Muhammad Aslam Chohan Rajput; Childhood now Prof. Dr. M. A. Soofi.

He was born at Haripur on 28.07.1931. His father’s name was Malik Muhammad Abdullah Rajput and mother’s name was Kareem Jan. They belonged to Chohan Rajput class of this region. Parents of Dr. M. A. Soofi (Muhammad Aslam) were honest and his grandfather was known as Moulvi Bakhtawar because he used to recite the Holy Quraan in loud voice. This respectable family shifted to Haripur in the beginning of 19th Century from Havelian. Aslam was born after two sisters, they were three sisters (Karim, Zubaida & Shamim) and three brothers Aslam, Akram and Qasim, all were tall, love their father and father was in business and cultivation. Aslam’s father was popular for his honesty and wisdom. He had standard health, well built and had many qualities of sensible human. Hindu trusted him tolerance and systems of dealing. I advised Aslam, you are a person who will grow, some people will appreciate your innovation, inspiration and enterprises in your life, there shall someone, who will not acknowledge your achievements. Remember, you should not react to those, why? He said, those, who will appreciate your efforts, they would have intelligence to recognize your unique behaviour. Begood to both said Aslam why. He said, those who cann’t appreciate your, they do not possess intelligence, it is not their fault. At the time of marriage of Aslam Soofi, Malik Abdullah was determined and keen that his son should be married with medical graduate to have balance of life where both are of equal status, age and education. There shall be progress in life. After marriage in 1961, both father and mother ensure to couple for happy life and mother advised to her son to be involved in children care with his wife. Both father and mother of Aslam Soofi were popular in family of Rajput for social affairs. They had a great role in making future of all the children. In means Muhammad Abdullah and Kareem Jan had classic vision, having expression and communication will. They had intelligent approach with their perfect combination of life. The children got strength of life.