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Dr. M A Soofi with Personalities
 Fountain House Lahore, International Conference sitting: President Zia ul Haq, General Ghulam Jillani Khan, Mian Nawaz Sharif, Hamid Majeed, Dr. Prof Rasheed Ch and Prof Dr M A Soofi with scholars from Eygpt and other Muslim countries  
 Governer Punjab Abbasi with the members of Pakistan Dental Association. Dr m A Soofi (President), Dr Shuja ud Din Qureshi (Secretary).
 President General Zia ul Haq at the inaugration of MCH seminar. Prof Dr M A Soofi, Prof A H Awan, Prof Iftikhar and the secretary general.
 Mian Nawaz Sharif is in conversation with Dr MA Soofi at Mayo Hospital.
 General Tika Khan (Governer) is being recieved at Annual Dental Conference of varetation is being recieved by DR M A Soofi.
 Fountain House. Dr Mrs Iqbal Soofi presents our book Community Medicine in urdu to President Zia ul Haw.
 Dr M A Soofi is in conversation with Khan Abdul Qayum Khan (Interior Minister GOP), 1975, at the residence of Malik Shezdani, Shahdara, Lahore.
 Dr M A Soofi is sitting with CJ Anwar ul Haq at marriage ceremony of Rubina Ashraf, Avari Hotel.
 Dr M A Soofi along with General Zia ul Haq and CJ Anwar ul Haq at the marriage ceremony of Rubina Ashraf.
 London, 1965. Pakistan day at Pakistan Embassy. Dr M A Soofi is with Sir Zafar Ullah Khan and Agha Shahi with his wife.
 Hakeem Muhammad Saeed is being recieved by Mumtaz Ahmed Khan at Dinner meeting at the residence of Dr M A Soofi.

Justice Sajjad Ahmed Jaan presiding the meeting along with Dr M A Soofi, Muhammad Akram Soofi, and others.






Hakeem Muhammad Hassan Qureshi is presiding the conference in the memory of Mian Muhammad Shafi (Late). Dr M A Soofi along with the other members.





Justice Bashir reading his paper at the seminar on the Public and the Public Servant in Lahore. Justice Anwar ul Haw and Dr M A Soofi and Begum Noon, 1967.





 Mr Ata Rula Rabani Former ADC Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah at the residence of Ahmer Bilal Soofi at a dinner party, Lahore.





 Mr Majeed Nizami Chief Editor Nawa-e-Waqt  at the residence of Mr Ahmer Bilal Soofi at the dinner hosted in honour of Ata Rula Rabani.






 Mr Majeed Nizami and Justice rtd Naseem Hassan Shah at the GOR Mess.






 Dr M A Soofi with intelectual friends at the residence of Dr M A Soofi.







President General Muhammad Zia ul Haq congratulating DR M A Soofi an eminent Gum Specialist awarded Honourary Master Degree by the ICD.

 General Jillani Governer Punjab at the Fountain House talking to the Press. Dr M A Soofi and Hamid Majeed were also pr

 Dr Saeed Malik classfellow of Dr M A Soofi is giving award for researches by the Pakistan Dental Association. Dr Ikhlaq Ahmed is also present at the Fountain House, Shiekhupura.
Dr M A Soofi Dr Rasheed Ch, Bisharat Jazvi and the other members of Fountain House are present.