Nazia Yazdanie, Special Guests of Honours were also given shields for their services in dental profession. Prof. B. A. Yazdanie is a learned teacher for all. Dr. Nazia Yazdanie is first Lady Principal of de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore being 1st Ph.D in Dentistry.
Dr. Saeed Illahi, an old student of Allama Iqbal Medical College, in his address congratulated the organizer for successful Conference. He too was given insignia of the Conference. Dr. Irham Chohan, Dr. Shahid Mehmood, Prof. Waheed ul Hameed, Prof. Nazia Yazdanie and Prof. B. A. Yazdanie also addressed. It was enjoyable get together and source of learning as well. 




Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi Patron of Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry today has distributed the postgraduate course certificates in this branch of science, this course conducted by Dr. Mahmood Qureshi, the President of Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry and fellow of PFA. The Academy has been formed about 15 years ago in order to propagate and enhance the knowledge, techniques and skill of the integrated implants in clinical dentistry. This 15th course was ended in Dec 2008. The course was conducted at Lahore 3-days in each month which included lectures and clinical demonstration and surgical procedure of this science and implants. Dr. Mahmood Qureshi who runs private centre for implant and reconstructive dentistry at Multan is functional implant surgeon and has trained this year about 50 dental surgeons scholars in this field. The course requirement is that the person should be graduate in dentistry and has got interest for the implant insertion in a patient who needs replacement of teeth. This is non-biological process with minimum risk and further more it depends upon the person for immune system, this surgical operation and installation of implant. If the jaw bone and tissue adopt to the implant it become functional prosthesis. The course has been assisted by fellow Muhammad Arshad Qureshi and his surgery was the pivot of the practical training. Fellow Shuja ud Din Qureshi has been constant help in this course. 

Prof. M. A. Soofi Chairperson of PFA for Pakistan & Afghanistan in his address, congratulated the recipients of the course and appreciated the spirit of their families that they could continue course for a year and had achieve new technique, courage to serve the population. He said it is occasion for happiness to me, to
Dr. Mahmood Qureshi and to the recipients that we are here with successful surgeons they have done development work of new science with our constant efforts. It is enjoyable occasion and impressive atmosphere in certificate giving ceremony. Today the world wide research on implantology has become a continuing education and the dentists are learning and providing the artificial implant prosthesis to public and I feel profound pleasure to congratulate all the participants. He said that this is beginning, you had to learn more practice for successful and to have the knowledge about the material and techniques.  

Dr. Soofi said you had to change your behaviour, your thinking and you mode of action now you are in a dignified dental profession and your attitude towards the patients should be more scientific and academic I assure that your patients are your teachers, each patients is history and each history is different from other. Involve yourself in the profession with new tools, diagnosis and evaluation of the cases of implant insertion, you shall be doing great service both to the profession and to the individual. Earlier Dr. Mahmood Qureshi paid lot of tributes to Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi for guiding these courses of Implant dentistry. It is he, who have a sparking light of knowledge and gave us courage. We owe lot for character building and inculcating in sight in this science. His blessing with wisdom, intelligence have accomplished our mission.   





There is a law that anybody in Government Service attaining 60 years of age, accordingly he/she stands retired from service and he should design new ways of enjoying his family life and should not stop promotion of others.

In this way, the next in line, gets the chance in service to attain a high position and to high light his talents, which might be better than, those of the one gets extension. Let every Government servant in Civil Service/ Medical Service/ Teaching or Army be given chance to show his ability, to show his intention, to express his treasured possession. Let every government servant hold his head up to express his energy. If extension is given, it is not a good practice. It does not stimulate the juniors for attaining their goal. One who gets extension on his previous performance, his performance should not be everlasting. This is unfair to those who are denied an opportunity to materialize their vision.    

The PMDC is a supreme body of Medical Profession and has set different parameter and PMDC does not allow any person attaining the age of 70 years to be employed as a teacher / examiner in Medical Institutions because after 70 years of age the teachers cannot have ability to cover all aspects and concepts of modern sciences and teacher cannot stimulate the students for research and cannot control the projects or subjects of modern concepts. Similarly, CPSP should also observe the same. It is an examination body. It has got link with the world’s examination centres and Universities. It conducts high level examinations of FCPS of basic and clinical subjects of medicine and dentistry and its activities are very vital, has prepared the best physicians and surgeons and dental Surgeons of Pakistan. 

My personal example, I did not obtain extension after sixty year of age and I retired on 28.07.1991 as Chairman Department of Dental Public, College of Community Medicine, Lahore and after attaining 70 years of age, I resigned from post of Principal of Private Medical and Dental College. So let every professor wherein CPSP or PMDC of any private University or College consider these rules and set the precedence of opting for retirement even if extension is offered. No one should conduct examination or teaching after 70 years. This is injustice, whereas justice is the objective of humanity. No one should get degree without capability. Quaid said, justice, fairplay and impartiality. No one should treat without knowledge or experience as a President of PMDC or CPSP, Teacher and Professor you have played your role in teaching Institutions. Let us keep our effective relationship with juniors and should have better interaction. No body should consider himself or herself last person. Let every other person exhibit his intelligence.

The College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan was created in 1962, in order to keep the standard of medical education as standard of excellence and to promote the medical knowledge through innovation and research. There was another vision of the builder of this tower to mobilize the youth of this country for advancement and this is great contribution of the Government of Pakistan at that time. It created benefit, we could prepare our own academisia and secondly we could get rid of foreign degree so its objective should stand (a) Education and excellence to promote high quality of scholars to take up the profession of teaching. (b) To produce new research and march in step with the new world. (c) To develop the spirit of enterprise. (d) To create person of vision and linkage with grooming in medicine. That could only be done with dynamic spirit if the head is not above 70, with increase in age he will not be dynamic and quality will suffer. 

PMDC should monitor the private medical universities, institutions and government institutions where people (teachers) are the above age of 70 years are attached. This is very important advice.

Note:  On my suggestion I was invited by Lt. Gen. W. A. Burki to address the CPSP Council in 1976 I did so and on my suggestions FCPS & MCPS in Dentistry was introduced in CPSP and I was assigned to give course of MCPS & FCPS and was an examiner also. I remained member of PMDC for 7 years as elected representative of Provinces of Punjab and NWFP.



Present Flood has caused deaths and calamities in the whole country. There is need to devise a plan to provide relief to the sufferers and thus there is need of chalking out a comprehensive plan:   a) short term b) long term c) rehabilitation. Short term programme needs to provide food and care for health and identification of the problems. The affected areas may be given under the control of Tehsildars and DCOs or local leader and problems should be evaluated. After the flood is over many diseases, like water borne diseases, malaria, gestro, skin, eye allergy, mental disorder and many others will prevail. The food given to the flood victims cannot be hygienic so they shall have many such diseases. The Incharge, supervisor, should work and find out the problems of the suffering population. There shall be mental disorder, people have lost their properties, land, animals and even their children. There is need that hygienic food, clean water and other essential items should be supplied to the victims. 

Long Term Programme is very essential to judge and find out their losses and to build up the same. After rehabilitation there is need for appropriate sewerage system, I give the example of Lahore, after moderate rain, WASA holes are full. They were never cleaned after they were constructed, officials made huge money and only 25% of Government budget was spent on sewerage system. Even in Lahore, sewerage system is a failure, what shall be condition of the villages. People have constructed their houses at bed of rivers without any planning. They may be advised for construction of their houses at safe sites. In areas where future floods are highly likely raised platforms should be built for accommodation of people as we as livestock. Small dams should be built for prevention of floods and the existing dams should be cleaned regularly of silt to increase their water storage capacity.

So these are my suggestions as an experienced flood worker. I was a flood worker in 1954 in Lahore when I was a student of 1st year BDS Class. There was flood upto Lady Willington Hospital and we had to take out patients on our shoulders and the whole area was full of water. Dr. Khan was Chief Minister, West Pakistan. I headed the team to work at Ferozewala in 1973 flood. We rescued many people who were stuck in their houses.   

I as a Finance Secretary and life member of PMA, Lahore Branch and my wife Dr. Mrs. Iqbal Soofi worked under the banner of PMA, Lahore in heavy flood in Punjab District Sheikhupura in 1973 alongwith senior professors of Medical Profession. Dr. Ashraf Abbasi Deputy Speaker of National Assembly was also with us to provide necessary food, medicine and other relief to the sufferers. We have experience of what happens after the flood. I and my wife used to cycle along the Railway track to treat people suffering from water borne diseases after the flood. One interesting incidence was when a person complained that his goat had lost its teats. The same happened to a number of buffaloes after the flood was over. Many people complained of irritation on their legs who had been walking in water during flood. It was very interesting experience. We took a chance survey of the flood area along the GT Road. We found a Bungalow from which people were taking out drums. We went there and asked them what it was all about.   Reply was “soda caustic” one business man had stored soda caustic. This damaged plants during the flood and also injured men and women. Snake bite is common. There shall be mud out side and inside the home and there shall be no source of drinking water. People have lost hands. Our society is corrupt and corruption will sow the seed of fight and fight and we shall suffer further economic losses. 

Next the very important maternal health, many mothers are on the family way. It is estimated that 1,00,000 pregnant women have been affected, but there is no possibility of a safe delivery in the present circumstances. There is need to think on this side otherwise more deaths will take place.

How this all happens, this is due to negligence, poor planning, no interest in planning, no flood warning system. Many areas of the world, where the rain-fall is much higher, amazon jungles, forest areas spread in many countries but they have got arrangements to manage the rain. Gondana Rainforst in Australia is an example. Countries have got arrangement for their countries and no such loss has taken place there.



I as a Regent of ICD Sec No. 24, Chairperson PFA whole heartedly welcome you in this get together and annual dinner meeting of International College of Dentists & PFA at your own cost. I am sorry we could not hold get together meetings frequently due to reasons of my social and academic engagements in other fields. Now I am feeling that the time is flying, there is need for the replacement of leadership in all walk of life perhaps you don’t know that I had completed 50 years of dental practice last year. Having graduated in Dentistry from University of Punjab in 1956 and I was placed as a first ever dental surgeon in Sandeman (Civil) Hospital, Quetta/ Kalat Region by the then Government of West Pakistan and I took over charge of my post on 23 Nov 1956. I remained in Quetta till Aug 1961. Once again I opted for Baluchistan in 1964 and I was posted at Sibi/Ziarat as a Dental Surgeon alongwith my wife. I managed to establish dental clinic at DHQ Sibi in 1964, 1965-1966. During this period of service I had used of my BDS degree resources efficiently to help the ailing patients of far flung areas, even with less knowledge, instruments, assistance and guidance. I had obtained optimum work-flow to help the patients with quality of work, which has become my recognition and asset. Serving the nation at various hospitals, I retired as a Dean Institute of Public Health, Lahore in 1991. The first ever dental surgeon to head the medical institution. I was entitled for this dignified post by Supreme Court of Pakistan.   During the period of my demonstrator, Association Professor and Professor I remained the President of Pakistan Dental Association Lahore Branch from 1973 to 1996. Prior to that I had the opportunity to serve the dental profession as the General Secretary and President of United Pakistan Dental Association Centre 1967-1968, 1969-71 respectively. I managed to integrate the services with Pakistan Mmedical Association in very friendly environment and held the office of Finance Secretary Lahore Branch of Pakistan Medical Association and Mardan NWFP. Later on in 1993 I was given honour by my colleagues to be President of SARC Dental Association Federation and during this period I had addressed the Conferences in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan.


Gentleman, The Pakistan Dental Association was founded about 56 years ago in 1948 by the group of people of de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore and unqualified private practitioners were also included in the rank and file of Pakistan Dental Association as 6 members of executive. This association have conducted dental health week and conferences successfully at the platform virtually headed by the then Principal Dr. H. R. Shah. Dr. H. R. Shah B.A, LDS RCS was efficient teacher, administrator and President and he spent all the time for expansion of the dental profession. We owe lot of regards for Dr. Shah whose vision and hard work had created dental sections at Nishtar Medical College, Multan, Khyber Medical College, Peshawar, Liaquat Medical College, Hyderabad and he too had visited me in Quetta and he had traveled with me in Jeep to Kalat, where dental clinic was designed.

I as a president of PDA Lahore had honour to address the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan in 1978 in order for introduction of the examination of the oral cavity in the college at par with medicine and surgery. It was the highest achievement of the Association that the College authorities the President Lt General Wajid Ali Barki and Members of executive accepted my proposal for introduction of examination of oral cavity. It was started like MGDS but later on we invited the President in a dinner meeting at Lahore and MCPS and FCPS was introduced on our suggestion, it is on the record and many young oral surgeon had advantage of FCPS and MCPS in oral cavity.   After this facility the dental surgeons and young scholars had more advantage to improve their knowledge, degrees and promotion in time. Prior to this each dental surgeon had to go abroad for FDS, RCS, MSC, DPD etc. We got many other facilities as well I as President decided to handover the matters of PDA to the new leadership in 1996 and thus I am free person.

Today dental profession is facing unique type of challenges:

1.                            The knowledge of dentistry has become more highly advance and spreading at unprecedented speed in the world.

2.                            There is need of learning modern diagnostic systems and treatment modalities.

3.                            Unqualified practitioners with lot of hazards are enormously operating in the cities and rural areas.

4.                            Job opportunities for the scholars and highly qualified people are not available.

These organizations ICD and PFA are international organizations and the fellows need to conduct and big conferences, workshops and educational learning programmes which is called continuing education. This concept needed to be popularized and you have to come forward. We lack counseling, consultation from each other and integrated learning. Now the capabilities of the individual need to be is highlighted, therefore, the concept of this evening, that we should decide to provide the knowledge to the others in our meeting so that our experience should not go waste. The seniors had more experience, should transfer knowledge to juniors and patients needs to be free of all pains and other oral disorder. We need to have the best results through our good diagnosis and treatment, using latest technology and in this way we can do the best for our patients.   My patients are books and my patients are my teachers, let us apply sympathies and modern knowledge for caring patients, it shall be happiness and cure rate shall be much more. I want you should come forward to achieve the goal through hard work and focus yourselves on integration of ideas. We need more research and this international fellowship shall be only benefited if we remove the barrier to share the knowledge with our colleagues. We should think our end goal is to have all the relevant information and knowledge about oral cavity. It is very sensitive issue and it is right place at the right time to think I means it is point of decision and making point of care that how we shall survive professionally, how we shall put the image of Pakistan at international level.

I have been working as Regent of Section-24 since 1968, since then I have been corresponding, archiving and communication with head office spending my time, office and hours. I could conduct 4 ICD convocations which were recognized. We can make international college of Pakistan, question is how it should run it. You are being member of the world known organization, it is great honour. Please consider my ambition, it should continue and come forward to take responsibilities.


This world is of media and the government has advertised the way of spreading Hepatitis through Dental Surgeons at Dental Clinics. Nobody has spoken against the advertisement, nobody has put any objection. How a qualified person dentist can spread Aid or HIV. We should object to this type of advertisement because it is harmful for the qualified dental surgeons, all such spreading by unqualified dental practitioners. All the dental surgeons are trained in bacteriology, pathology and surgery in the vicinity of Medical Wards of Mayo Hospital and Punjab University. Each dental surgeon has been taught for sterilization. The advertisement should mention unqualified practitioners thus the people should understand unqualified. There should be somebody, we have been burdened of professional tax, nobody objected. Only one Dr. M. A. Soofi objected and written to the Government and issued statement. There is need that one should look after.    Our teaching institutions which are lacking teachers both at private and public sector.

Gentlemen, there is more importance for us to be more alert and make a place for new generation. Profession should be given respect so that the future people should come with knowledge and replace us. We invite suggestion and volunteer to do work. We can hold dental health week, walk like in the past.

Once again, I express my thanks for your presence.


I have gone through story of Dawn 19th July, 2001 where three young doctors and one nurse of Mayo Hospital, Lahore were sacked due to negligence of giving wrong injection to the 16 years old patient who later on has died in the surgical ward. This is negligence and criminal misconduct, of all those who are incharge. The punishment laid down by the board is very light as compare to death of young man.   I have also gone through the stories of negligence in the Hospital and Private Clinics at Karachi in your weekly review DAWN. This speaks of three things: -

1.    The superior doctors do not emphasis to the junior doctors about the importance of the life of individual and senior do not practice humanity before the juniors. 


2.    Young graduates doctors are not convinced by the guidance, presentation of the cases and treatment methodology of the seniors to the patients in the wards.


3.    The work load is too much high as compare to medical manpower in the ward.


4.    The organizational structure and set up is of poor standard. 


Therefore, there is need to finalise these things, so that the grooming the young doctors should be set on the proper lines and they could maintain the relief system to the population of Pakistan either in emergency or otherwise.   There is need of introduction of new methodology for young doctors in order to create personality. If the young doctors are provided good learning, good education, he acquire good experience at the postgraduate level in the area of his speciality then he should have the right approach to diagnose the disease and to design the treatment and the same apply to the nursing staff and the para medical manpower.   Either the lower staff including nursing staff have not been given proper lecture or technical knowledge. How to be careful from any disease any patient? These things are lacking somewhere. This means that the doctors dealing to such emergency cases have not been developed the lacking analytical and practical skills and their capacity to sustain such hard work is reduced. For example one patient was admitted in the Private Clinic and was advised to bring screw from Islamabad for his arm fracture.   During the operation, the doctor saw the screw are for legs not for arm.   This speaks of lack of carefulness, education, knowledge, interest and the doctors has not seen the dispatch or literature. This is bad tradition and we condemn this inhuman behaviour and inhuman treatment because, this is back to the medical profession. Doctors are responsible for the health care of the country men.   


There is need to design the Law for those person, who neglects, whether the patient suffer / damage by the doctors in the Hospitals or Clinics the doctor should be punished. This law is available anywhere in the world and this is essential for ethic of the profession—why a doctor should not be reasonably careful.  


Moreover, there is need that during the graduation at the medical colleges the students should be realized specially for the careful treatment while dealing the patients.   The students doctor should realized a soft behaviour to the attendants of the patients.    All people are equal before the law. I recall my case when I was attached to London University as a British Council scholar 1965-66, in the subject of periodontology and bacteriology so I was not given patients to perform surgery till three months. I was guided, interviewed and judged then I was asked I can perform surgery. I have been doing surgery under the supervision of my senior professors, and I have learnt the art of acquaintance to the disease of the patients to diagnose the disease to do the surgical treatment etc.   Medical profession is not bad practically. It is more wonderful profession which is quite lovely you are confined to eradicate the disease. It is most admirable profession and this gives us beauty and satisfaction. Therefore I support the story writer of your paper DAWN that there should be some law for medical practice and treatment.


It is an Hideth, if you have saved the life of one person you have saved the life of Umat. Negligency is no excuse. We the doctors, nurses, should be reasonably careful in dealing humanity. To love humanity is a righteous path. It means you love to God. Loving to the creation amounts love to creator. So, we should develop a culture to be honest and have good intention for ailing men and women of this country.   



Dental diseases are being caused by various types of micro-organisms in small not be seen by our naked eyes. The microorganism were discovered by Anton Van Leeuwenhoek, with his design microscope. They are of various types, bacteria fungi some are unicellular and some are multicellular. Some grow in oxygen and some grow without oxygen, some are G + and some are G negative. Dental Surgeon deals with such type of oral health, as Dental Surgeon are protector of Oral Health which is essential for general health for process of mastication with healthy teeth. Our society and children are mostly suffering from gingival inflammation and dental decay, caused by the activity of dental plaque. Dental Plaque is a collection of microbial community of all kinds found on the gingival margin and on teeth surface, of course it is emloged in mastrix of polymers of bacteria and salivary secretion. This plaque, if not removed regularly, effectively in proper way, it becomes hard and calcified termed as ‘calculus’. If the patient is not regular, or not motivated by proper person, the disease of gingival orgin stands appearing with bleeding of gums and later on it becomes periodontal disease. In the beginning disease is called gingivitis but if is neglected it became periodontics and last stage is advance periodontics. Similarly, those who take sweets plaque produces lactic acid by lactobacilli on food and on teeth, on the pits and fissure surface of teeth. It changes the pH of the mouth and disintegrates the cells of enamel surface to form a pit or cavity.


Complete Healthy gingiva is a must for health. Healthy gingiva is blessing – gingivitis and periodontal and advance periodontal diseases creates problem. Such conditions are harmful for general health. The oral bacteria gets into blood which can be harmful for heart, joints, kidneys and eyes. An exudates from sub gingival area is being taken and sent to Laboratory to be recognized for pathogenic bacteria by culture and sensitivity test and by a reasonable laboratory. The antibiotic treatment is given to minimize the inflammation of gingival disease. If clinically we find pockets elsewhere, we eradicate periodontal pockets with surgical procedure so that these pockets containing bacteria should not remain in mouth. Bad smell can only be removed with surgery by Gums Specialist.


Oral health of irregular teeth cannot be perfect as cleanliness cannot be carried out, food pockets stack to the teeth, this inflammation of gingival is normal, smell is common, unclean teeth are visible. Irregularity of teeth is very common in this generation. Mostly mother cannot feed their new off spring from their own breast, as some mothers are working women, they have to attend office. Bottle feeding is primary cause of upper short lip and thus frontal teeth are protruding outside. Maxillary and mandibular arches are not well developed, they became ‘v’ shaped, naturally the arches are ‘u’ shaped. In this way teeth are not aligned. The nipple of mother is being made by nature, therefore, it is natural manufactured whereas nipple of the bottle is man made. No scientist could make artificial nipple like mothers nipple. Genetics plays another problem, the child own maxilla from father and mandible from mother side, this is malformation. The modern chunk soft food is another factor. Children mostly like to have soft food, drinks, there is mastication. The mandible are not well developed, therefore, the irregular teeth treatment is lengthy and costly. The mother should feed children and child should be restricted from soft food and drinks.


The oral physiology of salivary glands of mouth and it s secretion is important with many other changes in body salivary dysfunction can occur, flow of saliva, becomes slow, this reduced flow of salivary secretion is not only discomfort to patients but it can disturb any other function. Slow flow of saliva can change pH of mouth. Saliva sample can be tested, one has to be more careful in cases of female patients as slow flow of saliva is more noted in older females, as compared to men. It is very important factor in surgical care.


The patients suffering from diabetic mellitus or those suffering from any other major health problem should have best oral health, there should not be gum infection, patients suffering from salivary dysfunction or dry mouth syogren syndrome HIV cases have to be very careful. To avoid dental diseases, following should be followed: -

1.            Do your toothbrush after each meal regularly.

2.            No tooth brush is advised in morning, it should be after breakfast.

3.            Medium size toothbrush with any toothpaste is proposed.

4.            Spent at least 5 minutes to clean your mouth.

5.            The direction of toothbrush should be from the gums towards the teeth not on the teeth.

6.            After toothbrush, tooth floss or tooth picks is to be used to remove any food articles.

7.             Toothbrush should not be kept in a case, it should be kept at airy place or under sun rays.

8.            There should be two or three toothbrush, one for night and one for breakfast and for lunch.

9.            No hard, no soft tooth brush is to be used until doctor’s advice.

10.         Get your mouth examined after six months.



The Medi Serve was formed as an organization of Medical Students of all the Medical Colleges for some adventure and helping the medical science and fulfilling the need of unserved or poor society of Pakistan in 1983. Dr. M. A. Soofi was chosen as Patron on basis of his contribution in PMA in Floods of 1953, 1973 and 1975. The younger doctors held camp and examined 40,000 patients of Katchi Abadies. The Medi Serve held a function at Flates Hotel, Prof. Dr. Rafiq Ahmed, Vice Chancellor of Punjab University was Guest of Honour. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed, Principal, Allama Iqbal Medical College and President of PMA and Justice Zia Mahmood Mirza, Justice Lahore High Court was guest and Chief Guest. The function was attended by large numbers of students of Fatima Jinnah Medical College, King Edward Medical College and Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore. Mr. Fazal Hassan 4th year student read the report Mr. Haroon ur Rashid 5th years student of Allama Iqbal Medical College introduced the Medi Serve.

Dr. M. A. Soofi patron said ‘ Medi Serve are “Pure Pearls” for reason of contribution and service and they have given benefit to poor. This is a revolutionary act and it is new exploration and they have created brilliant beginning. Dr. Soo too read a paper “Common Health Problems” in the country that population is increasing, we have to plan health planning.

Dr. Soofi’s Activities in PMA Punjab.

Dr. M. A. Soofi, was life member of PMA, Lahore and he participated in activities of PMA as a student since 1952-56 when Dr. Riaz Ali Shah was President, he was head of Cehst and Tuberculosis Department of Mayo Hospital, Lahore who also consulatnat to Quaid-e-Azam during his last days in Ziarat. Dr. Riaz Ali Shah was fine, soft, spoken and dynamic man and he encouraged the younger in the organization. The meeting of PMA used to be held at his residence at Mcleod Road, Lahore near Zamindar Akhbar office. He was brother of Dr. H. R. Shah Principal de’Montmorency College of Dentistry. For this reason, Dr. Soofi was attrached T. B. Patients Welfare Assocation where Madri Millat Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah used to visit.

The PMA Punjab too has selected Dr. Soofi in Health Education Programme in schools along with Prof. Ghulam Shabir, Prof. Rashid Ch. Prof. Raja Mumtaz, Prof. Shaukat Raza, Prof. Mahmood Ali, Dr. Aslam Farooqi, Dr. Ghazanvi and Dr. M. A. Soofi. Dr. Soofi used to deliver lecture on dental health and general health and used to give new ideas so letter of appreciation dated 9.9.1979 for education Office of Lahore Corporation was sent to all those people who giving lectures to teachers and students through PMA Punjab. PMA always remained active in fighting cause of doctor on 13 Jan. 1981 there was crisis for PMA. There was making of PmA Centre Dr. Sarwar Chaudhry President Lahore Dr. Amin IQbal, Dr. Munawar Hayat, Dr. Rashid Ch. It was hot discussion. Dr. Rashid Ch. Dr. Soofi who always are volunteer, orientative for positive thinking. Dr. Soofi pointed out in a meeting such big personalities that he has got love for 3 things i) Love for prestige of PMA. ii) Love for Pakistan iii) Love for solving the problem facing by PMA.

He said that nothing could be useful, if Pakistan, people of Pakistan and building of Pakistan are hitted there is need lot of contribution to be given for Pakistan. Dr. Soofi also participated in executive meeting of PMA Punjab held on 5th Feb. 1982 at Pearl Continental Hotel, Prof. Kh. Sadiq Hassan was in chair. Dr. Soofi expressed that he donot need any office he is dedicated worker of PMA and PMA is an institution during the election of office bearers. Dr. Soofi was elected fellow of Royal Socieity of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene London. PMA Punjab in a letter dated 25.8.1981 has congratulated Dr. Soofi. Similarly Dr. Soofi was sent congratulation by Dr. Rashid Ahmed, Secretary General PMA Punjab dated 25.8.1981.





Educating our school children about the ideology of Pakistan is must in our educational system. At present the private English medium schools and other public schools fail to create an awareness of the struggle for the creation of Pakistan among their pupils. Therefore, there is a need that students in primary classes both in the public and the private sector  be educated about the Pakistan Movement. Our children need to be told about the Two Nation Theory and thus need to be familiarized with our National heroes, such as Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, and Allama Iqbal, the poet of the East.


If we make a historical survey of the English medium schools at Lahore, we see that missionary education started in 19th century in the under developed areas of the world like Africa and India and this system quickly spread over the British Colonies as English medium schools. This system was started by Christrarian Churches in India.   For example, in Oct. 1852 the American Mission in Lahore led by the Rev. C. W. Forman got the permission to set up a school inside Rang Mahal, in the reign of Shah Jehan. After the defeat of Sikh Army, another school was set up at Bhati Gate in one of the abandoned barracks, now the District Courts building. This was the first English medium school in Lahore started by Dr. Rev. C. W. Forman and it shifted to many places, lastly to Temple Road, Lahore.   At present many such schools exist in Lahore, Lahore Grammar School, The Lahore Lyceum, The City School, Beaconhouse School System, LACAS, Essena Foundation, Salamat School System, National Grammar School, Customs Public School, Aitchison College. (DAWN 26th July 2003 – Majeed Sheikh).


On a similar basis, Sindh Madrisa tul Islam Karachi, was founded in 1885 by the late Khan Bahadar    Hassanali Bhai Effendi who was the president Sindh Mohammedan Association and a follower of Barrister Amir Ali of Calcutta, who was founder of Mohammedan Association Bengal. Quaid-e-Azam was educated in this school in the early days though the school many years under European Principal besides, the ordinary high schools, there were Sindhi and Urdu in Primary and Quran classes. The number of the rolls in the English branch in March 1916 was 350, almost all Muslims. Similarly Karachi Grammar School was started in 1854 under the auspices of Sir Bartle Frere in Cantonment and for a long time was called Victoria School. And later on many school started here and there but education in the beginning started in Indo-Pak on the religious basis.


Prior to the East India Company and British occupation, education was carried on one to one basis, Hindus other than the Brehman received their education from private teachers or in the schools maintained by private persons in the towns as “Pathshalas”.   A Brehman boy of the age of eight became the “Chela” of the Guru or religious teacher and spent some fourteen years under his tuition.   Similarly Musalmans’ in the same way were taught by learned Moulvis in schools attached with Mosques, which were known as Maktabs. The Asian system of education involved an individual relation ship of the tutor with his pupils, not that of a master with his class. The medium of instruction was Sanskrit for Hindus and Arabic or Persian for Muslims. After East India Company commercial institutions occupied Bengal 1753, and education had to be reorganized and Lord Hastings founded a Madrasa of Islamic studies at Calcutta in 1781, Jonathan Duncan founded the Sanskrit College at Benaras in 1792 and the East India Company for many years continued to give stipends to learned Pandats and Moulvis. 

Ref:     (Sir Georg Anderson Chapt. VIII, Page 246 Social Service in India –1937).

From about 1811, Lord Minto Governor General, and an evangelical group led by Wilberforce in England began to press for English education in India. Under this pressure the Company very unwillingly agreed to the insertion of a clause in the Charter Act of 1813 for English language. Lord Macaulay in 1834 brought his education reforms of February 1835 and declared himself an Anglicist. Lord William Bentinck, then Governor General, took the same view, and in a resolution of March 1835 decided that the object of the British Government should be the promotion of English literature and science. From that time higher education in India became, and has since always remained  education in western knowledge of all kinds. Whilst the old oriental learning has for the most part sunk to the position of an optional subject in university Curricula. So the English medium school has its roots in the missionary schools of the 19th Century.


Education is the formation, by certain means of instruction, of certain mental habits and a certain outlook on life and the world. There are four characteristics that jointly form the basis of an ideal character, i.e. vitality , courage, sensitiveness and intelligence. And these four ought to be complemented with a clear notion of ideology as well.


It is a confirmed fact that future life and well being of a child is determined during the first five years for his or her life, it is at that critical time that the childs maximum brain development occurs. Scientific research and experience of millions of world teachers shows that intelligence, personality and social behavior, develop most rapidly in humans during these earliest years. For this reason, early childhood care and development are organizational priorities for UNICEF, and ensuring a good start in life for every child is seen as key to making a world fit for children.


The Government of Pakistan 2001-2005 action plan is a very encouraging step for improvement of quality of education and enabling all citizens to reach their maximum potential. The early child education at primary level has incorporated no ideology programme for the children. Pakistan is an ideological state, founded on two nation theory. Children needs to know the ideology regarding the journey of creation of Pakistan, and all the provincial governments through educational reforms be given tasks to communicate the ideology and objective of creation of Pakistan both in the public and private sector schools.


The private sector schools are for the privileged class of society, and the public school are run by the government. They are poorly managed; Almost all public schools lack teachers, buildings, facilities, playgrounds, light, and interest of the local bodies and the government, whereas the private schools, a segment of the society imparting education to those who can spend more on the education of their children are very expensive. For example, charges in the city of Lahore are as follows:   At primary level fee ranges from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3600. And for high level monthly fee is Rs. 2900 to Rs. 4330, admission fee is also heavy ranging from Rs. 9000 to Rs. 15000 and security fee from Rs. 5000 to 6000. These schools mentioned above are very costly and system of the education is English. Certainly, it is developing the English and Western culture and children have got no idea of Islamic Studies or Pakistan Studies and minimum courses are taught in these subjects. This organized and systematic teaching system is, therefore, promoting western culture.   


Personal experience: My grandson is a student of 6th class in a very famous school founded by the British. When I go to pick him I hardly ever come across a child who greets his mother with an Assalam-o-Alaikum.   I asked mothers how does the child say Aslam Alaikum? They replied they had to train him in this respect.   So no child is trained and educated regarding the eastern system of respect. If I get telephone call from friend of my grand son, there is no Aslam –o- alaikum, no respect, no introduction, just whether Bakhtawar Soofi is there or not.  


My daughter (M. Sc. Home Economics) is a teacher in a famous Schools System and her children are also studying in same school.   There was an annual function of school to which I was invited. There were 7 stage shows performed by the school children. They were regarding Christianity and none of the show was on Pakistan culture. So for our English medium schools, there is much need that Pakistan ideology be taught. There is need that some people belonging to the Pakistan Movement visit such schools so that children should hear from them the story of Pakistan. Quaid-e-Azam used to visit schools and he visited Ali Garh School and students remember it.   Quaid-e-Azam had photographs with “Bacha” Muslim League Aligarh. So, we should arrange visits to schools and should have interaction with children and teachers. My daughter in law is teaching in a leading college at Lahore. She teaches English, she says, even students of her 1st , 2nd , 3rd and 4th year and M. A. classes lack proper discipline and respect. There is degeneration of manners at all levels.    


If we examined the curriculum and books of the English Medium Schools for children, book are mostly written by foreign authors, for example;


Book one titled “Oxford History for Pakistan” written by foreigner Peter Moss, published by Oxford University Press, and if you see there is nothing about history of Pakistan in the contents, everything else has been put up and in case of Pakistan and sub-continent again there is no mentioned about creator of Pakistan and there is no mentioned of Pakistan Movement, rest of the world in page-57, there is one green page Star at one corner and Moon at the other corner, no Map, only word is Pakistan and the Sub-continent. This flag does not show share of minority and in history no mention of Pakistan except they have given some photographs. With such books, what the students will learn about Pakistan, nothing?  


The second book titled “Primary Social Studies” student book for 4th class, written by Susan Thomas, in the contents   its places, living in Pakistan, Cities, Air Routes in Pakistan, nothing about Pakistan ideology and pictures are distorting the image of Muslims. There is no reference of Pakistan Movement only few things are given in case of NWFP, tea man selling tea and in case of Punjab Cow pats on the walls are shown and water taps. There is nothing about dignity of being Pakistanis. The Book is written by a foreigner, who would be least likely to introduce Pakistan in a favourable or dignified light.


Another book is Geography by Curriculum Planning & Development Division, Ministry of Education, Singapore. This book is also written by foreigners. Book mentioned Geography of the World but there is no chapter or area for the students to have Geography look of Pakistan. The students are not getting any excitement to their Pakistan, no knowledge of Pakistani scholars and Pakistani behaviour of culture. 


Most of the English Medium schools have got their own uniforms in western style and western books and they lack attention to the personal life of a student to make him/ her creative and courageous. There is no extra stress on the social activities for service to other people, whereas it is during student life that incentive to serve the others is created. In such schools target is to finish the curriculum and curriculum is made by a foreigner. The students are not taught anything to conceive himself because there is no such demonstration by the teachers. There is no incentive, nor demonstration to rise in life. There is no role model for students, that they are going to be leaders of tomorrow.  


What is needed?

The government in the millenium has got lot of stress on education, government of the Punjab has also started paying attention to this neglected sector so I recommend:


a.            Books of all the English Medium Schools should be written by Pakistani scholars with Pakistani spirit and sense of mission. The education system should be creative, distinct and courageous. There is a need for think tanks for guiding educational institutions for creativity and extra curricular activities in addition to education.

b.            The school boys are under heavy pressure of books and so are the parents. The numbers of books should be reduced and students should be given time for creativity, planning and learning to use the libraries.  

c.            Members of Pakistan Movement and Member of Nazria e Pakistan Foundation should visit schools, address the students, talk to students like Bacha Muslim League in 1942 as Quaid-e-Azam had a photograph with them at Aligarh.

d.            The students should be taken to the Museum and visit Nazria e Pakistan Foundation Picture Gallery, this will help the students to know about Pakistan Movement. 

e.            Love should be created for Pakistan and the creator of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

f.             Stage drama, pictures, T. V. Programmes should be shown and there should be some check on anti - Pakistani Films.

g.            We should have more playgrounds, students should be involved. We have made remarkable achievements in the areas of both sports and science and technology. Now we need to keep this up by improving our education system.


§    Sir Georg Anderson Chapt. VIII, Page 246 Social Service in India –1937.

§    DAWN 26th July 2003 – Majeed Sheikh.



According to census of 1961 of Pakistan 86.9% of the population lives in villages, whereas 13.1% dewels in urban areas. There are 35,412 villages in West Pakistan. 74.3% of the population is dependent on agricultural or pasture land.


Literacy rate is 15.9 % for the whole country, 23.4 % males and 7.6 % females are literate. The majority of the literate people live in cities and majority of the rural population are illiterate. There are 9, 123,004 children between the ages of 5 to 14 years.


There are four provinces in Pakistan, 51 districts, 193 tehsils, 37067 villages, 3302 union councils and 23 cantonment boards whereas the Province of Punjab has got 19 districts, 72 tehsils, 103 towns, 42 health centres and 9 cantonment boards.




a.            Our country is facing financial difficulties

b.            This is a developing country

c.            There is a dearth of qualified and experienced dentists.

d.            The State cannot spend much of the budget on the foreign modern equipments which cost about 50,000 to 60,000/- rupees for a clinic and last but the least our country is not rich to afford for luxurious equipments.


a.            At present there are about 120 unemployed dentists and the dental clinics so far are only attached to the district headquarter’s hospital of Pakistan except at a few Tehsil Headquarter’s hospital.

Government may start dental clinics at existing 72 tehsils of Punjab immediately. This shall help: -

(1)          Tehsil population

(2)          Unemployed qualified dentists will be absorbed; and

(3)          It shall be a complete medical aid – and barrier of dentistry and medicine shall break.

b.            Dental Public Health School: -

Dental Public Health School may be established first at Lahore, then at other places like Hyderabad, Peshawar and Quetta to produce Dental Health Visitors or Dental Hygienists or Male Dental Health Workers. The course of curriculum should be of two years at par with Lady Health Visitors Course. The facilities and the curriculum of instructions of public health dentistry can be utilized in collaboration with the Institute of Preventive Medicine. The course will be conducted under Public Health Department of the Province. This shall produce para-dental staff which shall be spread over in rural centres, in sub centres and in the primary and middle schools. These persons shall educate the people, guide them properly and shall do the minor and immediate treatment under the supervision of Tehsil Dental Officers which shall eradicate the dearth of Dental Man power. 


c.            Cheaper Dental Clinics


A field dental chair with cheaper equipments costing about 2000 to 3000 rupees can be installed in rural centres for rural population to solve their immediate problems.


When the programme will be introduced the epidemiological study of the rural population shall be must which shall guide us for future planning of the dental aid.




Government of Pakistan should enforce an Act that art and science for practice of dentistry should be in hands of qualified personnel. No person should be allowed to use the word doctor unless he is a graduate from any University of the country. Similarly, the Dental Hygienist should not allowed to use the word doctor. They shall only work under the direct supervision of Dental Officer. It is further suggested that the present un-qualified person should be registered separately as unqualified practitioner dentist after constituting a committee of the experts to judge their ability for registration in that register.


a.            Rural population needs immediate dental relief centre.

b.            Cheeper dental clinics are the proper answer under the present financial position of the country.

c.            Para-dental schools should be started to produce the dental man power.

d.            Preventive dentistry is a final answer. 



The PMDC in his report dated 29-30th December 2001 has granted recognition for only one year to MPH programme with the understanding that DPH and DMCH are to be discontinued over the next year as the staff is not sufficient at present. The PMDC further advised that only 30 students be allowed for admission in MPH programme. Institute shall be re-inspected after one year for checking the rectification for the deficiencies pointed out. This is indeed a sad situation because keeping in view the necessity of the importance of preventive and social sciences. There was necessity for the preventive and social medicine in the country thus there was need for administrator in this field. Keeping the objective of the Government of the Punjab has priority for preventive for social medicine, with the active support of Govt of Pakistan and WHO and Institute was established at 6-Birdword Road, in 1949. The Institute was developed there was almost 14 full-fledged departments in 1985. There was a special facility for the refresher courses and para medical courses. Near about 1960 full time departments were established, department of medical Entomology and parasitology, maternal and Child health, Bacteriology, Occupational Health, Environmental Health, Nutrition and Dietetics, Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases, Public Health Practice and Administration, Biostatists, Medical social science, Health Education , Para medical sciences. 


With this popularity the name of Institute is Hygiene and Preventive medicine was changed perhaps in 1979 to College of Community Medicine and head of the Department was named as Principal instead of Dean. Due to the widening activities of the college the department of Dental Public Health was created to impart comprehensive training to postgraduate, undergraduate and to dental hygienists under the provision of Dr. M. A. Soofi, 1975. Post of Professor was created in 1985. This institute is the only institute of Public Health of the country and have been preparing experts in public health and maternal and child health. It is got huge area, calm and quite locality. It has trained fellows in community medicine and many doctors has qualified MCPS through college of physician and Surgeon Pakistan. It has been funded by many international agencies and it has created a name in the pages of WHO. The teaching staff was of high standard and almost all the head were Dean/Principal but unfortunately substitutes were not created with the results after the retirement of the learned professor the chairs of the professors could not be fulfilled by those who could share and admire the academic qualification.   At present there are two professor and posts of 6 professors are vacant. This institution is very useful and it got history of half century. It has given value and direction of research to many bright students of the medicine. The closure of the DPH and DMCH is not a good news because instead of expansion PhD we are closing down historical courses. On these courses many men and women worked very hard. I therefore, urge upon the government and the authorities that DPH course may not be closed rather it should equated at par with MPH and those who have qualified DPH examination with dissertation to the Punjab University have attended full time course of various department mentioned. Moreover MPH should the acquitted with DPH because both the course are one academic year. This is being done that the history shall continue. I shall further advise teachers may be invited from abroad through WHO to conduct postgraduate courses like M Phil PhD and short courses should be conducted.  

The Government of Punjab already expend huge money on construction of new block, Dept. of Virology and hostel and if the PGMI shifted to services hospital premises then the whole area given. The public health is the pivot science deal with the growth and development of the child, mother, population and thus the institute of public health should embark upon creating better institution with better dimension so that who could produce the brains in public health for the future generation. 

If we set the example today which the tree of community medicine was plant which was planted in 1949 growth up now, and if we think for the preventive dentistry and modern technology , then we shall have different view in Pakistan.


Muslim World Dental Congress 1980 suggested by Dr. Soofi

General Muhammad Zia ul Haq, Chief Martial Law Administrator and President of Pakistan, inaugurated the Medical Exhibition at the time of K.E.M.C. International Alumni, on 29.03.1980 at ground of Dental Block Lahore.


The President was accompanied by Lt. General Sawar Khan, Governor of Punjab, Lt. General Fahim Khan, Director General Medical of Armed Forces, Lt. General Muhammad Iqbal Chaudhry, Director General, Health, Govt. of Pakistan, Brig. Ata Muhammad, and Provincial Minister. He went round all the Medical Stalls and talked freely with the organizers, shook hands and spent much of scheduled time and took keen interest in the instruments. At one of the stall of the handicapped children, President of Pakistan, appreciated the efforts of the organizers and in lieu of the services, President gave a cheque in a closed envelop to the organizers.   At Fountain House stall the President written “good luck” House, thereby Prof. M. A. Soofi presented himself to the President, and told him that he has been awarded honorary degree of Master by the International College of Dentists, which is a very rare award and he is the only Ist Muslim and Ist Pakistan to get such award. Dr. Soofi said that this award to Pakistan. Because Pakistan name is being introduced the world of Dentistry. On hearing, the president of Pakistan said, I congratulate you. I am proud of you.   Nation is proud of you.  Continue this. Well done and warmly shook hands with Dr. Soofi, behind walking to another stall.   Dr. Soofi suggested to the President that he would like to hold a Dental Congress of the Muslim World and he needs the help and guidance of President of Pakistan.   President said, go ahead. It is a good idea. I shall support you. We shall provide all assistance. He called Secretary Health Centre to listen to Dr. Soofi. President also appreciated the contribution of Dr. Soofi as a Social Worker. 


            On assurance of President of Pakistan, the Pakistan Dental Association, Lahore nominated as executive committee and started its work. It was decided to hold the conference at Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry, Rawalpindi. All arrangements were made but conspiracy hatched out and it was converted to Dental Surgeons Conference 1983 at AFID Rawalpindi.


Private Medical and Dental Colleges – Fate of the Students

Keeping in view the valuable attraction of the medical profession, the country has developed countless medical and dental colleges almost in every province. The attractions were such as the profession has a very significant position, amongst many students desirous of the profession that jumped for admission even with high exorbitant fee, without getting prior vital information i.e. recognition by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and affiliation to Universities of the Province, having territorial jurisdiction.   These colleges developed in such a manner that attracted the admission. At most places, the students have spent 3 to 4 years and now after the decision of PMDC (29-30th Dec. 2001) most of the colleges except two were given warning to stop further admission and no conduction of examination for promotion to the next class. This is a great set back both to the students, their parents and the owners of the colleges because the ability to further the profession has been stopped due to procedural matters of PMDC thus a threat has come to the candidates and shock to parents who have supported their children to become future doctors and the parents have been spending all their earnings for the purpose of education. The half backed educational process was on the way, now this sudden discontinuity or failure of the continuity has caused awareness and anxiety to the students that their colleges need screening and further improvement. How it could happen? Was this process of establishing a private college illegal? Did the college authorities crossed their limits against the procedural / constitutional matters? Was the student aware of the such circumstances?


How can an individual start medical and or dental institution or a process of educational procedure in order to impart the medical education to the students without any proper infrastructure? Did these colleges have enough hospital and modern laboratories, indoor, outdoor facilities and other attached departments and working? If they were not having such reliable procedure and facilities how they jumped upon graduate programmes where even the flow of the patients to attached clinics or the hospitals was not very high adequate. The programmes are incomplete, surgical procedures are limited, teachers are not only non proportional but practically non existent according to PMDC.    The treatment provided is poor, overall educational/ theoretical programmes are sub standard, therefore how such things are came into force? Who supervises such acts: Government, Universities, University Grants Commission, or PMDC? So it is evident that their is some lacking in the administration and approval procedures. 


There should be a meaningful programme to support the development of medical and dental colleges i.e. funds, teachers, libraries and laboratories attaches hospitals. The need and demand of the country is to produce more doctors. The medical profession should strive to increase the admission in government sponsored colleges or new colleges may be set up with the existing established government hospitals. The medical science has been ignored and the value of medicine and dentistry as a profession which is need of the community has been totally over looked. No doubt the contribution of private medical and dental colleges is a healthy step, but constitutional behaviour techniques have hurt the sentiments of the parents and the students. If these colleges cease to function then what shall be the fate of the admitted students. The current approach to grant degree or get degree is in the interest of everybody because it is attractive and is needed in the country. So all must realise that they are doing a needful professional job, they are imparting professional knowledge, they are training the youth for tomorrow. Now if the basis of such training is wrong, unconstitutional, unethical then we are giving them training of ill virtues and ill character. 


The PMDC which represents the government as a supreme body comprising of high calibre professors, teachers of the government institutions and few are elected. They have at many occasion and places compelled to say “College should stop new admission and no professional examination to be conducted to promote the students in next classes till the deficiencies are rectified”. 


If we start counting the names of the collages that there is ample information available as Saidu Medical College, Swat, NWFP. The college was not fulfilling the requirements and the facilities available for imparting training to the students for the degree of MBBS were found insufficient. Similar situation was found at Gomal Medical College, D I Khan. The PMDC stopped further admission. In Women Medical College, Abbotabad there are lot of deficiencies in the clinical and teaching side and it needs rectification. Kabir Medical College, Peshawar was again asked to improve and provisional recognition status was suspended by the PMDC. Sardar Begum Dental College Peshawar, the provisional recognition of the college was suspended for lack of teachers and facilities.

Foundation Medical College, Rawalpindi, lacks many things and advised to stop new admission. Bhuta Medical College Faisalabad has been ordered to close.   The Muhammad Medical College, Mir Pur Khas has gross deficiency with regard to the physical facilities of the equipment and was therefore asked to stop admission. 

The PMDC council found a lot of gross deficiencies in Jinnah Medical College, Karachi which was provisional recognized and now have been suspended for six months and further stopped. The Zia ud Din Medical College, Karachi has been given six months to improve and rectify their deficiencies. However new admission has been closed. Liaquat Ali Khan Memorial College of Dentistry, Karachi have been given a period of three months for rectification and further admission stopped. The council found a lot of deficiencies for imparting training for the degree of MBBS at Isra University Hyderabad and further admission has been stopped. At regards Baqai Medical College, Karachi. Their present provisional recognition status is suspended and the college been asked to stop new admission and no professional examination should be conducted.   Baqai Dental College, Karachi due to the deficiencies the provisional present recognition status has been suspended and college has been asked new admission and no further examination should be conducted to promote the students in the next classes. Hamdard College of Medicine and Dentistry, Karachi the present provisional recognition status of the college may be suspended and new admission be stopped. Sir Syed college of Medical Science Karachi, their present recognition status suspended and the further admission stopped.   Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Karachi has been stopped for improvement. The council found gross deficiencies in Jinnah Medical and Dental College, Karachi, therefore their existing provisional recognition status is suspended for six months and new admission has been stopped. 

Fatima Memorial Hospital, College of Medicine and Dentistry, Lahore. The council at inspection found better facilities for imparting training to the students for the first professional MBBS and BDS classes and also facilities available on the ground for students training. The college has been recognized for first professional examination for MBBS and BDS and asked to get affiliation with a University. Lahore Medical and Dental College, Lahore, has been given six months for rectification of deficiencies and to sort out problems of wrong affiliation. The college should be reinvestigated and present provisional status of recognition is suspended and the college has been advised to stop new admission and no professional examination should be conducted. 

Islamabad Medical and Dental College, Islamabad was inspected for second time to determine the sufficiency or otherwise the facilities available for imparting training to the students for degree of MBBS and BDS. The surprise visit of inspection team on 24th Dec. 2001 found gross deficiencies thus on account of inadequate physical facilities and availability of appropriate teaching faculty, both at clinical and non clinical level and also inadequate hospital facilities. The College has been given six months period for rectification and the college has been asked to stop new admission and college should not conduct any professional examination. Shifa College of Medicine, Islamabad. This college has been given six month period for rectification of deficiencies pointed out by inspection team. The college should stop new admission and no examination be allowed to conduct and advise to seek clarification from the concerned University. Islamic International Medical College Rawalpindi. The college have been asked to stop new admission and no conduction of examination till the rectification of deficiencies. The provisional recognition status of the college is being suspended. Independent Medical College, Faisalabad. The new admission has been stopped. 


Is it the ignorance of the authorities to ignore such type of mushroom growth of these colleges without proper teaching and training facilities.   To me this is a great national loss.

Loss to those who have constructed the buildings and facilities for these colleges for use and they have spent lot of money, time and thinking that they have been or may be identified as noble task workers. But due to non recognition by PMDC all their pride has gone down the drain. The parents are the sufferers from both sides. I have met the students of these colleges both from the medical and the dental sides.   Some of these students have done their third profession and they had nearly finish the course and curriculum they are about to become doctors surprisingly they cannot go further and level themselves as qualified doctors. Their aspirations have become black and dark and their approaches to life has become negative. Their parents have spent a lot of money and built hopes that their off springs are going to meet the challenges of modern medicine and dentistry, but now with heavy heart they face the gloom and sadness. It is a great set back not only to them but also to those visionary of the medical profession who wanted to become very important members of the society in extending help to the people and community. 

Review of the Private Medical Colleges, the Aga Khan Medical University got the charter 1983 by the Government of Pakistan as a first Private International University in Karachi- it has established hospital 1985 Aga Khan University Hospital which provides the clinical training for the students of faculty of health sciences (the medical college and school of nursing) and the other services as well. The University has got academic medical professional staff and facilities are available for graduate training and now the University is conducting many post-graduate health sciences courses. 

Baqai Medical University was established in 1982 by the Baqai Foundation i.e. Baqai Medical and Dental College, Karachi. The first batch of the MBBS graduates were awarded degree in 1993 whereas first batch of BDS were awarded in 1997 and the recognition was given by the PMDC in 1992 an other department of community medicine was upgraded in 1993. Baqai University has started now Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical, Baqai Insatiate of Health Science, Oncology and Surgical Sciences, Trauma centre and development sciences in the campus of University. With the decision of PMDC on 29-30th December 2001, a lot of deficiencies were pointed out by the inspection team of PMDC and it was observed for rectification and new inspection will be conducted but the presently PMDC decided that the provisional recognition status of the Dental College may be suspended and the college is advised stop new admission and no professional examination should be conducted to promote the students in the next classes. 

What is the future of those, who have passed and graduated from these Universities? This University has given affiliation to few other private medical and dental colleges in the territorial jurisdiction of the Punjab University and Punjab University had objected to such type of affiliation as, it has not been processed through the Punjab University or the Chancellor Governor of Punjab. In this regard, The Punjab University had issued notice to all such colleges, who have obtained affiliation other than the Punjab University. So question arises where shall these graduates stand? What is the remedy? Who can save the students from the shock? Are they deprive from degree for what they have spent money and time?   In such condition of shock, disappointment, how the students shall acquire art and science of medicine when the institution is questioned for recognition by the PMDC.

My question is why such things had happened? Similarly other like Fatima Jinnah College which was started in 1992-93 and got the affiliation University of the Karachi. The college wanted to start medical graduation but it has been stopped. Similar situation is that of Hamdard Medical and Dental colleges stand. All such institutions were asked to improve the facilities for imparting the teaching to the students. I therefore, urged that a proper protocol may be framed why the Federal Government for creating medical and dental colleges at private level with specification of building, hospital, teaching staff for basic subjects in accordance with the PMDC ruling and it should be advertised well so that students should not become prey of the colleges or those who want to contribute towards the improvement of health status and those who want to produce human resources i.e. medical graduate and dental graduate for our population. They should be encouraged and may be provided assistance of law and guidelines so that they should work comfortably as a mission. 



The objective of the Universities / Medical Dental Institute is to unite the interrelated activities of education in the health sciences at its campus and it accepts the responsibility for teaching, research, services and leadership in this field.   Its programme of undergraduates / postgraduate embrace training for physicians, dentists, nurses, and related members of the health team, the undergraduates study in the basic medical sciences, and the delivery of the medical and dental care in the teaching hospitals and clinics. All such programme and services are to be available to every registered student regardless of the status or nationality or disability.   The purpose is “to pass on to youth through teaching, knowledge, research, for human good through the service”. These institute are created to response to high obligation in the health field.   The prime purpose therefore is to accomplish the interrelated objectives of health, professional education:, to teach the art and science of health care, to lead the way to discoveries which will raise the health level of the citizens of Pakistan and other mankind and the same time to provide the patient service in the specialities of modern health care.


Its such educational institutions faster and protect and intellectual and emotional environment conductive to superior education in the health sciences, and productive scientific investigation and exemplary patient care for ultimate goal of improve health and well being for the citizens of all the provinces of Pakistan in addition to the nation and the world.  Dentistry at the colleges is to serve the enhance the ability to fulfill the purpose what has been explained.

The private institutions are set up as an attempt to fill the gap of deficiency of Medical and Dental Doctor in accordance with human need, with this background, some dynamic and resourceful individual, come forward to provide a rich and comprehensive education with philosophy of service. The new colleges have become attractive as exciting perspectives have been presented in the newspapers that this college will provide all the tools of learning, many big names are mentioned   and affiliation is on its way. The advertisement is focus on important aspects and some historical material is also given that experts are available and treatment and teaching are done in good volume. This advertisement attract the youth and the parents, they accept it as a whole, join the college to become scholarly trained healer.


The candidates join the college (Medical or Dental) as an adoptive student, of course, he possess some types of goals:

1.   Educational output. 

2.   Performance to build his intrinsic morale.

Day by day, we are now in a competitive world—excellence will serve, if we define, the excellence, it is an individual’s achievement relate to others, if any individual continue to follow this goal passionately, persistently and become adoptive to face the challenges. He will achieve, if he is in a institute or university, which has got negative tools, it will effect his competitive spirit and will create falsehood, irregularities will not encourage his soul, so his educational out put and intention will be against his will. 


The purpose of education of any type in the college or university is that students are made alert for competition, student compete against one another for better grades. This is due to reasonable teachers and culture of the institution. There are academic seminar, group discussion, lecture from out siders, such things inspire the students. The college is instrumental for creating “winning spirit”. If the student know, his institute is not proper or properly recognized or affiliated, and the degree is not a grace, it shall certainly involve his mind somewhere else and this mental interfering will get him away, he will not get educational output, not he will given intrinsically, if the institutions are will defined, the performance of teachers and students in terms of achievement is good and results are bright.


To create a college, it should not be an individual interest of fame, name and funds. The college represent the (a) indication of academic interest (b) performance of all the individual, teachers and owners coexist educationally. If there is situational interest, the situational interest of a person cannot create stimulus in educational process and educational outcome stimulus is not graceful. Any institute is a model as that guides, the task, work on patients, this require motivation, students interest should be created by action of honesty, so that his performance become masterly. 


Certain institutions are working with hidden curriculum that teachers are ill experienced, with less pay. They themselves don’t know the related discipline of communication. How ill-reputed and ill developed institution in medicine and dentistry or in any other branch of science can shape the student for future functions and challenges? A student of undergraduate class, may become scholar tomorrow, if he in the beginning is internationalized in intra-discussions, library, mechanism and guidelines for exploring.


Medicine and dentistry are profession of skills, it needs practice, practice uses patients of various types, routine type comprising of children and adults under guided participation and this is a culture of teacher and institution. If a student observe organized practice, his idea of service, learning is carrying, if otherwise, simple narrative value are not fruitful. We find lot of corruption cases attached with healer in the papers, because his institution had no example of building his intrinsic character.


The Govt. should check, how such institutes have been built up without proper rules and regulations? Who is responsible in the past? Who has encouraged this process of ill character?


Medical and dental education is based on service to ailing human-beings by virtue of their teaching, training and experience, which they got while study at undergraduate level. 


The Baqai Medical University Karachi, in a private sector medical institute was established in 1976 and Baqai Foundation was established Baqai Dental College in 1992 and Sindh Assembly passed an Act, that Baqai University is a total independent institution. The courses of study are M.B.B.S. BDS M. Sc, it is spread over huge area. I had the privilege to visit this University and the department of dentistry. This University has given affiliation to several private dental colleges established in the territorial jurisdiction of Punjab University and at Islamabad. 


Hamdard University Karachi was established on 1st September 1991, it has following departments, Hamdard Institute of Education, Hamdard Institute of Management sciences, Hamdard College of Medicine , Institute of Pharmaceology, Baitu ul Hikmat, recently University has added BDS and other Eastern classes. The University offers BBA, BBA (Hons), MBBS, M. Phil and Ph. D degrees. It has given affiliation to outside as well. The Aga Khan University Karachi was established in 1983, it is first private university in Pakistan.   I have visited and participated many function. It is well organized, it has school of nursing, medical college. There are many other Universities in the Province of Sindh Isra University, Hyderabad, Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology established 1993, Zia ud Din Medical University established in 1995. University of Sindh is oldest institute. University of Sindh faculty of medicine, overseas the five medical colleges with teaching hospitals where from basic education are given. All such universities they are providing facilities for education in the field of medicine and surgery and they have given affiliation to the Private Sector Colleges. The problem with the universities day by day is lacking of the administration, dedication and direction oriented persons. With the result that the universities are not fulfilling the environment which is required. Day by day the relationship between teachers and students in such technical branches is not only missing but there is scarce leadership in providing to maintain relationship or coordination between the students and the teachers. It is very common observation that the students of the today are not upto the mark as required for higher education in the Universities/institutions in the field of medicine and dentistry. Students join the private institutions having lot of money but do not involve themselves too much in the academic activities designed by the Universities. The discipline is missing. Most of private institutions possesses all the necessary items including laboratories, equipment, transport facility but the attached hospitals/ clinics are not sufficient to develop the practical skill of the learner.   Extra curriculum activities which are equally important for building of character are missing in many private institutions and thus competition for gaining position is missing.   The teachers in the private institutions are employed on short basis they don’t enjoys the facilities and privilege for the services which they are rendering, therefore, the commitment to provide excellent and quality education is missing.   The other things which need the waging of the war is uplifting of the Universities and promotion of atmosphere of honesty and interest. 


There is need of integrated efforts to improve fully the systems of teaching in the private institutions. It should have target to produce men of character as a healer for the community. The infrastructure of the teachers, workers and the students needs to be reviewed for producing scientist to this field. 


This world is becoming technology age and the space medicine, cloning is gaining the position, same position is for computer/ internet so one has to involve the day to day invention and equipment. 


The Punjab University Lahore, has discovered 31 institutes in various subjects including medicine and dentistry are functioning without affiliation in the territorial jurisdiction of the Punjab University, under the rules their working amounts to defrauding the students which is a cognizable offence. (Mansoor Malik, Daily Dawn 25 Oct 2001) according to law no educational institution located within Punjab University territorial limits, is entitled to seek affiliation with any other university without permission of the Punjab government and the approval of the Punjab University which may claim to be associated outside University like Baqai or Sindh. With the result degrees issued by such institutions will enjoy no recognition. These 31 private educational institutions, which did not get an NOC from the Punjab University, include seven medical, homeopathy and pharmacy colleges above to other specialities and Punjab University has started issuing notices to such institutions for offering unrecognized degrees and playing a havoc with educational careers of thousands of students.   Punjab University has also issued notices to Bhutta Medical College, Faisalabad, Al Huda Medical College, Canal Road, Johar Town, Lahore, Fatima Memorial Medical and Dental College, Lahore, Hajvery College for Women Lahore and Western College of Modern Science, Lahore that under which authority they had started enrolling students. Similarly Baqai University Karachi who has given affiliation to several medical colleges so far not provided list or guarantee to the Punjab University. Those are the medical colleges, who claim to be affiliated with Baqai University at Lahore—Lahore Medical College near Jallo Park, Al Huda Medical College Canal road, Johar Town, Lahore, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Raiwind Road, Lahore and Islamabad Medical and Dental College, Islamabad. The Punjab University will start re-inspection all private sectors institutions by surprise visit in order to check the facilities and standard of education. Punjab University also has issued warning to 19 private colleges and 13 information technology colleges.


This is very unhealthy situation that the institutions of the medical and dental sciences are being run by the private sector without getting proper affiliation, how does unauthorized colleges provide good standard of education, if the institutions are not based upon on truth, how the such institution will provide the character building, honesty, integrity to those who are on this road. Students are influenced by the brain, working, thinking and opinion of the experts who are their guides. This pattern of falsehood does not build up the students character how they shall work in the public hospital in the rural areas and urban areas?


The development in the mind of the students is to pursue the goal which is gained by the senior and institutional environment, and colleges which they have their guides. This negative information to younger people, will effect them otherwise, they will loose their interest in discipline or honesty. 


Similar situation has happen, that one of the other institute in Hyderabad irregularities caused great loss to the students, Institute of modern sciences, Hyderabad, which was established two years before and has gone very up and popular, teaching has been carried out and the institution could not get affiliation by the Sindh University and the examination was conducted and students were not given the certificates. Most of the medical and dental colleges in their advertisements has expressed hope of the affiliation with University outside the territorial jurisdiction and they inspire the people for admission of the students without any affiliation is being carried out. I suggest that no institute should function without proper permission of the PMDC and affiliation with the University. The students should also be careful.

If we give list of faculty members of de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore there are 6 teachers, two professors, Dr. Tariq Zaman Ahmed, Principal and Dr. Muhammad Saeed, Prof. of Oral Surgery and Dr. Nazia Yazdanie, Associate Professor and three Assistant Professor, Dr. Adnan ali Shah, Dr. Sohail Abbas Khan and Dr. Waheed ul Hamid and there are 18 Demonstrators. 


Out of the list of best graduates from 1948 to 2000 there are hardly few persons, who could have remarkable achievements such as Dr. Muhammad Saleem Cheema (1952) best graduate became Principal and Dean of Dental Faculty Punjab University. He had longest period of his Principalship from 1976 to 1991. Another best graduate Dr. Muhammad Saeed Malik (1956) he settled down in U.K. and Dr. Arif ur Rehman Alvi (1970) best graduate has done his two masters from Michigan University USA, he remained leader of the profession and good organizer and dedicated worker of dental profession. Dr. Tariq Javed best graduate (1971) has become remarkable professor of periodontology at University of South Carolina USA. He has done very excellent achievements in life. Dr. Nazia Yazdanie best graduate (1973), she has done Ph.D from London University as the first ever Ph.D in Dentistry. So this is the point to thing why other best graduates could not go further?


1.    All the programme including MBBS, BDS launched by any institution should have a specify syllabus approved by the University to which it is attached and by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. 

2.    Teaching campus should be well organized with laboratories etc.

3.    Teachers should have experiences and status recognized by PMDC.

4.    A bachelor, degree holder, can give the teaching in the laboratory but overall teaching needs to be done by the regular professor in accordance with the law. The classes should be regular, teaching should be regular, and the writing of the examination paper should not be omitted if we switch over to the objective paper that the ability of the students to write something / article will remain missing.

5.    University and PMDC confirmation should be taken in before, the starting of the institution, so that the students should be free to work that his degree is from the genuine institution and it will build his morale.

6.    The Medical and Dental Institutions should have academic calendars for the year specifically. 

7.    It should have clinical as part of teachings wards, out doors, operation theaters and laboratories.

8.    It should have scholarship for bright students.

9.    Library. 

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Ref:       There was a news item that another medical college is going to build up at Services Hospital, Lahore


The Services Hospital at Jail Road, Lahore will be attached with new Medical College created by the Government of Punjab.   This hospital was created after creation of one unit (West Pakistan) and named as Wahdat Hospital 1st, it was started in 1956 at the premises of Mayo Hospital Lahore and was meant for the government servants because after amalgamation of various provinces huge number of government servants were employed at Lahore. This was consideration for government servants working at Lahore to facilitate them separately in medical field. In early sixty’s Wahdat Hospital was started at this place. Its function remain the same even after demolishment of one unit in 1970. Latter on, Services Hospital was attached as a teaching institute with Allama Iqbal Medical College in 1973-74. When the Allama Iqbal Medical College shifted to new campus from Institute of Hygienist and Preventive Medicine, this hospital was attached with Post-graduate Medical Institute PGMI as a teaching institution.


Government of Punjab has decided to create a new medical college, its creation is great effort for teaching to the medical students, because our country lacks doctors in all fields. This action is welcomed.


This new medical college to be established at Services Hospital should be named as Services Medical College and its admission should be only for sons and daughters of government servants of the Punjab because Services Hospital was meant for government servants. Admission should be purely on merit, in this way government servants will have a little benefit for their children education. This will a great relief to Govt. servants. It may be added, if govt. servants son can’t get selection in govt. medical colleges, he has to get admission in a private medical college, which is very costly and his desire to educate his sons and daughter can’t be fulfilled.


Postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI) should remain for research and post-graduation and this institute has got many ventures to produce many shining postgraduate doctors who are trained as teacher.   I suggest that PGMI should continue for production of postgraduate doctors so academic career of discipline in the field of teaching should continue. We lack teachers in medical and dental field for undergraduates.  


There are two postgraduate institutes at 6-Birdwood Road, Lahore and many other attached departments—Institute of Public Health has got lot new construction, this could become campus of Medical University. This place is centrally located and new Medical University should be named as Jinnah University or Fatima Jinnah University.


If the Government is establishing a new Medical University the ideal place is old campus of Punjab University, which is nearest to King Edward Medical College, the old institution, established in 1860 and University should be attached with it.   Next choice is old campus of Institute of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine (now IPH), it has accommodated Allama Iqbal Medical College and now Post-graduate Medical Institute. The proposed University may be created at Birdwood Road, it has got may many affiliated health unit nearby and it is centrally located, these institution will be part of the University, all the offices are available there.