Mr Hamid Majeed and Dr M A Soofi at the meeting of Fountain House members.

Group Photgraph of the executive members of the Fountain House along with
the Lt General Swaar Khan, Dr M A Soofi, Mayan Shah, Captain Aslam, Dr Raseeh Chaudhry and others.

Group Photograph of the International Conference. Sitting in front are Dr M A Soofi,
Raseeh Ch, Hamid Majeed, Shahfiq Farooqi. Second Row Lt General Jillani, Mian Nawaz Sharif, General Zia ul Haq and Foriegn Scholars.

Dr Naseer ud Din Jugdai at the Fountain House Shiekhupura. Concluding session Dr M A Soofi
and Dr Mrs Iqbal Soofi, Dr Mubarak, Dr Aslam and others.