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Institute of Public Health (College of Community Medicine) 1973 - 1991
 Prof. Dr. M A Soofi, Chairman of the department of DentalPublic Health and Principal of the College of Community Medicines, is sitting in his office, 6 Birdwood Road Lahore. He has been appointed as a Principal of the Postgraduate Medical Instititute by the Decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan, 1991. He was due for promotion, 1988. Government of Punjab gave extention to the retired Principal Mrs Shameem Raza Bukhari. After her retirement contract was given to Dr Masood, Husband of the american wife, by the Mian Nawaz Sharif Government and thus Dr Soofi was the senior most Professor of the college. He pleaded his case to the single bench of the Lahore High Court. The LHC decided in the favour of Dr M A Soofi, when other party went to the second bench which also decided in the favour of Dr M A Soofi. Then the case went to the Supreme Court. Mr Ahmer Bilal Soofi, Son of Dr Soofi, leaded the case along with his senior Advocate Raza Kazam and the Supreme Court gave Justice to Dr M A Soofi. Dr Soofi was appointed as Principal and retired on 28-07-1991. This was the most prestigious case where the Son was council for his father.
Prof. M. A. Soofi, principal of College of Community Medicine, sitting at the Dinner meeting with WHO Experts and Health Minister Mr. Jaffar Iqbal and Director Health Services Dr. Hashmi and Others. During his tenior 1991.
 Prof. A H Aawan Dean of Institute of Hyigene and preventive medicines is discussing Publuc Health Problem with the Foriegn Expert from Singapore and Prof. M A Soofi, Chairman Department of Dental Public Health, Lahore.
 Prof M A Soofi in his Principal Chair explaining the health system and education system of Preventive Medicines in Pakistan to W.H.O Experts in his office, 1991.
 Group photograph of College of Community Medicines with Postgraduates Students and Staff. Prof M A Soofi is in the Center.
  Prof M A Soofi in his Principal Chair explaining the health system and education system of Preventive Medicines in Pakistan to W.H.O Experts in his office, 1991.
 Dr. M A Soofi, Principal College of Community And Medicines Lahore, is showing the environments of the college to W.H.O Experts.
 Group Photograph of the High Officials of the Health Department, Government of Punjab, and staff of the College of Community Medicines.
 Group Photograph of the Postgraduates Dental Students (M.D.S) with the Principal Dr. Nazir Azam Naru and other staff. Prof. M A Soofi, Chairman of the Department of Dental public Health and the Incharge of the Post, is sitting next to the Principal, 1987-1988
 Prof. M A Soofi giving shield to the Expert in Aquapuncture after the Workshop conducted in the college under the Department Dental Public Health, College of Community Medicines. This Workshop was conducted for postgraduates Dental Students, 1990.
 Farewell Party to the Prof. Dr M A Soofi and Mrs Iqbal Soofi on their retirement from the College of Community Medicines given by the staff on 28-7-1991. Prof Soofi served  this institution as the Demonstrator, Assistant Professor, As an Associate Professor and as a Professor of Dental Public Health. He has served the college for 17 years and conducted various courses, worksops, seminar and has taken the responsibility to celebrate the W.H.O day on 7th April each Year. Prof Soofi has Published many articles. He made his lot of research and boosted the concept of Public Health, both the Public and amoung the medical people. Thoroughly involved the Public Health Assocaition and the Maternity and Child Welfare Association. He wanted to Instititute should be indepandant and should progress. During this period he was eleted membet from to provinces Punjab and NWFP for about 7 years and had contributed a lot in the Medical Publishing. Dr. Soofi during his stay at this instititute addressed the council of the college of physicians and surgeons of Pakistan, Karachi, When Lt General Wajid Ali Barki was the President was the President in 1976 and Dr. Soofi pre-day, that the college should conduct examination of Dental Surgery like FCPS and MCPS at for with Medical Examination. Dr.Soofi as the President of PDA Lahore, convinced the college council and thus the examination of dental subject, FCPS and MCPS, was started in 1978.
 Prof. Dr. M A Soofi praying for the development of the Department of Dental Public Health, which he created after the status of the Professor for giving education to dental hyiginic and to Post Graduate Students. The department was created in 1978. It was inaugrated in 1978 by Prof. Dr Iftikhar Ahmad, Secretary Health Government of Punjab and for the services redarled by Prof Soofi. The Hall was name  Soofi Dental Hall. He was harlanded by the staff of the department on the afternoon of 28-7-1991.
 Departmental meeting of the College of Comminty Medicines. Prof. M A Soofi is the Chief Guest. During this meeting, he advised the staff to be more active in research and education and asked them to promote the working of the department. Prof. SOofi during his period of Principalship, He activated the department of MCH and Anti-Rabies Clinics, 24 hours. Prof Soofi did another thing that he label the various Halls including Library in the name of the previous teachers and deans of this instititute, which was the only one in nature in Pakistan.
 Prof A H Awan, Dean institute of hyigene, leged of Public health, founder of the public health association, and Prof M A Soofi pioneer of Dental Public Health. At this instititute the pretenage of Prof A H Awan. Prof. Awan is an Author, compitent teacher and renowned administrator.
 Group Photograph of staff and post-graduate students (MDS) along with the Prof. M A Soofi (Incharge of the course), Prof. N. A. Naru (Principal) Prof. Rana, Prof Saeeda, Prof. Bukhari are also sitting. This was the post graduate institute directed some of the post graduate students of dentistry (MDS) for guidance and research n public health dentistry, in thedepartment of Dental Pblic Health. 1989.
 Group Photograph of the distinguished guest who were invited to inagrate the name plates of the Hall, Library, Lecture Theatre after the name of those professors who pioneered this institute. (L-R) Dr. Afridi, Mr Sardar Iqba Muaqal, Dr. Prof. A. H. Awan, Prof. M A Soofi (Principal), Begum Masood Sadiq, Prof. Nazeer (ex-dean and secretary health), Prof. Iftikhar Ahmed (Ex- Principa, K E Medcal College and Secretary Healt Punjab), and The Son of Prof. Mamaad-He was the person who pioneere this institute in 1948 Birdwood Road, and the post graduate student hostel was named after his name. 1991.
 Prof. M A Soofi, Princpal College of community medicines, is giving shield to Prof. A H Awan to his daughter. Prof. Awan expanded this institute and he was the person who had broad output of Public health and through his eforts. Dental Public health was established n 1973. The only department of this nature is in whole of the country. Headed by Dr M A Soofi. In Auditorium was named after his name "Awan Auditorium". 1991.
 Institute of Public Health, DR M A SOofi is speaking at Institute of Hyigene on Health Matters
 Workshop on safewater was inaugrated by Dr M A Soofi, principal. Prof Malik is discussing with the Doctors regarding the environments and safewaters.
 Minister is sitting as a Chief Guest, Dr. M A Soofi(rtd) Guest of Honour, Prof. Naeem ul Hameed (Principal), W.H.O advisor, on the subject of National Health Services Management which was held at The College of Community Medicines on November 1992.

 7th April 1993, World Health Day. Prof A H Loan is giving welcome address to Health Minister Rana Ikram Rabani, and Prof M A Soofi (Ex-Principal) is Guestof Honour.