Sr. # Activities Period
1 Active Member, Muslim League National Guard. 1946-47
2 Won District Redcross Society, Championship, The St. John Ambulance Association. 11.01.1947
3 Active worker of Civil Disobedience Movement. 1947
4 Active worker of Refrendum 12-17 July, 1947, NWFP. 1947

5 Leader in Provincial Rally, held in honour of Governor General of Pakistan, Kh. Nazim ud Din, Peshawar. 1949
6 Secretary Quraan Committee Harripur. 1947-48
7 Member Rehabilitation Committee for Refugees, Harripur. 1947-48
8 Monitor of class 9th and 10th Govt. High School, Harripur. 1948-49
9 Secretary Seerat un Nabi Committee, Govt. High School, Harripur. 1947
10 Acted as a Guard for Miss Fatima Jinnah to her visit to Harripur. 29-05-1949


1 Platoon Commander-compulsory Military Training CMT Butler Hostel Islamia College, Peshawar. 1950-51
2 Quarter Master Sergeant (QMS) and Police Sergeant (P. S) University Officers training (UOTC) NWFP, Peshawar. 02.05.1951
3 Director Dramatic Club and Variety Show, Islamia College, Peshawar. 1950-51
4 Staged drama as director Kabli Darbar at Landi Kotal during camp day of UOTC. 10.05.50 – 24.05.50
5 Selected cadet UOTC NWFP to present Guard of Honour to : –
Liaquat Ali Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan
General Muhammad Ayub Khan, C.I.C Pakistan
Mir Laiq Ali Khan, Nawab of Hyderabad Dakkan
His Majesty Raza Shah Pehlvi, Shah of Iran
Amarul Hassan Mufti Phelistine and Sahibzada Khursheed Khan, Governor, NWFP.
6 Organizing Secretary Butler Hostel social Activities like Football, Volly ball and Badminton, Islamia College, Peshawar. 1949-51
7 Secretary General Social and Games, Islamia College, Peshawar. 1949-51
8 Class Representation, Student Union de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore. 1953

9 General Secretary de’Montmorency Dental Students Union, Lahore. 1954-55
10 President, de’Montmorency Dental Students Union, Lahore. 1955-56
11 General Secretary Punjab Muslim Students Federation, Lahore. 1953-56
12 General Secretary All Pakistan Science Students Federation, Certificate of merit for Union Activities at de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore. 1954-56
13 General Secretary Punjab Muslim League National Guard. 1954-56
14 General Secretary, Hazara Muslim Students Federation. 1954-56
15 General Secretary Kashmir Movement Students Federation. 1954-56
16 General Secretary All Pakistan Science Students Federation. 11954-56
17 Chairman Constitution making body World University Service, Punjab University, Lahore. 1954-56
18 Secretary and incharge publicity Drama Club, King Edward Medical College, Lahore. 1953
19 Student worker Pakistan Medical Association, Lahore. 1954-56
20 Organizer and Health Educator of West Pakistan Student Worker T. B Patients Welfare Association, Lahore (West Pakistan). 1955-56
21 Public and Stage Orator for Pakistan Muslim League, Lahore. 1952-56