Chapter 1
  • History of dentistry 3000 BC 2000 AD
  • Cultural Heritage of the Islamic World
  • Islamic Contribution
  • Medical Science and Islamic History
  • Muslim Scientists and Physicians Contributions
Chapter 2
  • History of Dentistry Prior to Partition of India
  • Dr. R. Ahmed, dental college & hospital, 114, Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose road Calcutta 700 014, West Bengal
  • de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore 1934
Chapter 3
  • Condition of Education at de’Montmorency College of Dentistry from 1947 Onwards.
  • Promotion of Dentistry during Student Life Historical Perspective
  • Dental Health Education Campaign
  • Dental Health Week Essay Competition Winners
  • Indian Students visits.
Chapter 4 Creation and Development of Dentistry in Baluchistan.

  • Pioneer Dental Surgeon Quetta/Kalat Region 195661
  • Visiting Macchh Jail as Dental Surgeon
  • Journey of dentistry in Baluchistan
  • Expansion of Dentistry in Baluchistan in 196466/ Sibi / Ziarat.
  • Summary of Findings of Survey of two Schools
  • British Council Scholar
  • Development of Dentistry at Mayo Hospital Lahore, 19611964
Chapter 5 Origin of Pakistan Dental Association (PDA) Centre.

  • Address of welcome by Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi to Dr. Amir Muhammad Khan SK Secretary Health, Government of West Pakistan at First Social Get Together of Pakistan Dental Association (United Pakistan) on Friday the 11th August, 1969 at 9.00 pm at Hotel Intercontinental, Lahore.
  • Formation of PDA Centre.
  • Registration Act in Dental Surgery
  • The Dentists Act, 1921 (11 & 12 geo. V cap. 21)
  • (passed 28th July, 1921)
  • Formation of RCD Dental Federation, visit to Iran & Turkey 1973.
  • Seminar on Dental Public Health 1973
Chapter 6 Creation of PDA Lahore Branch1973

  • Constitution of the Pakistan dental association
  • History of Dentistry Through Foreign Visits
  • Academic Activities of PDA Lahore Branch
  • Achievements through Collective Efforts of Dedicated Executive Members
Chapter 7 Constitution of the South Asian Dental Associations’ Federation:

  • Creation of South Asian Regional Cooperation (SAARC)
  • Dr Soofi Elected President of South Asian Dental Association’s Federation 6.1.1993.
  • Creation of New Posts of A. P. in various Branches of Dentistry
  • Suggestions
  • Aim of Dental Services
  • Achievements of PDA Lahore Branch.
  • Posts to be Created
  • Press Conference by Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi, President, Pakistan Dental Association, Lahore Branch and Pakistan Dental Association Protest
  • Welcome address of Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi at handing over ceremony, PDA, Lahore, March 3, 1996.
  • Utility of Dental Education and Absorption of Qualified Dental Surgeons
  • Dental Surgeons and Population Proportion in Pakistan
  • Brain Drain in Dentistry
Chapter 8 History of Dental Public Health Department.

  • Dental Public Health
  • Institute of Dentistry in Pakistan
  • National Seminar on Dental Public Health
  • Creation of New Posts of A. P. in various Branches of Dentistry
  • Suggestions
  • Aim of Dental Services
  • Posts to be Created
  • Dental Hygienist Qualification and Job Description
  • Dental Anatomy, Histology and Physiology
  • Dental Health Planning in Pakistan Read in 1st Pakistan Dental Convention held at International Hotel, Lahore on 27th28th February, 1972
  • Preventive Methods: or Dental Public Health
  • Nawa i Waqt daily Forum held on 30th may 92 at 11. 00 am
  • Symposium at Pakistan National Centre NoTobacco Day
  • Dental health week 14th to 20th April, 1993 lectures & demonstration to the students
  • Fifty years of dentistry
  • Dentistry in the future
  • Public health problems in rural areas
  • Promoting oral health through symposiums
  • Oral cancer and its prevention
Chapter9 Historical background of Postgraduate Education.

  • Objectives of Postgraduate Teaching
  • Idea of Introduction of MCPS & FCPS in Dentistry in College of Physician & Surgeons Pakistan.
  • Correspondence with College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, 7th Central Street, Karachi.
  • Letter to Maj Gen C. K. Hassan, Secretary Health, Govt of Pakistan 21st July 1979
  • Dr. M. B. Azami, Registrar CPSP 7th Aug 1979.
Chapter 10 Struggle to safeguard Dentistry / Correspondence with PMDC regarding Teachers in Dentistry at Postgraduate Level.

  • Letter to Secretary, PMDC, Islamabad
  • letter written to Secretary, PMDC Islamabad-Pakistan Medical Council and not Pakistan Medical and Dental Councilan integrated profession dated 19th Jan, 1980
  • Dr. A. A. Wyne, Member, Medical and Dental Council of Pakistan for inclusion in the agenda of the forthcoming meeting of the Council at Quetta.
  • It also Happens MDS no more
Chapter 11 Development of Dentistry in Bangladesh

  • Development of Dentistry in Bangladesh
  • FICD Dinner meeting and Convocation at DhakaBangladesh
  • Address of Prof. Dr. M.A. Soofi at Dhaka Bangladesh
  • Speech of Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi, Special Guest at 2nd National and 1st International Dental Conference Held on 14th 17th Feb.
  • 2001 at Dhaka Bangladesh.
Chapter 12 Activities of International College of Dentists Section No. 24 with PDA Lahore Branch.

  • 1st Convocation of International College of Dentists, USA Section 24 was held in Lahore, on 3rd Sept. 1978.
  • 2nd Convocation of International College of Dentists, USA was held in Lahore on 5th Feb. 1988.
  • 3rd Convocation of International College of Dentists USA was held in Dhaka 28th Nov. to 1st Dec. 1995.
  • 4th Convocation of International College of Dentists USA was held in Lahore on 3rd August, 2000.
  • KeyNote Address by Dr. M.A..Soofi, Presented in the Symposium held on Dec 30, 1982 under the Chairmanship of Lt. Gen. W.A.K. Burki, President, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan
  • Keynote Address by Regent Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi
  • Welcome Address by Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi, at 4th Convocation of International College of Dentists, 2000
  • Nuclear Science and dental profession should work together for better results to prevent the diseases, control of oral disorders and all such conditions faced by the human.
  • Letter written to Dr. Franklin Secretary General ICD by Dr. A. G. Rowell, President ICD dated 17th August, 1979.
Chapter 13 Veritasians Activities

  • Resources and Type of Dental Clinics
  • Suggestions for Modification of Existing Health Services and Expansion of Dental Science
  • Relation of Systemic Illness and Chronic Periodontal Disease
  • W.H.O. Day 7th April 1985
  • Healthy Youth our Best Resource
  • Key Note Address by Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi
  • Chairman, 4th Pakistan International Dental Conference
  • 1821 December 1991

W.H.O Oral Health Cordinator of Pakistan

  • Pakistan Dental Association
  • Promotive and Preventive side of Rural Health, Present and Future
  • Policy Shifts of the Sixth Plan
  • Activity Report Concerning WHO Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi, former Principal, CCM, Lahore
  • WHO Oral Health Project Coordinator in Pakistan
  • WHO Workshop (June 48, 1990)
  • Workshop on Oral Health Care, Lahore 4th 8th June, 1990
  • Percentage Tabulation of the Results Obtained from the Evaluations Forms filled by the Participants during the WHO Workshop on Oral Health from 4th – 8th June, 1990.
  • Recommendations of National Workshop on Oral Health as W. H. O. Oral Health Programme in Pakistan